Cherry Kush, or Cherry Pie as it is sometimes referred to, has a strong indica-dominant ratio of 30:70 and contains high THC levels of up to 20%. This strain will make for an ideal body high late at night when you are struggling with insomnia. It also carries multiple medical benefits such as the ability to treat sleep disorders, migraines, minor pains in the body and chronic stress. Nausea and low appetite may be treated using this strain; however its CBD content isn’t substantial enough (at 0.5%) to help with seizure conditions that require higher doses of CBD. Cherry Kush is a potent hybrid strain derived from OG Kush and Purple Afghani – both indicas. It’s commonly used to combat anxiety, insomnia, nausea, appetite loss and chronic pain. This unique strain can provide an intensely euphoric experience that will leave you feeling relaxed with a heavy body sensation that may cause “couch-lock”, as well as deep sleepiness in some users. When consuming this strain, users may experience side effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes and intense hunger. The flowers present a vibrant green color while covered in an abundance of trichomes that lend to its sugary sweet pungent aroma with notes of berry. Cherry Kush is widely favored throughout the US but can primarily be sourced from legal markets in West Coast states.

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