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Order Cannabis Self Care Products At Toronto’s Best Online Dispensary

Among the oldest cannabis inventions, cannabis self-care topicals are often seen as mundane and not particularly intriguing. That’s why they’re usually packaged as anti-aging lotions, performance enhancers for athletes or remedies for menstrual discomfort. 

cannabis self-careThe sale of topicals may not be as easy going as other cannabis products such as zaza strains, vape pens and hash gummies, however everyone can reap its rewards. In fact you can even make your own at home! Look no further than this indispensable guide on topicals to learn more about them. At GasDank weed dispensary we offer same day delivery for all customers at age off 19 to enjoy the best cannabis self-care products.

What is a cannabis self-care topical?

Topicals are a type of cannabis-infused product that is created to be applied directly to the skin. Unlike other methods of consuming marijuana, topicals must not be inhaled or ingested as they will not have the same effect as products intended for ingestion if done so. In rare cases when people consume topical products, it does not produce any result.

A cannabis dispensary houses a wide range of topical cannabis products, from the classic cream or balm to contemporary body oils and sexual lubricants. If you’re looking for something with skin care benefits, scented bath salts and bombs have you covered. For those in need of an extra boost, consider sprays or transdermal patches that contain cannabis-infused ingredients – whichever product offers your desired effect!

When using topicals, THC, CBD or both may be present and each of these cannabinoids provide distinct healing benefits when used on the skin. For an even more comprehensive approach to wellness, newer formulas and brands incorporate other specialties like CBN, THCV, CBDA or THCA.

How do topicals work?

What makes topicals distinct from other cannabis products is that they do not reach our blood. When we inhale smoke, vape or consume edibles, THC and CBD will activate in the bloodstream leading to intoxication. Topicals offer a different experience as their effects are localized without any psychoactive reactions through inhalation or digestion.

Our body is equipped with an intricate endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors which regulate bodily functions like digestion and immunity. THC mainly interacts with CB1 receptors found in the brain and central nervous system, resulting in feelings of euphoria or intoxication. On the other hand, CB2 receptors are distributed across our organs and immune cells; interestingly enough these two types of receptor can also be located on our skin but elicit different reactions when triggered by cannabinoids.

The epidermis and dermis, our body’s outermost skin layers, shield us from hazardous substances and make it difficult for cannabinoids to penetrate.

While most commercial topicals won’t give you a high, they will still stimulate the cannabinoid receptors in your skin. What sets them apart from other products is their ability to provide targeted relief for inflammation, nerve pain, arthritis and muscle cramps as well as migraines at the source. 

Best Infused Products for Cannabis Self Care

To make cannabis self care more accessible, we have compiled a list of our favorite infused products. This comprehensive catalog has been divided into five distinct categories to simplify the selection process and ensure you find what’s best for your needs.


Pain is an inevitable part of life, however how we respond to it makes all the difference.

Infused topicals are the answer to sore, tense muscles and joints. These creams provide varying CBD and THC concentrations for optimal relief as well as other traditional topical technologies such as warming or cooling capabilities.

Bath Bombs

After a tiring day, what can be more calming than an indulgent bath? To add to this soothing experience, Kush Queen has created two luxurious infused bath bombs: Relax and Relieve. Both of them have an optimal THC/CBD ratio of 1:1 accompanied with 25 mg each that helps in providing the ultimate sensory feel. So lay back comfortably and relish in pleasure with these incredible Infused Bath Bombs!


Everyone knows how fantastic sex can be, but sometimes it’s difficult to get in the mood – particularly for women. Thankfully, Foria’s Pleasure THC-infused lubricant offers an extraordinary solution! Developed specifically with female pleasure and comfort in mind, this lube is ideal for setting the scene. Not only does it substantially increase stimulation and lubrication; from lessening tension to boosting orgasms – its effects are remarkable! It’s no surprise that many have been raving about their experiences using this product. 

Foria provides two different quantities of Pleasure lubricant. The 10 ml bottle contains 147 mg of THC, sufficient for up to 50 servings. Additionally, the 30 ml volume holds 513 mg per container – enough to last you a while!

Muscle Freeze

If you’re looking for a superlative cannabis-infused self-care treatment, look no further than Mary’s Medicinals’ Muscle Freeze. As one of the nation’s premier medical marijuana brands, this lotion delivers all its promises!

