420 Store: Quality, Variety, and Customer Service

There are numerous online dispensaries in Canada today, with a variety of stores and websites to match the thousands of unique cannabis strains. One of the best aspects of ordering cannabis online is the incredible selection available. Cannabis is a diverse plant, and it can be enjoyed in countless ways for an ever-growing list of reasons.

One of the more popular places to buy cannabis online in Canada is 420 Store. 420 Store has effectively balanced business and fun, offering good prices on high-quality products. If this is your first experience with an online dispensary in Canada, 420 Store would be a great starting point with their straightforward pricing, efficient site design, and positive community of members.

Let’s take a look at 420 Store reviews, weigh 420 Store’s shatter selection, 420 Store’s hash inventory, and others as we continue our competitor reviews of the best online dispensaries in Canada.

Is 420 Store Legit?

The first question you need answered before continuing with our 420 Store review is bluntly asking: is 420 Store legit? Whether you find 420 Store on Google or check out reviews on Reddit, most opinions about this online dispensary are positive. It seems like 420 Store does a great job supplying just what its customers are after, which keeps them coming back for their daily deals and sales. 420 Store customers consistently rate them high in product satisfaction and overall experience, which leads us to believe that they are indeed a legit, top-quality online dispensary in Canada. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons we found on Reddit and evaluate the overall quality of this store.

420 Store PROS

    • Easy to navigate the entire site with a streamlined and simple design that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for style.
    • Fair prices with a number of daily deals and decent flash sales.
    • Snacks! 420 Store sells chips, chocolates, candies, and other munchies to go with your favorite cannabis products.
    • Variety of products in different sizes and potencies makes finding the right product easier.
    • Availability of cannabis accessories.
    • Access to some of Canada’s top marijuana brands.

420 StoreCONS

    • Missing some popular cannabis products such as THC topicals.
    • Simplicity of site design can make some pages blend together, making it easy to get lost in the sheer number of product pages.
    • Lack of creative content, information, or guides on cannabis and its products.
    • Only accepts E-transfer (no credit card, cryptocurrency, or other forms of payment processing).
    • Minimum order requirements of $100 can be frustrating for some infrequent or casual cannabis users.
Overall, 420 Store reviews well in most categories (which we will cover in the next section of this 420 Store review). 420 Store doesn’t try to win you over with flashy webpages or intricately designed online experiences – they focus on selling top-quality buds at the best possible prices. This “no b.s.” approach is very refreshing to many stoners, but it can make 420 Store seem a bit too simplistic or underdeveloped for those seeking a more thrilling shopping experience. Next, let’s see what Redditors or customers of 420 Store are saying about this online dispensary. We’ll summarize ratings and reviews into the following categories: product selection, customer experience, order fulfillment/follow-up, and any intangibles that are unique to 420 Store.


420 Store

420 Store Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?


420 Store reviews often highlight their wide variety of products, and rightly so. Reviews on Reddit and their website show that customers are quite happy with the selection. Not only does 420 Store offer the latest products such as affordable flowers, edibles, and concentrates, but they’re also famous for their “Munchies” inventory. Yes, you heard that right – 420 Store hash, shatter, or buds can be paired with your favorite chocolate bar, chips, popcorn, candies, and more.

The product selection at 420 Store is not only vast but also well-balanced between price and quality. 420 Store offers many of the top brands in Canada at fair prices, so the price-quality score for most of their products is higher than some other online dispensaries.


420 Store boasts a very streamlined, easy-to-navigate website that might seem simple at first glance but was built with customer experience in mind. Their inventory is easy to sort through, with daily deals known as “Daily Bangers” front and center, along with other sales and popular items on their homepage. All of 420 Store’s internal links work, page refreshes are seamless with a good internet connection, and there are only minor inconsistencies with page content or design features.

We’ll discuss the mail order experience more in the next section, but regarding overall customer experience, paying through e-transfer and receiving mail-order cannabis is generally perceived positively. Many Canadian users are used to this setup, and 420 Store has a decent track record of fast delivery times with good responsiveness when returns or refunds are required.

Customer experience is graded as a whole – from finding their website, to navigating through it, to the ordering process. Overall, 420 Store provides a consistent and satisfactory experience from start to finish.

One area that could be improved is their lack of consistent, creative content. Cannabis guides, blogs, and “How To’s” are very helpful for new users, so this is one area where 420 Store reviews might take a hit.


The mail order experience can be hit or miss, but 420 Store follows all proper protocols for shipping cannabis discreetly – sealed, smell-proof packaging, mail-safe covers, and an easy-to-track system through email or SMS. 420 Store also boasts higher-than-average delivery times for a mail-centric online dispensary, with an average delivery period between 3-5 days, depending on your location.

420 Store only offers e-transfer for payment processing. While this is common for many online dispensaries in Canada due to restrictive regulations, some customers find e-transfers frustrating for payments and refunds. Nonetheless, 420 Store has a good record for refunding customers quickly and providing good customer service before, during, and after purchases.


The most obvious unique offering from 420 Store is their wide selection of munchies that are well-priced and pair perfectly with your favorite 420 Store buds, hash, shatter, or edibles.

420 Store also organizes their non-THC products into a distinct CBD shopping category. This attracts cannabis-hesitant customers for their CBD needs, potentially leading them to experiment with other cannabis forms. CBD is ideal for those who don’t want to get high, and 420 Store’s reviews have earned credit for their growing selection of CBD products.

Where Does 420 Store Rank Among Online Dispensaries in Canada?

Putting it all together, where does 420 Store rank among other online dispensaries in Canada? 420 Store is a fairly priced, well-stocked website that offers an excellent variety of cannabis products. Their hallmark seems to be their fun, hot deals on cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and munchies. In addition to scoring well in product availability, 420 Store is known for offering reliable customer service – a significant advantage in an industry sometimes known for inconsistent customer support.

Canada has many sources for buying weed online, not all of which are created equal. 420 Store is definitely in the upper tier of online dispensaries, much like Gasdank. For all your cannabis needs, look to reliable dispensaries like Gasdank. Gasdank promises that you can get high for less cost without skimping on quality.

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