Activities for Stoners: Things That You Must Do While Stoned

activities for stoners 11 - Activities for Stoners: Things That You Must Do While Stoned

It is a well-known fact that everything is better when you are high. Those who disagree are just wrong (or in denial). What do you do if you have nothing to do?

With marijuana becoming legal in an increasing number of states, we decided to investigate what the best stoner activities are. We found 17 acceptably fun things to do while high that should keep you entertained for a while!

Test Out Your Culinary Skills!

What goes better with a big joint or a tasty bong than your favorite food? Whether you prefer gourmet dining or out-of-date chips from the back of the kitchen cupboard,food and weed are a match made in heaven!

Why not give your local pizza delivery guy a day off and test out your own cooking skills? With this tip, you can get inventive in the kitchen before you get high. When you’re deep into a weed-induced haze, the last thing you want to do is start cooking! However, there is nothing like digging face-first into a plate of homecooked food when you’re stoned out of your mind!

If you’re feeling stumped, have a look at some of our recipes. You’ll be spoiled for choice since we’ve given everything from the creamiest brownies to the meatiest burgers!

Activities for Stoners: Things That You Must Do While Stoned

Get a Sweat On!

The “runner’s high” is a feeling that many of us are familiar with. It washes over us after a tough workout and leaves us feeling invigorated and alive. But what if I told you that cannabis can also produce this same effect? Cannabis has been shown to reduce anxiety, boost mood, and improve focus. So the next time you’re looking for a natural way to feel good, reach for some weed instead of your sneakers!

The elated feeling often caused by a racing heart and sweating profusely is due to the presence of endorphins. It turns out that marijuana also releases those brain chemicals responsible for the intense post-workout exercise euphoria!

According to a research done by the University of Hamburg, mice’s cannabinoid receptors were tested in an experiment. The researchers found that there was an increase in beta-endorphins and endocannabinoids, such as anandamide.

Marijuana’s action on the ECS has been shown in several studies to help alleviate anxiety.

We already know from numerous studies that cannabis interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to reduce anxiety. Yes, exercise may make you feel euphoric, so what’s our point? You could feel like the king of the world if you combine the two!

Try exercising, playing tennis with a companion, or swimming if that’s more your thing. Whatever you like doing, being high and sweating might provide a slew of emotional benefits!

Get Lost in a Book

It may appear to be a struggle to read when stoned, but if you pick the appropriate book, you could be lost in another realm. Have you ever read a book that you found yourself unable to put down? Consider how amazing it would be if your mind were capable of going off on its own like that but ten times more compelling.

This idea might not work for everyone, but we’ve discovered that the perfect book can make your high even better! So, whether you want to debate life’s big questions or get lost in a suspenseful story, reading can enhance your high in ways that watching a movie cannot.

Thrill Seek!

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush and love being around people, head to your nearest theme park and go on some of the biggest, fastest roller coasters!

Again, this is not for everyone! If you’re anxious when you’re high, we don’t recommend it. However, if you enjoy socializing while intoxicated and loud environments don’t phase you, we think you will like this concept. Drops become more intense as the drops get higher and the turns become sharper; your heart rate goes up even more with screams, giggling, and candyfloss! For the right person, amusement parks are a fantastic location to get lost in laughter. , trust us!).

Activities for Stoners: Things That You Must Do While Stoned


Listen to Music

It may be a cliché, but music indeed sounds even better when you’re high. Listening to your favorite genre of tunes while under the influence of marijuana creates a unique experience. Good music simply doesn’t sound as good without being couple with the right type of cannabis strain.

Get Creative

Do you have a flair for painting? Do you like to create things? Whatever your gift is, getting creative while high can be enlightening. The experience may help you gain distance and space to think (and it’s loads of fun!).

There’s a reason why adult coloring books have become so popular in recent years. Artistic therapy is known to be an excellent way to unwind, so adding cannabis makes it even better! Why not light up a joint, grab your childhood art kit and get scruffy – let’s get creative!

Find Your Zen

Mind-body practices like meditation, yoga, and Pilates can do more than just improve your flexibility and core strength – they can also benefit your brain. And using cannabis may be a great way to ease muscle tension and pain, freeing up your posture. Plus, it can be helpful for getting introspective!

We enjoy getting high before a long and restful meditation session. We propose burning candles or your favorite incense, laying out your yoga mat, and going within to find your inner Zen. We cannot be held responsible for the levels of Zen your brain gets while high!

Watch a Movie

If you’re searching for a mindless high or something that makes you think, watching movies can do both! There’s nothing like curling up with a film you love and know well. Or, if you want to watch a comedy with your friends as you view through hazy smoke.

But sometimes, nothing’s better than watching a movie while high. Letting your mind wander as you think of all the different ways the plot could go is an enjoyable experience in and of itself!

Whether you’re in a good mood or not, we recommend snacking, drinking, and spending some time with your favorite characters! We wouldn’t suggest scary or suspenseful films to a nervous or scared stoner, of course.

Activities for Stoners: Things That You Must Do While Stoned

Get Deep

There is nothing better than a good chat, whether it’s a catch-up with an old pal, a date, or just a casual chat with someone you are friends with. Adding marijuana to the mix can make it incredible!

Cannabis is known to help break down barriers and walls, creating an environment where people feel more comfortable letting their guard down while also freeing up their imagination. For this reason, it can sometimes be a great way to bond with others – as long as everyone is in the right frame of mind.

Getting high and chatting is one of our favorite, cost-effective methods of being stoned, whether you’re putting the world to rights, mending damaged relationships, or just talking nonsense until the early hours of the morning.

Play Video Games

Today’s gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar market, where the best gamers may earn a great deal of money by winning events. The Electronic Sports League Tournament tests for marijuana! It’s an oddity since your reaction time could be slowed significantly while high.

Did you know that the Electronic Sports League conducts drug tests on players for marijuana?

So, if you’re wondering what to do while high at home, playing video games is a great option. It’s best to stick with exploration games rather than fast-paced shooting games where one mistake could mean your character’s death.

Visit an Exhibit or Art Gallery

While high on marijuana, many people claim that art is one of the greatest things to observe. This may be due to the altered viewpoint that cannabis usage provides. The value of that Jackson Pollock canvas leaps out at you when you think about how he splashed paint all over it while high.


We advise caution with this one. You never know what you’ll do when you’re high, so make sure your favorite dance tunes are on hand and get ready to boogie. If you’re feeling brave, try recording yourself dancing and watch it back later when you’re sober. Whatever happens, don’t show the footage to anyone–you wouldn’t want to be blackmailed!

Write a Poem or Short Story

It’s all about the various ways cannabis makes you feel once again. Certain strains are linked with an increase in creativity and productivity. One useful hint is to consider a childhood memory or something really significant to you. Then begin working on a poem or short story based on that memory. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with when you start writing it down.

Enjoy the World Around You

It’s an unfortunate truth that we’ll never get to see all of the world. However, when under the influence of marijuana, you’re more likely to appreciate the regular things you see. The cannabis plant can bring out beauty in everyday objects–whether it be the sound of birds singing, vibrant colors in plants, or feeling sand between your toes. As a side note: while high, make sure to experience a sunset or look up at stars in a dark sky.

Do Some Activities

While high, you could go for a leisurely bike ride or take some artsy pictures. You might feel inclined to play sports or try new things, and that’s okay! Just understand that being high heightens your senses—both good and bad. So avoid any activities with potential dangers like cliff jumping (trust us).


If you like being around others or if you prefer your own company can greatly affect how you spend your high.

We hope that one of our suggestions is to your liking. If not, let us know how you spend your high-end money. The more options we have, the better, right?

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