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The goal of GasDank Cannabis Store is to offer marijuana for every taste and price range. We provide mail order services across Canada and same-day delivery across the GTA! We take pleasure in the fact that we are the market leaders in Canada for marijuana, offering ounces for as little as $40, quads, speciality packaged items, and even organically grown marijuana

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Cherry Bomb - Hybrid
Maui Wowie - Sativa
Pineapple Express - Sativa
Sweet Tooth - Hybrid
7g ($90.00)
14g ($160.00)
28g ($300.00)
Single ($15.00)
25 Pack ($250.00)


DANK Shatter 1g & 7g

Cafe Racer-Sativa
Pink Dream-Hybrid
1g ($25.00)
7g ($140.00)
Hybrid ($20.00)
Indica ($20.00)


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LIT 1000mg THC Oil


*New Products!*

Breaking Dab Shatter

Citrus Farmer - Sativa
Colorado Sunset - Hybrid
Dancehall - Sativa
Dopemine - Indica
Genghis Chron - Indica
High School Sweetheart - Sativa
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Dab Habit Shatter

Animal Crackers - Hybrid
Biscotti - Hybrid
Black Mamba #8 - Indica
Blue Dream - Sativa
Burt Reynolds - Indica
Do Si Dos - Indica
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Gas Station Shatter

Blue Fin tuna
Death Bubba
Death Star
Diamond Pink
El Chapo
Gas Mask
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Single ($25.00)
7-Pack ($140.00)


DANK Shatter 1g & 7g

Cafe Racer-Sativa
Pink Dream-Hybrid
1g ($25.00)
7g ($140.00)


Terpen Live Resin


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Canada's Online Marijuana Dispensary

GasDank Cannabis is the premier destination for first-time Mail Order Marijuana customers in Canada. We guarantee to deliver our weed products no matter where you are, from schedule 35 microdose psilocybe mushrooms to top shelf strains like pink kush and hawaiian hammer. And don’t forget to explore all of our other THC concentrates such as Afgani Hash & CBD! Our Lemon Kush strain and Kief will also leave your taste buds wanting more. Shop online with us now for an unforgettable experience with GasDank Cannabis!

Are you in the greater Toronto area? GasDank Cannabis is your go-to resource for same-day weed delivery! We are continuously adding new products to our inventory, including all of your favorite strains and edibles like Euphoria Extraction Shatter Bars. Plus, with each purchase we offer tracking codes so that you can keep tabs on when it will be delivered to your doorstep. So don’t wait – get access to top quality cannabis products today!

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Weed Delivery Toronto

Are you looking to purchase marijuana online in Canada? Look no further than GasDank Cannabis! As your premium online cannabis dispensary, we offer mail order marijuana and same-day local weed delivery. We guarantee only the highest quality of cannabis by holding our suppliers to the utmost standards. When it comes to buy weed online with convenience and ease, trust us at GasDank Cannabis for all your needs!

When you order weed online or opt for same-day delivery, rest assured that all orders are shipped in superior packaging which ensures discretion. Additionally, take advantage of our Affiliate Program available in Canada and register to receive weekly dispensary coupons and promotions!

Gasdank is here with a vast selection of Canadian-made products, from exquisite flowers and extracts, to delicious edibles and vape pens. Make sure not to miss out on all that Gasdank weed dispensary has for you!

GasGang Vape Pen in Canada

The Gas Gang Vape Pen in Canada is the go-to solution for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a discreet and potent experience. Vaporizing active ingredients provides safer consumption than smoking, offering potent highs with concentrated marijuana content. Enjoy less odor, ease of use with charged devices, consistent THC doses, and cleaner hits. The discreet form factor ensures private enjoyment, making it ideal for public spaces. Elevate your cannabis experience with Gas Gang’s convenient and efficient disposable vape pen.

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Why Choosing Us? Weed delivery Toronto

At GasDank, we are committed to providing clients with top-notch cannabis delivery in Toronto. Our same-day weed delivery is nothing short of exceptional! We don’t cut any corners – all our buds and edibles come from the most reliable farmers in Toronto so you can trust that they will be prime quality. Plus, by connecting customers directly to suppliers throughout service, we eliminate costly middlemen which allows us to pass on those savings back to you–our valued customer! From high grade flowers for special occasions or just about anything else related to marijuana products; when it comes down to your needs for weed delivery in Toronto and surrounding areas – choose Gas Dank as your go-to source today!

