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Welcome to Green Supreme, where excellence in cannabis concentrates is not just a goal, but a standard. As one of Canada’s premier producers, our range spans from budder and live resin to vaporizer pens and the highly sought-after premium THCA diamonds. What sets us apart in the crowded marketplace is our fundamental belief: outstanding cannabis concentrates are born from superior flowers. Our commitment to this philosophy drives us to not only produce but also educate on the profound benefits and beauty of cannabis. We exclusively utilize fresh, AAAA+ quality, strain-specific buds for every batch, ensuring a rich, full-spectrum experience of distinct cannabinoids and terpenes with every use.

Our skilled extraction team collaborates with the finest craft growers in British Columbia, dedicating themselves to preserving the natural terpenes and vibrant, unique flavor profiles inherent in each phenotype. With Green Supreme, elevate your standards and enrich your life by experiencing the pinnacle of cannabis concentrates.

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