Guide to Rolling Papers for Beginners

rolling papers guide 22 - Guide to Rolling Papers for Beginners

Zig Zag is one example of a brand that creates rolling papers for all types of smokers, but they mainly advertise to tobacco users. Even though Zig Zag tries to reach out to cigarettes smokers, the majority of their customers are people who smoke cannabis. Are rolling papers illegal? Though marijuana rolling papers are not […]

Weed and Relationship: What Does the Research Say?

weed and relationship does smoking weed affect relationships 22 - Weed and Relationship: What Does the Research Say?

“Since marijuana is legalized in an increasing number of states for recreational purposes, I am observing more conflict flare up between couples about what it means to use marijuana and whether its use should be restricted to recreation. There are deeply-rooted beliefs and values about drug use in our country, but I don’t see anyone […]

Cannabis in Argentina

cannabis in argentina 23 - Cannabis in Argentina

Argentines can now consume cannabis legally in their own country by registering for the legal exception. This allows them to grow, transport, and consume cannabis as well as purchase specific varieties of cannabis seeds that meet the country’s updated framework. Continue reading to learn more about this process. Argentina is renowned for a variety of […]

Cannabis Legalisation in USA

legalisation in usa 17 - Cannabis Legalisation in USA

In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first two states in America to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes by passing ballot measures on Election Day. In the next decade, public opinion rapidly shifting in support of legalization despite its federal illegality, nineteen other states would follow Washington D.C., and Guam’s lead to legalize marijuana use. […]

Top 5 Indoor Strains

top 5 indoor strains 11 - Top 5 Indoor Strains

While one might think that the world is divided between those who have tall fences surrounding their back yards and everyone else, this does not mean that those without cannot grow cannabis them selves. When you grow cannabis indoors, you can control the environment and create optimal growing conditions. To make things even easier on […]

What Is Trichoderma

what is trichoderma 51 - What Is Trichoderma

Trichoderma is a fantastic fungus ally for robust cannabis crop growth. This species of fungi stimulates root growth, protects plants from other damaging fungi, and strengthens their natural defense mechanisms all at once. Not only does Trichoderma make an excellent biological tool for pest control, but it also increases the nutrient absorption capacity of your […]

How to Burp Weed

baking soda and weed 33 - How to Burp Weed

The act of “burping” cannabis nugs refers to releasing moisture and CO₂ from the sealed jars that the nugs are curing in. By relieving gaseous pressure, you also remove any harmful moisture present in the curing environment – making for tastier buds. Essentially, burping is key toEsuccessfully achieving potent buds. The curing process is responsible […]

Baking Soda And Weed: How to Use Baking Soda When Growing Cannabis

THC Powder 18 - Baking Soda And Weed: How to Use Baking Soda When Growing Cannabis

Did you know that something as cheap and simple as baking soda could be integral to successful cannabis cultivation? Not only can it raise pH levels, fight powdery mildew, keep pests away, and wash buds post-harvest – when used correctly. However, like with any tool, there are certain risks associated with incorrect usage of baking […]