Gelato Popcorn Smalls – Hybrid

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Popcorn Smalls-Hybrid are smaller-sized buds of a hybrid cannabis strain, offering a cost-effective option for consumers. Despite their diminutive size, these buds still maintain the potency and quality of larger flowers, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious users. While they may lack the visual appeal of larger buds, Popcorn Smalls-Hybrid provide a convenient and economical way to enjoy the effects of cannabis.

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Popcorn Smalls-Hybride are diminutive cannabis buds that are not as visually striking as their larger counterparts but offer a cost-effective option for cannabis consumers. Typically found at the bottom of the cannabis plant or on smaller branches, these buds may have a lower THC content compared to larger ones. Despite their smaller size, Popcorn Smalls-Hybrid buds are still considered nuggets and provide nearly the same potency as whole flowers, making them a convenient choice for those seeking the effects of cannabis without breaking the bank.

Although Popcorn Smalls-Hybrid buds may lack the aesthetic appeal of larger buds, they offer a practical solution for budget-conscious consumers. Their smaller size, similar to a popped kernel of popcorn, allows for easy consumption and dosing. Additionally, their reduced cost makes them accessible to a wider range of consumers, providing an affordable option for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without compromising on quality.


Petits maïs soufflé-Hybride 1 oz


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Gelato Popcorn Smalls – Hybrid
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