Backwoods Dark Stout


Backwoods Dark Stout is an American Style stout, brewed with a high proportion of roasted barley and oats for a fuller mouthfeel. It has a deep brown color with hints of red from the use of specialty malts. Backwoods Dark Stout features flavors that include coffee, chocolate, and caramel while balancing out the sweetness with bitter hops. It’s no secret that dulling gives you a unique smoking experience. By combining your favorite herb with tobacco, you will get twice the effect and flavor than when consumed together. Backwoods Dark Stout is often drowsy, making you doze off before you finally fall into a long and restful sleep. The Dark Stout cigarillo pairs well with a craft beer or a rich dessert, and at four and a half inches with a twenty-seven ring gauge provides a transcendent fifteen-minute smoke.

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