CBD Oil by LD Extracts 2700mg

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LD Extracts offers CBD Oil in a potent 2700mg concentration, conveniently packaged in a 15ml tincture dropper bottle for easy dosing and consumption. Utilizing high-quality CBD isolate with a purity of at least 99%, verified by third-party lab tests, ensures consistent and accurate dosing in every bottle. Formulated with an MCT oil base and sunflower lecithin, this tincture enhances cannabinoid absorption for efficient delivery and optimal therapeutic benefits when administered sublingually.

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CBD Oil by LD Extracts 2700mg isolate drops are available in 15ml tincture dropper bottles of 300mg, 900mg and 2700mg doses (ld extracts). These droppers ensure precise dosages that can be conveniently taken orally. The highest-grade cannabis CBD is used in their production – our rigorous third-party lab tests prove it has a purity rating no lower than 99%. Thus we guarantee each bottle contains its advertised dose of TRUE cannabidiol potency.

Consumers will be able to consistently enjoy their desired dose each time they use this tincture, thanks to its MCT oil base and sunflower lecithin. This combination of ingredients helps ensure that the cell membranes absorb the cannabinoids quickly and efficiently for maximum efficacy. To get fast-acting results, sublingual consumption is recommended – simply place these drops beneath your tongue and hold them there for 30 – 60 seconds in order for CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through mucous membranes.

CBD has been found to have an extensive range of benefits, including the treatment for anxiety and epilepsy. But more importantly, CBD works with our bodies’ EndoCannabinoid system in order to achieve equilibrium. This product can be used along with THC distillate droppers for a synergistic effect known as the entourage effect – one that is greater than its individual components!

How Do I Dose My CBG or CBD Oil Tincture

We highly suggest starting off with small doses of CBD oil. This herbal supplement can affect everyone differently– some people may require higher amounts while others only need a bit to experience desirable results. For this reason, it is always best to go slower and opt for low dosages first.

To start, take one half of a dropperful 1-2 times per day if the bottle instructions say to take 1-2 droppers at 1-3x daily. Gauge how you feel and adjust your dosage as needed; most people experience relief within 60 to 90 minutes after ingesting CBD. Depending on age and activity level, this kind of relief can last up to 24 hours; however, vaping or smoking CBD provides instant but shorter lasting respite for only several hours.

CBD oil is non-psychoactive and safe, so there’s no risk of overdosing or becoming addicted. In fact, the worst possible outcome if you take too much CBD is that you feel a bit drowsy.


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CBD Oil by LD Extracts 2700mg
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