Run C.B.D CBD + Magnesium 175mg Tablets

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Run C.B.D CBD + Magnesium 175mg Tablets offer a unique blend of CBD and magnesium, providing potential relief from migraines and support for bone health as we age. With each tablet containing 75mg of CBD and 100mg of magnesium, this formula may also aid in managing type 2 diabetes by enhancing insulin sensitivity and regulating blood sugar levels. The tablets feature a combination of Magnesium L-Threonate and Magnesium Glycinate, along with CBD isolate powder, providing a comprehensive supplement to support brain function and muscle relaxation.

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CBD and Magnesium together in conjunction can help battle migraines while helping with bone density as we age. CBD + MAG can help with type 2 diabetes by increasing insulin and decreasing blood sugar.

1 tablets = 75mg CBD / 100mg MAG

CBD isolate powder
Magnesium glycinate


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Run C.B.D CBD + Magnesium 175mg Tablets
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