Swazi Gold Marijuana Strain Review

Fruits Loops - Swazi Gold Marijuana Strain Review

Every strain has a back story. It’s not the case with Swazi Gold, which is fascinating for its vagueness and intrigue rather than its completeness. While the history of most strains began decades ago, this one dates back 25,000 BC. Isn’t it amazing?

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Swaziland is a small monarchy in Southern Africa. Archaeologists discovered prehistoric rock paintings and relics here. Among the images are what appears to be a marijuana plant, which has prompted the name of this strain.

Swazi Gold Marijuana Strain Review

At the same time, there is a growing consensus among experts that the strain and its depiction must have been associated in some way. Swazi Gold was apparently cultivated and used by the Nguni tribe and its neighbors, according to ancient paintings. Some tribes, such as Soho, utilized it for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

The cave’s existence was only discovered after the civil war had ended. It is possible that, before their discovery, the prehistoric caverns may have remained unknown. Seeds of Africa deserves credit for making it available to the rest of the world following obtaining a hold of the strain.

Swazi Gold is not only strong, but also lovely. Its dark purple and orange surfaces are a visual treat. But more significantly, it conveys an excellent Sativa high. It’s no secret that many breeders have noticed this. As a result, it has been used to parent a variety of strains.


The physical impact of Swazi Gold is not lessened even if it is pure Sativa. If one require anything to keep them going throughout the day and help them end it in deep relaxation, this hybrid strain is ideal. The effects, as expected, are mostly cerebral, especially at first.

The high is produced by a pressure on the top of the head and behind the eyes, which gives a cerebral buzz. Users would feel lighter and happier as a result of it. As a consequence, it encourages giggles as well as makes people feel vital and happy. It’s fantastic for parties.

It helps with productivity by boosting attention and mental clarity, allowing you to get things done successfully. This could be an option while studying or shopping.

The initial effects of Swazi Gold are physical in nature. When the high from Swazi Gold has sufficiently settled, individuals may experience a greater sense of calmness but not to the point of being drowsy. At the same time, it might cause hunger pangs.


The scent of Swazi Gold is a mix that would certainly pique the interest of customers. It begins with a typical earthy aroma, like as Pine-Sol, and contains undertones of lemony citrus. As the buds are crushed, their goodness improves. It gives off a delectable fruity fragrance that enthrals the senses.


The flavor of Swazi Gold is carried over to its scent. It’s more distinct, too, which makes determining the flavor simpler. The same woody citrus taste travels down the tongue during the inhalation. Then an apple-like fruitiness may be tasted on the exhale.

Adverse Reaction

Swazi Gold is a potent strain that works quickly. However, when compared to other strong strains, the adverse effects of this one are usually mild. Of course, one can’t assume that everyone will experience the same side effects. People with a low tolerance level may have greater sensitivity to these symptoms.

When taken in excessive amounts, Blue Dream can make people feel paranoid, dizzy, and anxious. It has the same side effects as other strains, such as dry mouth and eyes.


Swazi Gold Marijuana Strain Review

When it comes to the advantages of Swazi Gold in the medical marijuana industry, there’s a fascinating tale to tell. It was originally used by African tribes, and they would usually infuse it into tea to help with various types of mild pain including stomachaches and the like. Of course, as it is now manufactured and its characteristics are better understood, its medical benefits are presently known to include addressing other ailments.

The pleasure it provides allows people to take a mental vacation from serious emotions and negative thinking. Furthermore, by raising the spirits of individuals who are suffering from chronic stress or sadness, it helps them feel better.

Swazi Gold has a long history of use as both medical and spiritual medicine. It has been used in the treatment of chronic pain since at least 1500 B.C., when it was discovered by locals who mined gold in the area, according to ancient texts.


Taking care of this plant might be a bittersweet experience for both novice and seasoned cultivators. Swazi Gold takes a long time to mature. Aside from that, it grows quite fast. As a result, it necessitates a lot of time. It’s highly adaptable to Low-Stress Training (LST) and topping. It also requires regular pruning to allow light and air into the plant’s restricted regions. But all things considered, this hybrid compensates for any attention need with its large number of buds.

Flowering Time


Flowers take 12 to 14 weeks to develop when planted indoors. A yield of up to 26 ounces per square meter may be expected when it is ready for picking.


Like other strains, a warm and sunny environment is required for a marijuana plant to flourish. Harvest can take place between late October and early November, with an output of 26 ounces or more per plant.

Have you ever smoked Swazi Gold marijuana or cultivated it yourself? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on this strain of marijuana.

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