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Moon Rocks are a unique cannabis product consisting of flower buds coated in extracts and dusted with kief, boasting a THC content exceeding 50%. Renowned as ‘cannabis caviar’, they offer an unmatched experience with layers of kief enhancing their potency. Whether for medicinal or recreational use, MoonRocks provide a powerful and elevated cannabis experience, surpassing typical strains in THC concentration.

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The mysterious genesis of Moon Rocks Joints remains a bit hazy, yet conjecture suggests that Starbudz760 was the very first dispensary to create them. West Coast rap icon Kurupt subsequently popularized this product and even trademarked his own edition called the Kurupt Moonrock!

Moon rocks are a heavenly combination of THC goodness: Cannabis buds dipped in hash oil, then rolled in kief. Typically GSC is chosen but any strain will do! Not only does this concoction pack quite the punch, it also gives you an added bonus – that wonderful crunchy texture and flavor we all know and love. If you haven’t tried moon rocks yet, what are you waiting for?

How potent are moon rock joints?

Moon rocks are renowned for their extraordinary strength, with an average potency hovering around 50% THC. This is significantly higher than the typical flower’s 20%, meaning each hit will provide quite the experience. While variance may occur depending on production and maker, you can be sure that this strain packs a punch!

Now the high? It’s simply out of this world! From your head to your toes, a moon rock high gradually ascends and you’ll suddenly realize that you’ve attained an untouchable peak that can’t be replicated. This is not for the faint-hearted, so get ready for something truly extraordinary!

Just how potent are moon rocks?

Moon rocks are renowned for their impressive THC content, and it’s true – they include an average of 50% or higher. It’s normal to see a range of potency from one product to the next due to the flower, concentrate, and kief all having separate levels of strength. So if you’re looking for something with an extra kick when it comes to cannabis consumption, moon rocks might be just what you need! Moon rocks are usually packed with potent layers of concentrate, making it an especially strong product. To keep your first-time smokers safe, don’t offer them a bowl full of moon rock! You should also note that CBD moon rocks will be similarly high in CBD levels.

Bottom line: Inspect the label for a potency breakdown to ensure you are purchasing certified moon rocks so that you can trust in their accuracy.

How to smoke moon rocks

If you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer, moon rocks are essential to your repertoire! To get the most out of your moon rock experience, here’s some advice on what to expect and how best to prepare.

Use glassware

If you’re using moon rocks, it’s best to opt for glassware such as a bong or pipe. These cannabis products are unlike regular flower – they’re thick and greasy which means that you must break them apart like ripping apart a Nerds Rope candy bar with the help of another person!

Don’t even think of rolling up moon rocks by itself – you would need to purchase 18 grams at the least, and it won’t stay lit like a standard blunt or joint.

Throw it on top of some flower

Moon rocks have a slick consistency, which makes lighting and maintaining the cherry difficult. Thankfully, simply sprinkling them atop some flower will solve your problems!

By using moon rocks weed sprinkled on top of a regular bud, you can make your own joint or blunt that will send you to the highest level of bliss. Forget about being concerned with how high it’s going to get – just know that it’ll be at the very peak! crafted blunts and joints made from moon rocks weed create an unparalleled experience unlike any other.

Finish all of your daily tasks before smoking

Everyone loves to get high and have a little fun, but moon rocks offer a different kind of experience. If you plan on doing any sort of physical activity or task that requires focus, it’s best to do them prior to smoking this strain; otherwise you’ll just keel over into a deep sleep without completing anything! Save yourself the stress later by getting your important tasks done before indulging in some “me-time.”

Don’t make the same error I did – when I tried to write a masterpiece after smoking moon rocks, my fingers felt like lead and it crippled me from producing 1,500 words of literary brilliance. This level of high had taken over my soul and rendered me incapable of writing anything at all!


Banana Split, Blueberry, Blueberry Crumble, Caramel, Grape, Green Apple, Original, Peaches and Cream, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla, Watermelon, Cookie Monster

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