Major League Disposable Vape Pen 1.1g

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Major League Disposable Vape Pens provide the ideal solution for discreet cannabis consumption, offering convenience and safety. With their self-contained design and micro-USB charging port, users can enjoy their favorite strains without worrying about battery issues. The potent effects and high THC content make Major League Vape Pens effective in treating various conditions, while the absence of harmful additives ensures a natural and enjoyable experience.

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If you’re searching for a subtle way to ingest marijuana, then Major League Disposable Vape Pen is the perfect solution. Their convenience enables users to enjoy cannabis without drawing attention from others. This Disposable THC pen utilizes vaping technology offering a safer, cleaner high as it heats the THC Oil into vapor / aerosol. Each pen is made with purified distillate as well as organic terpenes which perfectly mimic the taste and smell of particular strains that you are interested, without the harmful effects of CO2 derived oils.

Disposable Vape pens are also self-contained, meaning there is no additional charging or battery required. Should you, however, run out of battery for whatever reason, there is a micro-USB port accessible at the bottom of the pen (you’ll need to unscrew the bottom part to access it).

The onset is very euphoric and lifted with a calming effect that washes over both mind and body, leaving you completely relaxed from head to toe. These effects can come slightly at times, leaving you dozing and dropping off into long and peaceful sleep. These effects and its super-powered 29% average THC level give Major League Disposable Vape Pen an edge in treating conditions such as appetite loss, chronic stress or anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain or muscle spasms. Watermelon buds have fluffy pale green nugs with vivid pink undertones, bright orange hairs, and a coating of frosty tiny white crystal trichomes.

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Our exclusive 1.1g major league vape pens are organic-derived, disposable and rechargeable with a whopping 95 -98% THC content! Not to mention, there’s no vitamin E acetate, VG or PG present in these pens for an all natural experience. But hurry up because supplies won’t last long! For those who would love to explore, Hybrid, Sativa and Indica offer a plethora of flavourful cannabis varieties for you to choose from. Surely among them there is one that will become your favourite!

How to Use Major League Disposable Vape Pen:

To begin, simply inhale and a light at the end of your device will illuminate—green if fully charged, orange for half as much juice, or red when it needs to be plugged in. Inhale and exhale with ease until you’ve had your fill; once this run is over, discard the entire pen.

BONUS FEATURE: There’s a micro-USB port for charging (USB cable not included).


  • Banana Split, Blue raspberry, Cantaloupe, Cotton Candy, Fruit Punch, Grape God, Green Apple, Hardcore OG, Life Savers, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Margarita, Watermelon Citrus Splash, Chocolate, Life Savers, Green Apple, Bubble Gum, Fruit Loops, Watermelon, Fruit Burst, Cantaloupe, Gingerbread Cookie, Koolaid.
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Green Apple – Hybrid, Watermelon – Hybrid, Apricot- Sativa, Banana Split- Indica, Birthday Cake – Sativa, Cantaloupe-Hybrid, Cherry Pie- Indica, Chocolate-Hybrid, Citrus Spash-Hybrid, Creme Brulee- Indica, Energy Drink- Indica, Frozen Mango- Indica, Fruit Burst-Hybrid, Fruit Cereal Loops-Hybrid, Fruit Chew Strawberry Banana- Indica, Fruit Chews Cherry-Hybrid, Fruit Chews Watermelon – Sativa, Fruit Explosion-Hybrid, Fruit Punch – Sativa, Gingerbread Cookies – Hybrid, Jamaican Rum Punch- Sativa, Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry- Sativa, Jolly Rancher Pineapple- Indica, Lemon Head – Sativa, Marshmellow- Indica, Monster Cookies- Indica, Orange Creamsicle – Sativa, Peach- Sativa, Popping Candy- Sativa, Purple Gold- Indica, Rainbow Candy- Indica, Skittlez – Indica, Smarties – Indica, Soda – Indica, Soda- Indica, Sour Explosion- Indica, Sour Expolsions – Indica, Sour Funny Candies – Indica, Sour Funny Kids- Indica, Sour Patch Kids – Indica, Sour Razzles – Indica, Space Candy- Indica, Strawberry Lemonade- Indica, Strawberry Margerita- Sativa, Sweet & Tart- Sativa, Sweet O's-Hybrid, Taffy Head-Indica, Tangy Treats- Indica, Warheads – Indica, Wonka Gobstoppers – Hybrid


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Major League Disposable Vape Pen
Major League Disposable Vape Pen 1.1g
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