Gasdank proudly stands as a leader of the Canadian marijuana market, offering Medical Patients with 19+ years an extensive selection of flowers, strains, edibles, and concentrates. Our same-day cannabis delivery service in Toronto and Canada also includes our mail order services. Furthermore we make sure everyone can find amazing products to suit their needs; ounces start at $90 while quads and specialized packages are available too! And if that wasn’t enough – we even offer organically grown buds coming straight from farmers to your door.


At GasDank, we understand the importance of quality and consistency. That’s why only the best cannabis plants are selected from reliable growers that have been thoroughly vetted. Plus, photos of each batch being restocked can be viewed to provide full transparency and guarantee our customers get a dependable experience time after time. This allows us to build lasting relationships based on trustworthiness with all those who come through our doors!

Unlike other marijuana retailers, we proudly showcase all client reviews and comments on our website as well as social media accounts. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us – that’s how you know why we are the most reliable mail-order cannabis provider around!


Our operations manager, a veteran in delivery services, has crafted our cannabis shipping system in Toronto to maximize efficiency without overspending compared with competing mail-order marijuana stores. Much like other sellers within the sector, Gasdank uses the same cutting-edge fulfillment process. With payments accepted within 24 hours of their receipt and orders securely sealed before being sent out again on the following business day, Gasdank guarantees impeccable service each and every time.

Canada Post’s Xpresspost Service is the preferred method of weed delivery Toronto and across Canada. You can expect your purchase to be delivered directly to you within 2-3 business days, however some remote locations may require up to 5 business days for delivery. We provide cannabis products, edibles, concentrates and extracts nationwide – from Montreal in the East all the way out to Vancouver on the West Coast! Enjoy quality marijuana straight from us at home with ease!

Relationship With Customers

At GasDank, we prioritize connection with our customers above all else. Our members are indispensable to us and their feedback is treasured; that’s why we strive to create a positive, inviting cannabis community. Through meaningful relationships with our valued consumers, we stand apart from the competition and continue advancing towards success.


Gasdank is renowned for providing Canada with only the finest cannabis products. Not just that, but all of Gasdank’s strains are cultivated under highly precise scientific standards – meaning quality sustenance and pesticide-free goods! What results from this meticulous process? An organically certified product which not only looks beautiful but tastes delicious too, burning cleanly every time you smoke it.

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Best Marijuana In Toronto: Quick Guide To Cannabis Strains at GasDank

Flower smoking is one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabis, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does cannabis flower cause almost instantaneous effects, but many people find passing a joint around highly enjoyable too – plus there’s an element of tradition involved! Cannabis flower has been part of marijuana culture since time immemorial. If you decide to smoke, vape, or eat your cannabis, the full effect should be felt in approximately 30 minutes and last up to 3 hours depending on potency. If you’re shopping at GasDank weed dispensary looking for different flower strains when ordering cannabis by mail or online – let’s take a closer look at what these products have to offer!

Mail Order Cannabis Online in Toronto

At GasDank, we provide Mail Order Weed to all Canadian provinces including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and beyond. We regularly update our collection with fresh premium cannabis products from trusted growers so you can find the edibles you love! Our commitment to Medical and Recreational Cannabis customers has earned us a great reputation over the years – we offer same day weed delivery & mail order Marijuana for your convenience.


  • Join us here and create an account. Once we’ve confirmed your membership, take a look at our store!


  • Our selection is so wide, it’s almost monstrous! From resin to dried bud, we have every variety you could imagine.

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  • Our selection is so wide, it’s almost monstrous! From resin to dried bud, we have every variety you could imagine.

Sativa Weed Strains

If you’re after a stimulating mental buzz and high THC levels that still allow for engaging conversations or creative inspiration, Sativa is the ideal choice. When searching for an online dispensary with flower delivery to your doorstep or concentrate shipping services, our budtenders highly recommend choosing a strain between 10-20% THC content.

