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Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash

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Afghani Habibi Gold Seal Hash is an exquisite hash originating from Afghanistan and its name translates to “my love” in Arabic – a beautiful symbol of the great care taken into crafting this exceptional strain. Its fans vouch for its complex flavor, earthy notes, and robust coffee-like aroma. From crumbling it over your joint or smoking through your pipe for a calming high, Habibi Hash will make every puff unforgettable!

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What is Afghan Hash?

The Afghan Hash (Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash) is an exceptionally powerful concentrate made from the extraction of trichomes, which are resin-filled glands found on cannabis plants. This unique process requires specific temperature changes; there’s no need to use any solvents or chemicals! Additionally, the final product has a distinct brownish-green hue that takes shape in either bricks or balls.

How is Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash made?

Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash, a cannabis concentrate that has been around since the 12th and 13th centuries, is usually smoked or inhaled. This hash is made by pressing trichomes from the marijuana plant into solid form which can be varied depending on how it was crafted. With such an amazing history behind this concentrate, you’re guaranteed to have an extraordinary experience!

How to consume or use Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash?

Experience the full potency of Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash by easily adding it to your bong, bubbler or pipe. This straightforward method has recently gained popularity as one of the hippest ways for consuming cannabis today. So don’t miss out on this trend and indulge in its blissful effects!

Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash can be experienced in full force with hot knifing, a simple and popular process. All you need is two metal knives – usually butter knives – that have been heated on electric range coils until they glow or turn red-hot. After your blades are ready to go, place some hash onto one of the flat blade parts and inhale deeply for maximum pleasure!

If you are going to smoke hash, the best way is with a pipe. Remember to use a screen so that no pieces get inhaled by mistake! Concentrates and extracts like hash need special tools for dabbing; an ideal tool being a dab rig.


1g, 1/4oz (7g), 1/2oz (14g), 1oz (28g), 1/8oz (3.5g)

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Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash
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