Pink Kush Popcorn Smalls

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Xuxes CBD presents Pink Kush Popcorn CBD flowers, grown in a greenhouse, boasting a soft, citric, and sweet aroma. These compact buds, with a THC level below 0.2% and a CBD level below 11%, are ideal for those seeking non-psychoactive effects, all while being cultivated in a greenhouse environment. Despite their smaller size, these well-manicured Pink Kush CBD Popcorn buds offer excellent quality at a more affordable price point, making them a practical choice for budget-conscious consumers or those looking to enhance their surroundings with their gentle pink hue and pleasant aroma.

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Gasdank introduces Pink Kush Popcorn CBD flowers from Xuxes CBD, offering buds with a soft, citric, and sweet aroma, carefully cultivated in a greenhouse setting. These compact flowers maintain high quality with THC levels below 0.2%, ensuring non-psychoactive effects, and CBD levels below 11%, making them suitable for various uses.

The Pink Kush Popcorn CBD buds, grown in a greenhouse, offer a more accessible option for cannabis enthusiasts, with smaller flowers that still retain the exceptional aroma and qualities of the souche. Featuring a slight pinkish hue and delightful sweet and citric terpenes, these buds are ideal for collectors or for enhancing room ambiance. With meticulous manicuring, these popcorn buds provide an affordable option without compromising on quality, ensuring a satisfying experience for consumers seeking the benefits of CBD without psychoactive effects.

Pink Kush, highly sought after like its OG Kush counterpart, stands as an indica-dominant hybride renowned for its potent effects targeting the body. In some exceptional phenotypes, vibrant pink hairs emerge from lush green buds, barely discernible beneath a layer of crystalline trichomes reminiscent of sugar, accompanied by subtle hints of sweet vanilla and candy-like fragrance. The potency of this strain is notably robust, with even modest doses capable of alleviating pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Although cultivation requires patience, with flowering typically occurring after 10 to 11 weeks, the reward of abundant yields of premium-quality buds justifies the wait for growers.


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Pink Kush Popcorn Smalls

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