Our unique recipe of full-spectrum cannabis oil, massage oil, and menthol creates a harmonious blend between an icy-hot lotion and a real marijuana topical. Each container contains 146 mg CBD as well as 5.53 mg THC for maximum activation! 1.5 oz has never looked so good! Buy weed self-care topical online with GasDank weed delivery online.

Body Oil

Unlike topicals, which often focus on providing relief from pain or inflammation, body oils are the perfect accompaniment for massage therapies. Not only do they ease tension and aches that we inevitably accumulate over time but also make a great addition to any cannabis self-care regimen.

Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits of Papa & Barkley Relief Body Lotion! This lotion has a powerful combination of THC and CBD for maximum relief, along with jojoba oil and shea butter to lock in moisture. Treat yourself to this all-in-one cannabis self-care product and feel your best today!

Ways to use cannabis for self-care in high stress times

Investing in self-care is not only essential but it’s also the whole point of being selfish. Without making time for ourselves, we might be faced with burnout, irritability and more likely to become ill – all of which prevent us from having enough energy to take part in pressing social concerns. Cannabis as a tool for self-care can make all the difference here! Order cannabis topical at our Toronto’s Best Online Dispensary to relax. At GasDank weed dispensary we offer same day delivery for all customers at age off 19.

In these turbulent ‘Roaring Twenties’, self-care is more pertinent than ever. We are navigating a pandemic, social distancing protocols, demonstrations and the commencement of essential changes to our governmental systems. A century ago during this era in America, alcohol prohibition was underway alongside women’s struggle for voting rights – both fought against restrictive laws with eventual success. Now as we face one of the most momentous (and taxing!) presidential elections in history, there remains another restriction that needs to end: cannabis prohibition! 

As we campaign for cannabis legalization in 2020, let us prioritize taking care of ourselves and our wellbeing. Here are nine ways to use the plant as an avenue for healing both mind and body. Let’s nourish our spirits with self-care this year!

Meditate on marijuana

Many Americans were raised with false beliefs about marijuana, but science has proven that overdosing is impossible. While it’s essential to keep an eye on psychological dependence, the truth is weed isn’t habit-forming. Also, concerning gateway drugs – you are far more probable of snorting something hazardous after a few tequila shots than smoking a joint! In other cultures such as Rastafarian culture in the Caribbean for example, marijuana use and appreciation takes on different meanings as cannabis there is considered sacred.

Even the most informed of us can benefit from indulging in marijuana and examining its racially charged history. You might be floored by all the facts you were unaware of—but with a little knowledge, we can move past our guilt and take action. This year, let’s celebrate cannabis wholeheartedly.

Experiment with dosing

If anyone mentions to me that cannabis leaves them feeling anxious, my response is to offer them a 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD low-dose edible, then suggest they take a soothing bath in order to relax! Even though it’s safe to experiment with different doses of THC without overdosing, keep in mind that the substance still remains classified as an illicit drug; use this time before 2020 fully kicks off to explore your own comfortable dose levels cautiously.

After you find your optimal dose, keep tabs to understand what makes the best sense for social anxiety, a headache or those times when music and colors come alive. Don’t forget that cannabis has psychedelic properties in larger doses – so if microdosing isn’t doing it for you, sometimes an ego death is just what we need without having to take part in an ayahuasca ceremony!

Use cannabis bath products

A plethora of data is available that confirms cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties, which may explain why CBD can be used to treat some forms of epilepsy and a topical cream containing CBD offers fast relief for sore feet. Have you ever considered drenching your entire body in the natural benefits of marijuana? Adding cannabis oil or even an infused bath bomb to your warm water ensures complete saturation in the plant’s calming and pain-alleviating powers! 

Keep a topical at your desk

Are you a person who spends their days typing? Then, you’re aware of the strain on your wrists that can lead to tendonitis and carpal tunnel. CBD topicals are an excellent way to help ease swelling and related discomfort. Keep some at hand so every few hours during breaks, or while working away as part of your job, you can give yourself a soothing massage with this medicated salve!

Use cannabis as a nutritional supplement

THC used to be the most popular cannabis component, as it can make users feel euphoric. However, nowadays CBD is rapidly gaining traction and has become incredibly fashionable in its own right. Together they form a diverse range of compounds that have many nutritional benefits – such as protein, fatty acids and essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium and magnesium! It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle this year; why not kick things off by adding some hemp milk or seeds into your morning smoothie?

