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Kandy Kush *Sativa*


Kandy Kush is a powerful hybrid variety that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is easy to grow using mostly indica genetics and tastes like earthy pine. Kandy Kush produces dense, round buds of light green color with red hairs and an abundance of amber trichomes. This plant usually has medium-sized leaves, ranging from dark green to deep purple depending on the Candy Kush variety you are growing.

The aroma of this variety is very sweet and earthy with a pine scent similar to that of the environment. Kandy Kush is significantly softer than some of its brethren, making it ideal for extended periods of activity or socializing. It has an instant calming effect on your body, but it also gives you enough energy to do things during the day without feeling sluggish in the evening.

This strain may be beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain and depression, as well as anxiety disorders such as PTSD, as it helps them relax tense muscles and also increases their appetite when they are not very hungry. The best thing about this strain is that under its influence, almost any form of stress is quickly relieved, so if you have anxiety issues this can be helpful.

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