Pack préroll infusé au Willo

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Willo Infused Preroll Pack features seven 1g pre-rolls, each made with premium BC-grown flower, infused with live resin, and coated in kief. These pre-rolls offer a potent THC level of 55-60%, providing a powerful and enjoyable smoking experience. With unique flavors like Grape Ape Indica and Black Cherry Soda Sativa, they are perfect for any occasion.

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Elevate your pre-roll experience with Willo Infused Preroll Pack, featuring premium BC-grown flower infused with the finest live resin and packed into kief-dusted hemp cones. These pre-rolls boast 40% cannabinoid (THC) potency and offer a unique flavor profile, making each puff a delightful experience. Each pack contains seven 1g Moonrock-style pre-rolls, combining 0.9g of AAAA flower, live resin, and kief, delivering around 55-60% THC per joint for a powerful and convenient option perfect for any time.

Willo has crafted these infused pre-rolls to provide a potent and enjoyable smoking experience without the high cost. Each joint features a blend of premium flower dipped in live resin and rolled in kief, ensuring a strong and flavorful hit every time. With strains like Grape Ape Indica at 38.25% THC and Black Cherry Soda Sativa at 32.34% THC, there’s a variety for everyone to enjoy, whether for relaxation or a burst of creativity.

Using Willo Infused Prerolls is simple: just light the joint, put it to your mouth, inhale, and exhale. Each pack of seven 1g pre-rolled joints is discreet, convenient, and perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the superior quality and potency of these premium flower, live resin-infused, and kief-coated pre-rolls, and let Willo take your smoking experience to the next level.

  • 7 x 1g pre rolled joints
  • Premium Flower, live resin infused, and Kief coated!
  • Grape Ape Indica – THC 38.25%
  • Black Cherry Soda Sativa – THC 32.34%



Soda à la cerise noire – Sativa, Grape Ape – Indica


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Pack préroll infusé au Willo
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