Organic CBD/CBN Sleep Well

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If you’re looking for an effective, natural remedy to get a good night’s sleep and overcome insomnia, Sleepwell Organic CBD/CBN is your answer. Its nano delivery system works quickly to alleviate restlessness or sleeplessness while delivering potent yet successful results that will improve the quality of your sleep so you can be snoozing in no time! If you’re looking for an effective sleep aid that helps you wake up feeling reinvigorated, then this natural solution is the one for you. Its unique blend of herbs and sedative volatile esters make it a perfect choice to foster deep restful slumber without making you groggy. Plus, its delightful naturally occurring herbal aroma adds to its charm!

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To promote restful slumber, Natural Solutions has crafted a Organic CBD/CBN Sleep Well Extra Strength Oil with 30ml of MCT oil and 1500mg CBN and CBD. We recommend you take 1 dropper full (1ml) an hour prior to bedtime for the best results – each dose is comprised of 50mg CBN and 50mg CBD. Visit our online store today so you can start enjoying peaceful sleep tonight!

CBN, in comparison to CBD, is a cannabinoid that can improve the quality of your sleep and reduce nighttime awakenings. CBN and CBD share the same effectiveness when it comes to enhancing memory consolidation so you will effortlessly be able to doze off and stay asleep for longer.

CBN offers subtle psychoactive effects and is more powerful than cannabis CBD but not as strong as THC; therefore, it should not be used in place of regular CBD oil.


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Organic CBD/CBN Sleep Well
Organic CBD/CBN Sleep Well
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