King, Ontario is a municipality in York Region north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Oak Ridges Moraine runs through King and is the most prominent natural feature. Since the legalization of marijuana, King’s cannabis community has had more choices and options. Cannabis dispensaries and cannabis delivery are common in King, where top-quality products are available.

King is an outstanding location to discover the many uses of cannabis delivery. There are a number of interesting things to do and special events throughout the year in King, thanks to marijuana’s legalization. People all around the world take advantage of weed’s therapeutic advantages and lead lives without pain, worry, or stress. New scientific research continue to reveal new reasons why marijuana helps people live better lives. It’s a fantastic time to use cannabis in King!

Cannabis Laws in King

The Cannabis Act, passed by the federal government in June 2018, legalizes cannabis and lays out rules for production, distribution, and sales. The Cannabis Act empowers each province to regulate cannabis however it sees fit. Since smoking or vaping marijuana is prohibited in Saskatchewan, no one will be able to smoke or vape marijuana there. Anyone over the age of 19 may lawfully smoke in King, regardless of whether or not they have a medical prescription. Anyone who is caught smoking or attempting to obtain marijuana will be fined or charged with a crime, even if they are under the age of 19. Anyone selling marijuana to minors might face more severe criminal penalties and spend time in jail. If you want to buy cannabis from a retail outlet, bring your ID card so they can verify your legal age.

Cannabis Possession in King

There are no major exceptions to these rules, which means that every province in Canada has the same limits on possession and how much you may buy at one time. In public, you are only allowed 30 grams of marijuana at any one time, which is roughly one ounce. If you get cannabis from a legal source, you will not be able to purchase more than 30 grams.

It is not necessary to buy an ounce at a time, but having multiple ounces on hand is advantageous. You may store as much as you wish at home. So feel free to stock up on 30 grams every day; just make sure it stays secure at home.

Residents of King, like those in Canada, have the right to cultivate marijuana. There are limitations; if you want to produce cannabis for medical purposes, you may only grow four plants and require a Health Canada license. If you live in a condominium or apartment that is rented on a yearly basis, check with your landlord or housing provider before growing crops.

Things to Do in King

Now that we’ve got the stay sorted, let’s get to the play! There is no playground better than York Region. Whether it’s thrills and chills, premium shopping, arts and culture or craft brewing, you’ll find something new to explore in this diverse region no matter how often you visit. Here are just a few suggestions of the “top” things to do during your stay.

Canada’s Wonderland

Make memories at Ontario’s top amusement park. At Canada’s Wonderland—which, incidentally, is celebrating 40 years (!!) of family, fun and laughter this summer—you will find the most thrilling collection of rides and roller coasters in North America. The park’s most recent coaster, Yukon Striker, has set records for being the fastest, longest and tallest dive coaster in the world! With other famous coasters like Leviathan, Behemoth, The Bat, Vortex and The Mighty Canadian Minebuster, there is no shortage of excitement. If family friendly fun is what you’re after, Wonderland offers two kids’ areas: Planet Snoopy and KidZville.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

In the charming historic village of Kleinburg is the only art museum in Canada dedicated solely to Canadian art. Tour this winding gallery with its atmosphere of respite from the city while you reflect on the works of The Group of Seven, as well as Canadian contemporary art and Canadian Indigenous art. The gallery grounds offer outdoor sculptures situated against the stunning backdrop of the Humber River Valley. Want to take part in the art? Check out McMichael’s website for information on camps, classes and workshops for all ages, and for details on exciting, upcoming special events.