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Sour Cookies -Sativa, a stimulating sativa-dominant hybrid, emerges from the genetic fusion of Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies, boasting a distinctive flavor profile reminiscent of a tangy cookie dipped in diesel. With its potent effects and average THC content ranging from 15% to 17%, Sour Cookies delivers a euphoric yet introspective high, easing both mind and body into a state of tranquil relaxation, making it a favored choice for alleviating symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, stress, and nausea.

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Biscuits acidulés Spécifications des mauvaises herbes

  • Effets : cérébral, créatif, énergisant, heureux, sociable, édifiant
  • Peut soulager : TDA/TDAH, arthrite, trouble bipolaire, douleur chronique, dépression, fatigue, nausée, TSPT, stress
  • Saveurs : Cheesy, Diesel, Noisette, Pin, Sucré
  • Arômes : Carburant, Hasch, Piquant, Sucré

Sour Cookies –Sativa, a beloved sativa-dominant hybride, is a testament to its prestigious lineage, combining renowned strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel to create a harmonious blend of uplifting effects and tantalizing flavors. With its potent THC levels ranging from 15% to a possible mid-twenties, this souche guarantees a soaring euphoria that elevates both mood and creativity to new heights.

Experience a surge of energy and mental clarity with Sour Cookies, but tread lightly, as overindulgence may swiftly lead to a sedating and profound buzz, perfect for unwinding after a long day or socializing with friends. Despite its potential potency, this strain remains a staple for enhancing social interactions, fostering engaging conversations, and creating unforgettable moments among companions.

Savor the distinct aroma of Sour Cookies, characterized by its tart and hash-like scent, which tantalizes the senses and foretells the delightful flavors to come. Its nutty essence, complemented by hints of sweetness and pine, delivers a flavorful punch that leaves enthusiasts craving for more, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a memorable and aromatic cannabis expérience.


QP (4OZ), HP (8OZ), LIVRE (16OZ)


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