Honey Backwoods Premium Cigars

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Honey Backwoods Premium Cigars are renowned for their aromatic infusion of natural tobaccos complemented by delightful honey flavorings, offering enthusiasts a uniquely satisfying smoking experience. Packaged in a Box of Backwoods, containing 5 cigars, these 4 1/8-inch stogies are meticulously crafted and sealed in an airtight foil pouch, ensuring freshness and preserving their harmonious blend of flavors.

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Discover the essence of Backwoods – more than a cigar, it’s an embodiment of life’s simple pleasures, a seamless fusion of craftsmanship and nature’s finest, promising a uniquely gratifying smoking journey that transcends the ordinary.

Backwoods Original, an iconic cigar introduced in 1981, has established itself as a timeless classic among cigar enthusiasts. With its rustic appearance, including a taper body, frayed end, and unfinished head, each Backwoods Original tells a story of craftsmanship and natural indulgence. This all-natural cigar captures the essence of a bygone era, delivering a harmonious blend of flavors that lingers on the palate. The unique combination of untreated and treated tobacco sets Backwoods Original apart, promising a mild yet deeply satisfying smoking experience. Whether enjoyed during solitary moments of reflection or shared among friends, the Backwoods Original embodies simplicity and the pure pleasure of a quality cigar.

Known for their budget-friendly allure, Honey Backwoods Premium Cigars feature an aromatic filler of natural tobaccos infused with honey flavorings. The unique frayed end, unfinished head, and tapered body contribute to their rustic charm, making them a favorite among outdoor cigar enthusiasts. For aficionados seeking a curated collection of Backwoods cigars, the Box of Backwoods Honey Cigars provides an unparalleled experience. This specially boxed in a pack of Backwoods 5 cigars, ensuring enthusiasts have a convenient and well-stocked supply. The 4 1/8-inch stogies, encased in an airtight foil pouch for freshness, offer a harmonious blend of flavors that define the Backwoods experience. 

Embrace the convenience and abundance that comes with a Carton Box of Backwoods Honey Cigars, and let each puff be a celebration of craftsmanship and natural indulgence.

Honey Backwoods Premium Cigars Specs:

  • Fabriqué en: République dominicaine
  • Distribué par: Marques ITG, LLC
  • Longueur: 4 1/8
  • Bague: 27
  • Saveur: Chéri
  • Forme: Cigarillo
  • Type d'emballage : Feuille large du Connecticut
  • Liant: Feuille de tabac homogénéisée
  • Remplissage : Graine cubaine du bassin des Caraïbes
  • Origine: Porto Rico
  • Force: Moelleux
  • Couleur de l'emballage : Marron Foncé / Maduro

Note: Cigar smoking is for adults of legal smoking age; responsible consumption is crucial. Enjoy the rich and aromatic essence of Honey Backwoods Cigars in moderation and compliance with local regulations.



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Honey Backwoods Premium Cigars
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