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Hawaiian - Sativa
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Ice Cream Cake - Hybrid
Jack Herer - Sativa
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Nothern Lights - Indica
Pink Rozay - Indica
Purple Punch - Hybrid
Sherb Queen - Indica
Skywalker - Indica
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Stardawg Guava - Sativa
Strawberry Haze - Sativa
Super Lemon Haze - Sativa
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White Widow - Indica
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Order Cannabis Resin Online At Toronto’s Best Online Dispensary

resinEver been curious about the gooey, sticky substance on a cannabis plant? That is called resin – it’s both delightful and multifaceted. Resin is the crown jewel of this remarkable herb as most of its intoxicating compound (THC) can be found in that very same spot. Cannabis resin has become increasingly sought-after due to its unique properties and immense potential!

Resin is a viable option that many people may not be aware of, and it can range in color from golden to red to black depending on the type of cannabis used, its production method, and how well it’s been stored. While smoking resin alone is an option for those who prefer it over bud-smoking, more often than not you’ll find it included as an extra ingredient with either normal weed or tobacco blends – making your smoking experience even better!

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of cannabis resin – from what it is and how to use it, to other important pieces of information. Best marijuana in Toronto available with Weed Delivery GasDank at our dispensary near me.

What Is Cannabis Resin?

Cannabis resin is a sinfully sweet golden nectar that can be extracted from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. It often collects at the base of your bowl, but with hydraulic pressing it becomes pure and clean. Don’t let its ashy exterior fool you; this byproduct packs an intense punch!

Cannabis resin is a delightful, sticky and messy combination of sappiness with lusciousness that resembles tree sap. Despite the similarity in texture to tree sap, it’s composed primarily of cannabis trichomes instead of sugars.

For those looking to harvest an abundance of cannabis resin, they should purposefully grow and cultivate unpollinated female plants. These plant types are known for having the highest concentration levels of resinous production compared to other varieties of cannabis strains.

In nature, sticky, trichome-laced resin repels insects and herbivores, protects against UV damage, and prevents infections.

Nature has provided cannabis plants with a defense mechanism in the form of resin. This trichome-filled, adhesive substance not only repels herbivores and insects, but also safeguards against UV rays and infections—guaranteeing its survival in any environment.

Furthermore, the terpene-containing resin emits an aroma that draws in insects crucial for ensuring a plant’s survival – aiding it to reproduce through pollination. At GasDank weed dispensary we offer same day delivery for all customers at age off 19.

Cannabis resin has a strong and distinct aroma due to its high concentration of flavonoids and terpenoids. Its alluring, earthy scent stands out among the rest, invigorating your senses with its unique fragrance.

Cannabis resin can be a range of colors, depending on specific conditions. Most often, it appears as an amber to golden hue when initially removed from the plant. Color alterations may result from air exposure and temperature shifts, or if there is any impurity present in the product. Not filtering away all parts of the bud correctly will sometimes cause a greenish tinge to appear in certain resin specimens.

How Is Cannabis Resin Produced?

As mentioned prior, resin is an organic secretion of cannabis plants that can be generated in a multitude of ways based on the kind you are looking to produce.

Resin can be produced with either a straightforward or complex approach. For instance, the DIY-style entails simply applying pressure to one’s materials. Conversely, more intricate processes often require lab technicians and high-tech equipment available from professional vendors across the globe. Using Weed Delivery GasDank all customers at age off 19 and over can order the best resin in Toronto.

Live resin has emerged as the most sought-after cannabis product due to its flash-freezing process, which is done right after harvesting. This keeps all compounds intact and prevents them from deteriorating. To learn more details on this exclusive item along with four other types of resin, read further! Order cannabis online to try the best weed flower

What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Resin?

Familiar to many cannabis connoisseurs, the dark and sticky residue that builds up inside your bowl is known as ‘pipe resin.’ With no other options around, some of us might even be tempted to take a hit! At GasDank weed dispensary we offer same day delivery for all customers at age off 19.

We do not suggest using it since it has been pre-burned and is filled with charcoal remnants. It’s deficient in THC, making for a harsh, unpleasant smoke – so we advise opting for fresh cannabis resin instead! With its sweet aroma and potent properties, this alternative is far superior to the worn out version. At GasDan our customers can also order cannabis online to try the best resin in Canada.

