Shaker Grabba

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Grabba Shaker revolutionizes the rolling experience by offering pre-washed and dried grabba leaves, eliminating the need for tedious burning or chopping. Each box contains meticulously selected Grabba leaf shreds, ensuring a rich and robust flavor for your hand-rolled cigars. Grabba Shaker provides versatility and quality for both seasoned smokers and those seeking a natural, additive-free option.

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Introducing Grabba Shaker, the ultimate solution for hassle-free rolling, saving you time and effort with pre-washed and dried grabba leaves ready to enhance your joint or blunt instantly. Whether you’re a fan of all-natural tobacco or seek the perfect hand-rolled smoke, Grabba Shaker provides premium Fronto leaf shreds, synonymous with quality and flavor.

Experience the richness of Grabba Shaker’s 28g offerings, now available in a variety of tantalizing flavors, meticulously selected to ensure superior taste and consistency. Each box is a testament to our commitment to providing the finest Fronto leaves, expertly shredded for effortless rolling and an unparalleled smoking experience.

Crafted with purity in mind, Grabba Shaker offers a natural and additive-free smoking option, ideal for those with discerning tastes and health-conscious smokers alike. Whether you’re an avid cigar enthusiast or an occasional smoker, our versatile shredded leaves cater to diverse preferences and occasions, ensuring satisfaction with every puff.


1 once (28 g), 2 onces (56 g)


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shaker à grabba
Shaker Grabba
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