Stash & Co

The mail order marijuana trade is on the rise in Canada following the legalization of recreational cannabis. With such a surge in popularity, several new internet dispensaries are opening to allow customers to purchase cannabis quickly and conveniently online. In Canada, GASDANK and Stash & Co cannabis delivery are two well-known internet mail-order cannabis retailers.

With so many new clients choosing to buy marijuana online, it’s no surprise that a lot of new dispensaries are getting on the internet. However, this is an issue since consumers old and new have a wide range of alternatives when it comes to online dispensaries. Which mail-order marijuana service do they trust? Which one provides the highest-quality cannabis?

We are dedicated to helping the cannabis industry meet its full potential by providing consumers with a comprehensive comparison of Canada’s top online cannabis dispensaries. We want to make ordering marijuana online as simple as possible for everyone.

Today, we’ll look at Stash & Co weed delivery vs. GASDANK in terms of their product ranges, quality, pricing, any special offers they provide, and customer service to see which one is the superior option. Let’s get this party started!


What Do You Have to Know about Stash & Co?

Stash & Co., 1445 Merivale Road, is a state-of-the-art 3500 square-foot multi-level cannabis store with cutting-edge retail technology that will open on October 15th 2020. Stash & Co cannabis delivery. is the first of its kind; it uses pneumatic tube technology to move goods from the fulfillment center to the retail area on different levels.

Stash & Co weed delivery is a privately held cannabis company that aims to break away from the stigmas associated with retail cannabis through education and interpersonal contact. Karan S. Holla, a businessman and philanthropist, launched Stash & Co., which has quickly become one of Canada’s busiest marijuana shops. Stash & Co. is a retail clothing line located in the Ottawa region that has established its reputation on the power of the ‘human element.’ “We have a fantastic team of passionate and driven individuals who make Stash & Co. what it is – a human-based experience,” says founder Karan S. Holla.

The Stash & Co team aspires to break the stigma surrounding cannabis through education, as they are a globally renowned company with several locations across Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, London, Kitchener, Oshawa, Collingwood, and more.

The consumer places their order by speaking with a budtender/retailer or using one of the company’s custom-built Stash & Co. order kiosks. The package is then transferred to the fulfillment team on the facility’s second floor, where it is filled and placed into a pneumatic pod that travels down via a vacuum tube to the shop.