Live Resin

Live resin is a revolutionary cannabis product, specifically designed to preserve the desirable phytochemicals and terpenes that are often lost during processing. This unique concentrate can be sourced by flash freezing freshly harvested plants right away – delivering an extraordinary flavor profile for those who desire maximum potency with their cannabis concentrates!

While extracting the resin, temperatures are kept at an ultra-low level to ensure that all of its medicinal and aromatic properties remain intact. A few solvents may be used during this process, yet significantly less than is needed when producing butane hash oil. This meticulous technique allows for a superior quality product with enhanced potency and scent profiles. Using Weed Delivery GasDank all customers at age off 19 and over can order the best resin in Toronto.


Hash has its roots in Central Asia and is created by pressing the cannabis resin trichomes into a ball or brick shape. This can then be smoked through pipes, joints, hookahs, infused with other herbs – or even simply eaten on its own!

Hash has amazing potential to help you relax, improve your wellbeing and assist with various issues such as pain, nausea, insomnia or even creativity. Compared to other methods of consuming THC – the active ingredient in hash – smoking it is incredibly fast-acting; its effects will be felt within a mere few seconds! Best marijuana in Toronto available with Weed Delivery GasDank at our dispensary near me.

Butane Hash Oil

Butane Hash Oil, commonly referred to as BHO or ‘honey oil,’ is one of the most beloved methods for consuming cannabis resin. Its effects come on quickly and powerfully – like a bolt of lightning! When crafted properly, its golden-amber hue resembles that of honey; thus earning it its nickname. This powerful concentrate can be enjoyed through dabs or other inhalation devices.

Crafted from the hydrocarbon fuel, butane, this type of resin oil allows for trichome separation from its plant source to yield a golden and purer product than hash. Although its downside lies in the destruction of beneficial terpenes during creation. Our Toronto’s Best Online Dispensary provides top-toch the same day weed delivery for you to enjoy the best cannabis resin.


Rosin, extracted through an all-natural process consisting of heat and pressure, is a potent oil derived from cannabis resin. Unlike other oils such as Butane Hash Oil that are created with the use of solvents, Rosin allows for the preservation of many terpenes due to its chemical-free extraction method. Buy weed online at GasDank dispensary near me.

For those in a rush, pressing small nugs between parchment paper and flattening them with a hair straightener is common practice. However, for the most efficient extraction process possible- invest in a hydraulic press! These machines will squeeze cannabis buds until every last drop of resin has been extracted – making it worth your money if you are an avid fan of such products.

CO2 Oil

Referred to as CO2 cannabis oil or CO2 hash oil, this kind of extract requires carbon dioxide for extracting compounds from the marijuana plant. This could include supercritical and subcritical fluids with different temperatures and pressures. As a result of these requirements, expensive equipment is essential in addition to expertise which makes it even more challenging. Choose GasDank cannabis delivery in Toronto right now.

Can You Smoke Resin?

Absolutely! The proper way to smoke resin, however, depends on the type of product. For instance, vaping devices are necessary for consuming liquid versions. Online stores offer hash oil concentrates in pre-filled oil cartridges that you can purchase with ease. Using Weed Delivery GasDank all customers at age off 19 and over can order the best marijuana in Toronto.

If you prefer extracts, such as rosin, a dab rig is your best choice. Utilize the device by heating its exterior surface and inhaling the vapors that are created when the resin vaporizes. Or if you’d rather use a pipe or bong in this situation, just be sure to heat up their external surfaces before using them too!

Cannabis resin devotees may sometimes turn to hot knives as a makeshift DIY dab rig, yet it is an extremely hazardous approach and should not be attempted. Instead, we urge you to use the appropriate apparatus for your safety. Buy weed online at GasDank cannabis dispensary near me.

Can You Eat Resin?

Edibles are a beloved form of cannabis consumption, so it’s unsurprising that many marijuana consumers would like to know if they can eat resin. The answer is yes – but you won’t get high! When consuming raw THC without decarboxylating it first , the end result will not be intoxicating in nature.

