Phoenix Tears 100mg CBD (Green Road)

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Phoenix Tears is a concentrated hemp extract renowned for its potent healing properties. With a high CBD content, it is safe for use and does not induce psychoactive effects. The term “Phoenix Tears” derives from the mythological image of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, symbolizing a transition from illness to health.

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Delve into various mythical renditions of the Phoenix, a majestic bird celebrated in legend. Perhaps the most renowned portrayal depicts it as a resplendent creature akin to an eagle or peacock, dwelling in paradise, bestowed with immortality. However, despite this immortality, the Phoenix, after centuries, felt a resonance with mortality and ventured into the realm of mortals. Yet, even in mortality, the Phoenix remained unique; its nest, perpetually consumed by flames, would also engulf the bird, only to see it rise anew from the ashes three days hence. Phoenix tears, imbued with healing properties, became emblematic.

And why, you may wonder, encounter this tale on our platform?

Phoenix tears, serving as a metaphor, evoke the potent healing essence attributed to the concentrated hemp extract. Known by various names such as Rick Simpson oil or RSO (derived from Rick Simpson Oil), derivatives from the hemp plant have been purportedly utilized in medicine for millennia. Rick Simpson, a Canadian figure, gained notoriety as a fervent advocate for the controversial plant after resorting to marijuana to alleviate the adverse effects of prescribed treatments following a head injury. Subsequently, when diagnosed with skin cancer in 2003, Simpson applied hemp oil to the affected areas, believing in its healing prowess, despite the absence of clinical validation from his physicians.

Authentic Rick Simpson oil, however, remains illicit due to its elevated THC content, ranging from 40 to 90 percent. Preparations with such psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol levels are prohibited in our jurisdiction, a stance endorsed for health and safety concerns. A safer alternative, bearing a higher concentration of CBD (cannabidiol) and minimal THC, aligns with legal parameters set by the European Union, not exceeding 0.3% THC in total volume.

A legally sanctioned and health-conscious substitute for Phoenix tears emerges in CBD-dominant oils. These oils retain myriad health benefits sans psychoactivity or adverse effects.

Although trace THC levels (up to 0.3%) may exist in CBD oils, users must acknowledge associated risks, including potential positive results in drug screenings, precipitating undesirable consequences. Broad-spectrum CBD oils, devoid of THC, assure users of risk-free utilization in both personal and professional spheres.

Side effects of CBD oil, albeit rare, may include dry mouth, drowsiness, diarrhea, or transient hypotension, particularly at higher doses. Yet, for many, CBD oil presents a natural remedy for myriad health ailments ranging from anxiety and depression to chronic pain, inflammation, acne, hypertension, migraines, epilepsy, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Scientifically, the beneficial effects of CBD oils are ascribed to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), crucial for maintaining homeostasis and regulating bodily functions. Cannabinoids, notably CBD, stimulate ECS receptors, engendering therapeutic effects such as pain alleviation, anti-inflammatory actions, and purported anti-cancer properties.

The extraction of CBD, a cannabinoid among the myriad constituents of the hemp plant, entails cultivation of technical hemp, virtually devoid of psychoactive THC. Extracted CBD, diluted with edible oils, finds application in various formulations, be it hemp, olive, or coconut oil.

Phoenix tears demand meticulous attention to quality. Opting for CBD oil mandates prioritizing superior standards. Comprehensive documentation concerning product quality should be readily accessible from every vendor. At, rest assured of procuring 100% natural CBD oil sourced exclusively from European Union nations. Employing cutting-edge CO2 extraction methods, we ensure the utmost safety and efficiency in obtaining cannabidiol from hemp plants. Laboratory testing certificates further affirm the impeccable quality of our CBD oils, assuring absence of contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, or mycotoxins.

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Phoenix Tears 100mg CBD (Green Road)

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