Mango Kush – Sativa

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The Mango Kush strain offers a delightful fusion of mango flavors with a distinct Kush undertone and a subtle hint of pine upon exhalation. Its dense buds are adorned with vibrant orange pistils, while the plant typically grows to a moderate height of 4-5 feet. Cultivators favor this strain for its robust yields and resilience, with flowering occurring over a period of 9-11 weeks, both indoors and outdoors, resulting in a potent aroma and taste reminiscent of tropical mangoes and bananas.

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Mango Kush, a delightful marriage of tropical flavors and potent effects, offers a sensory experience that resonates with cannabis enthusiasts. With its lineage rooted in Kush genetics and the tantalizing essence of mangos, this indica-dominant hybride boasts a flavor profile that mirrors its namesake fruit, complemented by hints of pine. Its aroma evokes the tropics, featuring sweet notes of mangos and bananas that transport users to sun-soaked paradises. With THC levels ranging from 11% to 20%, Mango Kush delivers a robust high characterized by deep relaxation, euphoria, and a profound sense of sedation.

As an indica-dominant hybrid, Mango Kush serves as a versatile remedy for various ailments, including nausea, pain, insomnia, and depression. Its effects are predominantly body-centric, inducing a tranquil state of mind accompanied by increased talkativeness and laughter. While dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are common side effects, adverse reactions are typically limited. Although most prevalent on the West Coast, Mango Kush has also made its mark in legal medical markets across Arizona and Michigan, offering relief and relaxation to patients seeking its therapeutic benefits.


1/8 oz (3,5 g), 1/4 oz (7 g), 1/2 oz (14 g), 1 oz (28 g), 1/16 oz (1 g)


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Mango Kush – Sativa
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