What It Is Moon Rock Weed, How It Is Prepared and What Effects It Produces

moonrock weed 5 - What It Is Moon Rock Weed, How It Is Prepared and What Effects It Produces

Moon rocks are cannabis buds that have been dipped in tinctures and then rolled in kief. Moon rock weed are usually rich in THC, with an average of more than 50%, and they’re valued primarily for their potency. Moon rocks are frequently referred to as “cannabis caviar,” although the proper name is only used for buds submerged in tinctures but without the additional covering of kief.

Moon rocks, which are actually a type of natural stone known as a breccia, resemble something from the moon’s surface and are named for the high you’re likely to get from smoking the mix of marijuana dipped in concentrated weed and rolled in even more concentrated weed.

The terms “moon rocks” and “cannabis caviar” are sometimes used interchangeably by marijuana consumers, although the phrases were originally used to distinguish two different products. Moon rocks or nuggets steeped in cannabis oil may be referred to as cannabis caviar. So, if you’re buying moon rocks at a dispensary and your budtender starts talking about caviar, double-check with them to make sure they’re referring to kief-covered moon rocks rather than cannabis caviar.

Moon rocks are a relatively new cannabis product, yet they come in a variety of forms, including THC-free hemp strains rich in CBD. Cannabis companies continue to develop their own moon rock products with different cultivars and concentrates. Some pre-rolls on the market incorporate concentrate drizzling over the completed pre-roll and rolling it in kief to simulate the moon rock experience. These goods allow you to consume moon rocks without getting sticky hands.

What It Is Moon Rock Weed, How It Is Prepared and What Effects It Produces

A brief history of moon rocks

The connection between cannabis culture and hip-hop has produced Mars rocks, which materialized out of a long, close relationship between the two. To be more specific, they’re the result of Kurupt (Ricardo E. Brown), formerly a Death Row Records executive vice president turned marijuana magnate, and music artist Dr. Zodiak (Daniel Laughlin) collaborating on a mixtape project.

Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak first met and collaborated on a mixtape in 2013 before launching the Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak Moonrocks brand, which was the first line of branded marijuana moon rocks. Other companies and dispensaries have risen into space since then, each creating its own lunar medicine. Moon rocks were originally made with the GSC cultivar (formerly Girl Scout Cookies), but many strains are now used, including hemp varieties.

Just how potent are moon rocks?

Moon rocks are high in THC, just like marijuana. Moon rocks include a lot of THC because they’re made up of two concentrates and flower. Because these cannabis products incorporate both flower and two concentrates, the majority of moon rocks have more than 50% THC. There’s a lot of variation in terms of potency from product to product since each component has its own potencies. Moon rocks are extremely potent. To add to this, moon rocks are frequently covered with multiple coats of concentrate, making them extremely powerful. Don’t give a bowl full of CBD moon rock to a first-time smoker because it’s so strong. CBD levels in CBD moon rock types will be comparable to one another.

Bottom line: Look for a potency breakdown and make sure you’re buying legal moon rocks, so you can be certain those figures are correct.

How much can I expect to pay for moon rocks?

Moon rocks are typically a bit more expensive per gram or eighth (3.5 grams) than other top-tier flower, as you might have guessed. It is affected by the grade of the flower, concentrate, and kief, but all things being equal, expect moon rocks to be more expensive than an equivalent quantity of bud. However, keep in mind that it contains three components and has considerably greater potency than just the flower alone.

How to smoke moon rocks

Smoking moon rocks isn’t too difficult, but it does take a little more effort than smoking flower.


  • Use scissors to break the moon rocks into small pieces
  • Use glass smoking gear as opposed to rolling papers
  • Lightly pack a bowl of moon rocks into a pipe or a water piece to ensure you lose as little kief as possible
  • Use hemp wick to light your moon rocks


  • Try to roll it up into a moon rock joint or a moon rock blunt
  • Put moon rocks in your grinder
  • Pack a bowl of moon rock weed too tightly

Bottom line: Moon rocks that are smoked out of glass would be too sticky to roll into a joint. Grinding moon rocks will also clog your grinder and most likely remove much of the moon rock’s kief covering. The firm texture makes it difficult to hold a flame over your bowl for as long as you would with dry flower. Hemp wick will save you from inhaling all of the butane from a lighter by allowing you to smoke moon rocks without putting it in your mouth.

How to make moon rocks at home

You’ll need the following equipment if you decide to create moon rocks at home:

What It Is Moon Rock Weed, How It Is Prepared and What Effects It Produces

  • A nug of flower
  • Extract or concentrate
  • Kief, either store-bought or from your grinder
  • Tongs or tweezers to separate sticky ingredients
  • A liquid dropper (optional)

Once you have all the necessary tools and ingredients, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the entire nug and apply the extract. You may be able to roll your nug in it depending on the viscosity of your cannabis oil. Some extracts might need to be warmed before being combined with the flower in order to achieve a more permanent result. If the liquid extract is thick enough, you could use a dropper to put it on and within the nug.
  2. Allow the first layer to permeate through the nug, then repeat step 1. Some cannabenders also add warm oil to the buds’ center.
  3. Place the flower in the middle of a parchment paper, then carefully roll it in kief. If necessary, use tweezers to remove any kief that may have adhered to your extract-covered flower.
  4. Set the nugs aside to dry, keeping them away from direct light or sunshine.
  5. Enjoy your own moon rocks using the guidelines provided above.

Conclusion on Moon Rock

The term “moon rocks” refers to moon rocks, which are a sort of weed experience for real enthusiasts. Moon rocks aren’t a certain variety of cannabis. Rather, they’re a mix of various marijuana components that creates an elixir of delight that will make you feel fantastic while also delivering the greatest high ever.

Why not start with Girl Scout Cookies and soak it in high-grade hash oil for a week, then top it off with the best kief available?

Moon rocks marijuana, unlike most strains of cannabis, is expensive! In dispensaries where cannabis is permitted for sale, moon rocks weed may cost upwards of $1,400 per ounce! Yes, an eighth costs around $200, but you’ll consume less than normal cannabis. However, it isn’t difficult to make your own version. Simply combine the three key components of marijuana and follow the directions provided above to create your own batch.

Moon rocks can also be smoked, although most users prefer the wonderful smoking experience. To utilize moon rocks, you will need glassware, which we don’t recommend attempting if you’re a cannabis novice. Once you’ve assembled your moon rocks and are ready to smoke them, go somewhere quiet and enjoy a genuine lunar mission!

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