Organic CBD Oil 750mg – 6000mg

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If you’re looking for the highest-potency CBD oil available, look no further than Natural Solutions Pure CBD Oil. This 60ml bottle contains 3000mg of organic hemp extract with zero THC and is crafted by Green Roads – a leading Florida-based producer of cannabis & hemp products such as drops and sprays. Each 1ml dose (or one dropper full) offers 50mg of pure CBD power that can be conveniently purchased online at our store!

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The Natural Solutions Organic CBD Oil is a high-potency, organic tincture produced with hemp extract and MCT oil. Produced by Florida-based Green Roads – who also make THC extracts and hemp products such as drops and sprays – each 60ml bottle contains 3000mg of CBD per dose; one dropper full provides 50mg of relief from symptoms like pain, inflammation or stress. Visit our online store now to purchase your own Organic CBD Oil!

The popularity of cannabis CBD is escalating each day, with 1.6 million daily UK users now taking advantage of its many benefits! But if you’re new to this world and feeling a bit overwhelmed – understandably so – don’t fret as we have the perfect solution for you. Follow our straightforward step-by-step process and let us guide you through everything there is to know about CBD!Key facts first! CBD has a good safety profile with very low toxicology reports—all research conducted so far supports this. Whatever your reason for taking CBD, our extensive batch testing means you’ll feel secure taking CBD.

What is CBD?

Every year, more and more people are asking the same question: What is CBD? It’s often labeled as a cannabinoid or cannabidiol. Both descriptions are accurate, but this can leave some feeling confused about what it actually is. Thankfully, Vitality CBD has you covered! We’ll break down all of the basics for you so that when it comes time to purchase your own CBD products, there won’t be any confusion whatsoever.

To begin with, let’s understand that CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a compound found in the cannabis plant. There are roughly one hundred distinct cannabinoids detected to date and they got their name as these compounds were initially observed in marijuana plants. Moreover, various other biological systems contain cannabinoids including our own bodies – we will get into this later.

The human body and cannabidiol

Most importantly, CBD is almost identical to the chemicals your body naturally produces. These internally-produced cannabinoids are a part of something known as the endocannabinoid system, which consists of numerous chemical substances and receptors.

Acting as the body’s assistant manager, the ECS is equipped with receptors that are embedded into most of its major organs, nervous system and immune system. It consistently works to maintain homeostasis in order to ensure a balanced state for the body. This process involves monitoring key parameters such as temperature, metabolism and pressure – making sure they’re all functioning optimally.

By introducing CBD into the body, we enable our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to interact with us. Thanks to its similarities in structure, this integration process is seamless – which is why we’re so optimistic about using natural compounds like CBD for safe and healthy supplementation!

How do I take Organic CBD Oil?

Congratulations! Whether you took the time to read up on CBD or decided to skip ahead, you now know what your next step should be – figuring out how to take it and getting started immediately. With a stronger understanding of this amazing product, there’s no better moment than right now to begin reaping its benefits.

Understanding the bioavailability of CBD is essential for achieving optimal results. To ensure that you understand this concept and your options when it comes to consuming CBD, we will further break down this section into smaller segments.

What’s my CBD dosage?

Are you one of the few that already knows what CBD is, and have found a great way to consume it? Don’t think that’s all there is because strength matters too. We’ve put in countless hours by surveying our users so we can give you nothing but the most exceptional CBD experience. Choose from our range of strengths for your favorite CBD oils or e-liquids!

Find your CBD dosage

After surveying our dedicated users, we found that those with the highest satisfaction levels generally used about 70mg of CBD every day. Therefore, to get started on your own personal journey to wellness and peace-of-mind, it’s best for first time users to start out with a 1200mg oil like our very own CBD Oral Spray. By beginning at a higher dose you can quickly ascertain which amount works most effectively for you!

If, after a week of 70mg daily CBD usage, you’re delighted with the results, then lower your intake to 50mg. However, if not satisfied yet – boost it up to 90mg per day! With a consistent use and trial-and-error dosage experimentations you are likely to experience greater satisfaction with 76% probability.

Not only is it completely safe to use our CBD Oral Drops and CBD Muscle Balm together, but many of the users who have tried both products find that using them simultaneously serves their needs best.

Maintaining a consistent dose of CBD oil is crucial when you’re experimenting with different delivery methods, such as topical creams or edibles. It’s all part of the journey to find what works best for you. In our Vitality CBD office, these CBD combinations are highly sought after. As a result, we’ve crafted an article on two of the most popular pairings! You can browse through our comprehensive product guide and select items that fit your preferences. Take advantage of this opportunity to uncover your ideal blend now!



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Organic CBD Oil 750mg – 6000mg
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