Indica Weed Strains

Indica is great for relieving everything from muscle soreness to neck tension after a long day at the office. Its physically sedating effects help you relax and unwind, making it an ideal choice for winding down in the evening or getting a quality night’s sleep. Popular among those seeking full-body relaxation, Indica packs powerful benefits into every puff!

Hybrid Weed Strains

Hybrid mattresses provide the perfect synthesis of comfort and support, allowing you to rest peacefully with no lingering aches. There are a variety of hybrids available so that you can find just what’s right for your specific slumber needs. Hybrids come in three main varieties: indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or balanced.

cannabis gasdank 19 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA

Keep in mind that hunting for the ideal strain requires experimentation. If this is your first foray into cannabis, we can help you find out what flower will be delivered to you. Cannabis is an individual experience and choosing it should also support this concept. Some individuals are content with any type of strain on any given day, while others favor a more precise selection of strains to get the best effect possible.

Is marijuana legal in Toronto?

The Cannabis Act of 2018 has empowered Canadians to legally use marijuana – both medicinally and recreationally. If you’re unfamiliar with cannabis laws in Toronto, Ontario, the provincial government’s website offers all the information needed. So be sure to keep up-to-date with your Province or Territory’s regulations as every region may have varying stipulations when it comes to using marijuana.

Toronto, Ontario’s primary rules and regulations for cannabis usage are as follows:

  • The legal age to purchase, carry, or use recreational cannabis is 19.
  • Cannabis is a convenient plant that can be enjoyed at home, in smoking rooms, or even while driving – wherever the law allows. With its many applications, cannabis offers users an accessible way to relax and unwind.
  • Smoking marijuana is not allowed in any shared indoor space, public buildings with walls and ceilings, schools while children are present, hospitals or other health facilities, government-owned properties such as parks and roadsides; or even automobiles on the move.
  • Canadian law permits you to own up to 30 grams of cannabis in its dried form, or products equivalent thereto. To put it another way, 1 gram equates to 5 g of fresh buds, 15 g of edibles, 70 ml liquid product and 0.25 g concentrate. Up to four marijuana plants can be cultivated on your own land for personal consumption.
cannabis gasdank 10 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA

Products You Can To Buy at GasDank

When it comes to marijuana, many people think of nothing more than dried flowers; however, Toronto cannabis delivery companies offer a wide range of other popular items as well.

Do you reside in Toronto? Then look no further for your cannabis needs – with a wide range of delivery services available, it’s now more convenient than ever! From delicious marijuana-infused chocolate bars, cookies and gummies to potent concentrates such as shatter and live resin. Not to mention the CBD oil tinctures that provide many health benefits without any of the risks associated with smoking cigarettes or smelling like smoke. Get ready for an elevated cannabis experience from the comfort of your own home!

Weed Strains

Whether you’re after Indica, Sativa or Hybrid buds – cannabis flowers offer an expansive selection of options to satisfy any craving. Prices range from thrifty values for the budget-minded consumer all the way up to luxurious selections for connoisseurs, and if you invest in larger quantities there’s even a chance that you’ll save some extra cash! With such diverse choices available, your possibilities with cannabis flowers are virtually endless!

weed delivery
weed delivery in Toronto

Marijuana Extracts

As marijuana is increasingly accepted, more options for consumption are available. Cannabis extracts represent the purest form of THC as well as other powerful compounds; items like hashish, oil, shatter, budder and terp sauce all fit into this category. Users will experience similar results to traditional marijuana without needing a lot of product – however one should be mindful because some of these extracts may contain high levels of potency!


GasDank has an extensive selection of products for you to pick from! You can go classic with our delectable variety of chocolate bars or try something new and explore our fruit gummies. We offer a wide array of strengths, flavors, and more–you are certain to find the perfect item that caters to your preferences!

THC Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles offer a delectable option to smoking marijuana, available in many forms including cookies, pastries, chocolates and teas. If you prefer not to inhale the THC-infused smoke but still want to reap its benefits without lighting up – try an edible! Each individual’s body may react differently when consuming any kind of edible product; ranging from mild sensations all the way through powerful effects dependent on dosage.

cannabis gasdank 08 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA
cannabis gasdank 11 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA


From its varied health advantages to the fact that it doesn’t produce an intoxicated state, cannabidiol (CBD) is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation. CBD products have flooded the shelves of Toronto marijuana dispensaries―vapes, tinctures, oils, gummies and pills, isolates and topicals―and are being increasingly sought after by millions of individuals around the world!

