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The Metal Grinder is an essential accessory for cannabis enthusiasts, providing a convenient and efficient way to grind herbs into uniform particles for optimal burning. With its four-piece design, including a storage chamber and kief catcher, it offers versatility and functionality for various consumption methods. Its durable construction and easy-to-use mechanism make it a reliable tool for preparing cannabis for joints, blunts, bowls, or other smoking devices.

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The Metal Grinder is an indispensable tool for cannabis enthusiasts, ensuring a consistent and optimal burn by transforming herbs into perfectly even bits. With its four-piece design, this grinder effortlessly grinds nugs into a fine texture, making it ideal for rolling joints, blunts, or packing bowls in pipes and bongs for a light and flavorful smoke.

Using the Metal Grinder is straightforward: simply insert the nugs into the space between the lid and grinder section, avoiding the central area, and grind with about 10 turns until every piece passes through the mesh. The storage chamber securely holds the ground cannabis while allowing kief to collect in the kief catcher below, providing an additional potent option for consumption.

Maintaining the Metal Grinder is essential for smooth performance, and regular cleaning is recommended to prevent stickiness caused by kiefy resin buildup. Cleaning methods include using a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt, brushing with a stiff-bristled paintbrush or toothbrush, or even freezing the grinder to facilitate kief removal. If cleaning becomes too difficult, it may be time for an upgrade, and registration is available online for convenient purchase and livraison.


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