Many make the misjudgement of believing that rosin has already been decarboxylated, when in actuality it hasn’t. In order to activate this process and convert THCA into THC, you must subject rosin to temperatures between 230-250 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 30-90 minutes. If vaping or consuming cannabis concentrate via bong, pipe or dabbing -decarboxylation happens automatically in the human body once taken into consideration.

Under no circumstances should you consume the resin that builds up in your pipe or bong. Not only could it contain charcoal from burned plant matter, but also live bacteria, pesticides and solvent remnants. Should you choose to ingest it, there’s a high chance of nausea followed by vomiting! Choose GasDank cannabis delivery in Toronto right now.

How to Use Live Resin

To reap the ultimate rewards of live resin, particular equipment is essential since your basic pipe, bong or dry herb vaporizer just isn’t enough. Fortunately, two options exist for experiencing this concentrate. 


Dabbing is the go-to way for concentrate fanatics to relish their live resin. To do this, one needs a unique type of water pipe known as a “dab rig” which looks like an ordinary bong from afar unless you’re familiar with it.

Ditch the lighter and replace it with a more efficient butane torch along with an elongated, thin tool called “dab nail.” Heat up your dab nail until it glows red hot using the torch, then wait patiently for roughly 60 seconds before you can start inhaling. At GasDan our customers can also order cannabis online to try the best resin in Canada.

Utilize your heated dab nail to lightly touch the live resin and draw in through the rig like a typical bong. If you’re concerned about using fire, then an e-nail is definitely worth investing in; this device uses electricity instead of flame for heating a built-in nail, granting greater control and safety while maintaining the desired effects. GasDank Toronto weed delivery service offers best resin for all customers at age off 19 and over in Canada.

Dab Pens

If you’re not interested in rigs, nails and butane torches, then why not explore the convenience of a dab pen? The design is similar to dry herb vaporizers, yet made for concentrates. You just need to place your live resin or other concentrate into the chamber and let it do its job! Choose GasDank cannabis delivery in Toronto right now.

Pens provide an ideal starting point for novice dabbers since they’re both cost-efficient and easy to use. Even so, it may still take some time before you become totally comfortable with the rig experience. Last but not least, never attempt to vaporize live resin in a dry herb device! This could clog your apparatus and detrimentally affect its performance going forward.

Vapes and Vape Cartridges

Pre-filled cartridges filled with live resin are becoming increasingly popular for use on 510 threaded vape pens; these devices are effectively the same as dab pens. Buy weed online at GasDank dispensary near me.

If convenience is what you’re after, disposable vape pens provide an excellent solution. Simple to use and wholly contained in one unit, these devices can be conveniently discarded once their contents have been used. However, if cost efficiency is your focus then buying a reusable pen battery for just a few dollars more might prove to be the better option.

Mix With Flower

One of the simplest ways to consume cannabis concentrates is by mixing it with dry herb. All you need to do is sprinkle a bit of live resin or other concentrate on top of your bowl (pipe or bong), then light up and enjoy!

Start Low and Go Slow

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of live resin, it’s essential to be cautious. Live resin is a potent product and can easily cause greening out if not handled with care. The mantra “start low and go slow” should never be forgotten in this case.

To avoid unnecessary discomfort, begin with a single puff or rip and wait several minutes. The effects set in quickly so you will soon be aware of how much is enough for your own individual needs. 

Don’t be caught off-guard! If you’re a first-timer with live resin, take the time to get yourself acquainted with how to handle an excessive THC dose. Being prepared is always beneficial in any situation. Our Toronto’s online cannabis store provides best mail order marijuana service and same day weed delivery.

Live Resin Health Concerns

No matter the cannabis product, there could be some associated health risks. It is essential to comprehend these potential ramifications before inhaling live resin.

The primary concern is how smoking or vaping cannabis concentrates can affect lung health. Since legalization is still inconsistent, research has been limited and there’s no way of knowing what might happen in the long run if someone were to inhale such potent THC products regularly over several years.

Be mindful of yourself. Should you happen to observe any unfamiliar symptoms, quit dabbing and immediately consult a medical professional. What’s more, don’t dabbing your principal consumption technique – moderation is key in all aspects of life. Our Toronto’s online cannabis store provides best mail order marijuana service and same day weed delivery.

