Milton is a city in the Canadian province of Ontario, located at the southwest extremity of the Greater Toronto Area.

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Public Cannabis Consumption in Milton

Residents of Milton are split on whether cannabis retail businesses should be allowed to operate in public areas such as parks.

Milton residents have until August 30 to complete a survey on the city’s website that addresses both issues. City employees are hoping for 500 to 1,000 completed surveys so that the findings are valid. While retail cannabis stores were authorized in Ontario on April 1, Milton denied applications from retailers within the city pending community feedback.

Milton has promised to prohibit retail cannabis stores, but it will solicit opinions from residents when the province plans to allow brick and mortar dispensaries in April.

The deadline for municipalities to decide whether or not to establish marijuana delivery in Toronto has been extended until Jan. 22, with funding available to those who participate. Milton officials expect to provide an update on Jan. 7 with a work plan and timeline for engaging with the community, and they’ve said that Milton has the freedom to approve cannabis businesses at any moment in the future.