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What is Limonene?

The following names are used to identify this terpene: citrus peel terpenes, citral, and linalool. This fragrant chemical can be found in plants (including Cannabis sativa) as well as food stuffs. Limonene is a natural component of pure essential oils from numerous citrus fruits, making it one of the most plentiful terpenes in nature. Limonene […]

Ice Cream Cake Marijuana Strain Review

Ice Cream Cake is a delectable dessert with a rich history. Ice Cream Cake is more than simply ice cream on a cake; it’s an adventure in every bite. It’ll absolutely satisfy your cravings for vanilla-scented cookie-cheese bliss. The prominent terpenes add bursts of heat to the experience, complementing its tastes. THC levels in Ice […]

Shatter Concentrate

As marijuana is increasingly legalized in more locations, it’s becoming easier to get drugs like shatter – cannabis concentrates that are extremely potent. Shatter, which is translucent and glass-like, is on the rise among cannabis users. What is marijuana shatter, and how does it differ from normal marijuana? What Is a Concentrate? Cannabis concentrates, such […]