Side Effects of Cannabis Resin

As with regular cannabis, resin also has potential drawbacks. These include dry mouth (cottonmouth), a raised heart rate, anxiety or panic attacks and short-term memory impairment; however, these can all be avoided with responsible usage habits. It’s essential to be mindful of the different interactions they may cause in order to prepare effectively.

Cannabis resin is a highly concentrated substance, containing an abundance of THC. Therefore, it’s best to remember that less really is more here – so be sure not to consume too much at once!

Cannabis resin is an incredibly potent form of cannabis, boasting a hefty amount of THC – the main psychoactive constituent found in marijuana. If you are sensitive to this substance, it’s essential that you ensure your dosage by assessing the exact content of your desired strain before consuming. Remember: with resin, less is more! To guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience with cannabis resin, be mindful not to overdose on its potency.

It is essential to be aware that THC can instigate panic attacks. Consequently, folks who struggle with anxiety or are prone to hysteria should approach marijuana resin cautiously as it might have a potent effect on them. To limit the potential risks, we advise testing only a small amount before consuming an entire serving of cannabis resin.

Acting as the immune system of cannabis plants, resin is an amazing substance that helps ensure their survival and health. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to make full use out of your buds by extracting many beneficial compounds like flavonoids, terpenes, and THC from them. GasDank Toronto weed delivery service offers best resin for all customers at age off 19 and over in Canada.

Glinting in the light, resin is a true gem hiding inside of cannabis. Take advantage of this hidden treasure and embark on an elevation journey with its flighty and euphoric effects, which may help you unwind and ease any physical or muscular soreness or pain.

Whether you’re using solvent-extracted cannabis resin or a product extracted by the pressure of an efficient hydraulic press, there are numerous different ways to take advantage of this unique resource. Each has its own set of advantages that make it worth exploring – so why not discover what works best for you?


Does Resin Get You High?

Most definitely! Cannabis resin contains a significantly higher level of THC than cannabis flower, with “milder” varieties containing up to 40+%. Recent research from Addiction in 2021 even found that the potency of cannabis resin has risen 25% in the last half-century. Therefore, when working with any form of cannabis concentrate or extract, make sure to only use small amounts for best results.

How to Use Live Resin?

Live resin is a multi-functional product that can be consumed in many ways. You can try it with a dab rig or vaporizer for an optimal experience, or add some to your joint, blunt, bowl for an extra dose of flavor and potency.

Is There THC in Resin?

Absolutely! The THC found in resin products can range from a staggering 40% to an unbelievable 95%. Because of this, if you’re new to cannabis or have a low tolerance for THC, we strongly recommend that you do not use it.

Can I Make Live Resin in my Kitchen?

If you choose to freeze your freshly harvested cannabis, don’t expect a professional-grade product. You need to freeze the cannabis in a regular freezer, whereas professional companies utilize an industrial freezer set at -292 degrees Fahrenheit.

To ensure successful results, pass a cold solvent over your material within 36 hours of freezing. To guarantee the outcome, you must use a qualified closed-loop extractor. Additionally, make sure to incorporate fresh plant parts including blooms and sugar leaves for maximum efficacy – do not utilize outdated or dried out vegetation.

What’s the Difference Between Live Resin and Other Concentrates?

Live resin stands out from other concentrates, as it involves freezing the plant immediately after its harvest. By comparison, when you dry and cure plants for use in other concentrates like BHO products such as glass or shatter, up to 60% of the terpenes are lost in the process– compromising both flavor and aroma! Not only that but live resin also has a sappy-liquid consistency which makes it stand apart from more rigid textures found with conventional methods.

Where Did Cured Resin Originate?

For countless generations, humans have been utilizing cured and dried cannabis plants for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational endeavors. In the past we had to manually rub off trichome resin from these plants; however with modern-day technology advancements in extraction processes – as well as different solvents – we can now quickly remove massive amounts of biomass’s resins efficiently!

What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made from freshly frozen, high-grade marijuana plant material. To create the product, light hydrocarbons such as butane and propane are used in a solvent extraction process that helps to better retain more of terpenes found naturally in the plant compared to other solvents.

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