 Explore different intake methods

Humans crave routine, and if yours involves loading your THC vaporizer or CBD tincture each night – great! But why not take it a step further and explore the potential of cannabis for self-care? Have you ever tried using a vaginal suppository to ease period cramps? We promise nothing else works as effectively. Extend your relationship with the plant beyond what you’re accustomed to, and expand your appreciation by trying something new.

Add it to your sex life

Take a deep breath and exhale – cannabis suppositories, when inserted vaginally or anally, can potentially improve blood flow to the region and reduce discomfort without numbing you out completely. Moreover, studies indicate that consuming cannabis with your partner may even increase intimacy due to its ability to reduce our negative biases. If you’re into kink play – apply a topical marijuana-based lotion on bruises from spanking after impact for added pleasure!

Know your local laws

Don’t miss out on potentially qualifying for a medical card because you don’t know about it! Or, why not try your hand at growing cannabis plants? It’s essential to be aware of the possession laws in your state/country – understanding them leads to more peace-of-mind and better vibes. Taking time to become acquainted with the local regulations is an act of self-care as well as being a responsible citizen who loves cannabis.

Use cannabis to heal

While it may be wise to omit smoking when you have a sinus infection, cannabis has the potential to offer countless anti-inflammatory benefits. Not only can THC and CBD act as natural painkillers but also help us relax and recoup! When next you experience symptoms of a cold, consider adding some form of cannabinoid tincture into your recovery process – after all, this is why we call them medicinal products! We need every one of our revolutionaries at full capacity; now let’s go make history together!

Use cannabis to heal

No doubt, it’s a wise decision to avoid smoking when you’re suffering from sinus infection. However, cannabis has been proven for its numerous anti-inflammatory properties and inflammation is the root cause of almost all our illnesses. THC and CBD also act as natural pain relievers that can help us rest better; thus adding CBD tincture in your healing routine next time you get ill could be immensely beneficial! After all, we need every bit of strength if the revolution is upon us!

Do topicals get you high?

Generally speaking, no. One of the most significant benefits to topicals is that they won’t get you high and won’t appear on drug tests. This holds true for the majority of topical formulas as these are absorbed into the dermis and only interact with local receptors there – meaning they don’t breach through our blood barrier to produce a mind-altering effect nor be detected in regular drug testing. 

On the contrary, cannabis lubricants and sexual wellness products are a booming market. These items aim to foster arousal and stimulation while providing an array of options – water-based or oil-based, among others. Some even contain penetration enhancers that immediately enter into your bloodstream when applied. With countless permeable membranes in the genital area, these lubes can provide various benefits tailored specifically for you!

Transdermal topicals, like gels or patches, are applied to a venous area of the skin and slowly deliver cannabinoids into your body over several hours. The inner wrist or top of a foot is an ideal location for these types of products as they provide effective results with minimal effort.

Enhanced penetration agents in certain formulas may allow cannabis to enter the bloodstream when applied as a transdermal patch, according to research conducted on rats. A consequence of this is that topical products containing THC can cause intoxication, and even lead to a failed drug test. 

CBD vs THC Topicals: What is the Difference?

CBD and THC topicals both offer localized relief, so how do you decide which one to use? It boils down to the varying properties of these two compounds. CBD topicals may be beneficial for treating inflammation, pain and migraines thanks to it’s ability to penetrate the skin 10 times faster than THC. However, if you need help with muscle spasticity or insomnia then a topical containing THC would be your better option. So take into account your specific needs when deciding which topical is right for you!

Whether you select a THC topical or CBD product is totally up to you – but if the effects of one don’t suit your preferences, why not try swapping for the other?

How Much Should I Use?

Unlike other forms of CBD, there isn’t a specific dose or amount that is perfect for everyone when it comes to topicals. Instead, we recommend starting out with small doses and gradually increasing them based on your individual response. You can keep applying the topical until you reach relief before determining what dosage works best for successful symptom management.

Prior to slathering it on larger body areas, we highly recommend testing a bit of the product on your elbow or knee in order to prevent any potential allergic reactions. 

How to Pick the Right Cannabis Topical For You?

Topicals are perfect for yourself or someone else because they’re simple, pocket-friendly and offer visible results. But before you make your choice, there are a few key considerations to be aware of.

Carefully consider your budget, dosage and desired outcome before selecting a product that will provide you with the best results.


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