Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars

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Backwoods Dark Stout Cigarillos, the latest offering for cigar aficionados and craft beer enthusiasts alike, introduces a symphony of flavors that tantalizes the senses. Imbued with the robust essence of full-flavored stout, complemented by nuanced notes of rich dark cocoa and roasted coffee, this amalgamation is poised to captivate discerning palates.

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Since making its debut in the U.S. market in 1981, Backwoods Cigars has swiftly become a go-to choice for cigar enthusiasts, thanks to its distinct Wild and Mild taste. Beyond just a pleasing aroma, these cigars offer a harmonious blend of natural and treated tobacco, striking a delicate balance for those seeking a mild yet satisfying smoking experience. What sets them apart is their unique tapered bodies leading to ragged ends, creating an alluring appeal for those in search of a fresh smoking adventure. Perfect for a laid-back day, these 4 1/8-inch mild cigars with a 27-ring gauge come bundled in sets of 8, each containing 5 cigars. Crafted with a natural Indonesian wrapper, they light up easily, ensuring a smooth draw—ideal for both everyday enjoyment and as stylish gifts or party favors. And with a budget-friendly price tag, Backwoods guarantees satisfaction without straining your wallet!

For the discerning cigar enthusiasts, the Backwoods Dark Stout Cigar stands out as the perfect choice. Featuring an all-natural Connecticut Broadleaf, a Homogenized Tobacco Leaf wrapper, and Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed fillers, this blend presents a tapered body, unfinished head, and frayed ends for a truly unique smoking experience.

Contrary to its name, the Dark Stout souche isn’t dark at all. Upon experiencing its uplifting euphoria and lasting bliss, a calming wave of ease washes over your mind and body, dispelling any negative or racing thoughts. Your mind elevates while your body succumbs to a comfortable couch-locked state, melting away troubles and leaving behind pure peace. With an average THC level of 22-23%, Backwoods Dark Stout cigars are the ideal choice for those seeking a deeply relaxing experience.

If you’re a cigar enthusiast and a craft beer lover, the latest Backwoods Dark Stout Cigarillos are tailor-made for you. Infused with full-flavored stout, rich dark cocoa, and roasted coffee hints, these cigarillos are crafted in the Dominican Republic with 100% natural mellow tobaccos and no homogenized ingredients. Renowned for their rustic appearance and mild aromatic taste, these limited-edition Backwoods Dark Stout cigarillos are a fan favorite. Secure your box of Backwoods original cigars from our Gasdank online store today to embark on an unmatched smoking journey that promises hours of calming pleasure, allowing you to savor pure satisfaction.

Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars Specs:

  • Fabriqué en: République dominicaine
  • Distribué par: Marques ITG, LLC
  • Longueur: 4 1/8
  • Bague: 27
  • Saveur: Coca and Coffee
  • Forme: Cigarillo
  • Type d'emballage : Feuille large du Connecticut
  • Liant: Feuille de tabac homogénéisée
  • Remplissage : Graine cubaine du bassin des Caraïbes
  • Origine: Porto Rico
  • Force: Moelleux
  • Couleur de l'emballage : Marron Foncé / Maduro

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Backwoods Dark Stout
Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars
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