Distillate Pens

If you’re seeking a greater vaping experience, then distillate pen cartridges are the perfect choice! Distillates are cannabis extracts that have been meticulously refined to isolate cannabinoids into an extremely potent and concentrated solution. This powerful product gives users a unique and amazing vape experience unlike anything else in the market!

Magic Mushrooms

Ready to embark on an exciting and surreal journey? Then look no further! Toronto offers a vast selection of magic mushroom products that can help you reach cosmic heights, including dried psilocybin mushrooms with diverse shapes, sizes, and colors. Just remember – these trips may be unusual or intense so proceed carefully!

Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly referred to as “magic mushrooms,” are found naturally in nature and ingested for the purpose of inducing vivid hallucinations. Psychedelic drugs can drastically alter a person’s cognition, sense of time and emotions by affecting all their senses. Hallucinations are common side effects—seeing or hearing things that don’t exist or that have been warped beyond reality.

cannabis gasdank 23 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA
cannabis gasdank 06 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA


For easy, immediate usage of cannabis flower products, look no further than pre-rolls. They can be bought from a store or you can get them at Gas-dank in Toronto. Although many people still refer to pre-rolls as “joints”, the industry standard term is simply “pre-roll.” Pre-rolls remain one of the most favored forms of consumption since they generally generate positive outcomes.

Weed delivery services make it incredibly easy to get your favorite strains of weed, allowing you the freedom to just sit back and enjoy


Our Toronto store provides an extensive selection of premium cannabis vaporizers and vape accessories designed to meet your specific needs for THC and CBD vapors. Cannabis vaporizers heat up dried or liquid marijuana without burning it, producing a much smoother smoke that still preserves the natural aroma of the plant while being gentler on your throat than smoking a joint.

Look no further for your premium cannabis vape experience! Our vapes offer an unparalleled flavor, packed with 100 percent cannabinoids to give you a blissful high after just one or two draws. Perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of smoking marijuana – our speedy and easy method is sure to have you feeling great in no time.

cannabis gasdank 24 1 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA
cannabis gasdank 25 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA


Tinctures are liquid extracts with either alcohol or vegetable glycerine as the base. At our Toronto cannabis store, you can find Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strain tinctures that have concentrated THC and CBD extractions along with a carrier like alcohol or vegetable glycerine to give them an extended shelf life in comparison to other marijuana products. So don’t miss out on this amazing product!

To determine the best CBD oil to ease your pain, there are many things you must consider. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting money on a tincture that won’t be beneficial for you. Conduct thorough research and learn about products containing high levels of CBD which help with anxiety or those rich in THC which can promote better sleep quality or lessen muscle spasms and inflammation.


Are you looking for a novel way to enjoy cannabis? Topicals are Cannabinoid-based solutions that can be directly applied to the skin and provide an array of possible health benefits, such as comforting pain and irritation. You can find cannabis topicals in multiple forms from dispensaries, including lotions, salves, balms, and oils – all ready to deliver therapeutic effects!

  • Topical Oils
  • Lotions & Transdermals
  • ath Products
  • Lubricants

Topical products can be a godsend for a multitude of different ailments, including acne and eczema flare-ups, providing intense hydration to your skin’s deepest layers, naturally fighting depression symptoms, and helping you maintain your youthful glow.

cannabis gasdank 26 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA
cannabis gasdank 18 - Weed Delivery - Online dispensary Toronto Gasdank | 1-2 Hour Delivery GTA

Accessories For Stoners

Don’t miss out on your cannabis adventures due to a lack of supplies – it doesn’t matter if you’re smoking plant material or electronic liquids. To ensure that you have the finest experience, we’ve compiled some top-notch brand items into the following categories:

  • Batteries
  • Lighters
  • Devices
  • Papers / Rolling Supplies
  • Grinders
  • Glassware
  • Trays
  • Dab Tools