Afghani Strain Review

Afghani Strain Review - Afghani Strain Review

The Afghan strain is a fragrant landrace plant that originated in the Afghan hills. This pure-breed strain is a highly resonated flower with strong and clean sedative effects that have been utilized by many users in the medical and recreational cannabis market.

There are a plethora of popular strains that trace their ancestry back to the Afghani variety. Try Master Afghani Kush.

Afghan is a deep indica strain from the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. This famous landrace variety is one of the founding strains behind several legendary modern cultivars, and it continues to reign supreme as one of today’s most sought-after landrace strains.

The Afghani plant is a beautiful, thick-walled flower with striking crystal formations. It’s a pungent but sweet medicinal strain that has helped create some of the greatest strains including LA Confidential, Amnesia Haze, and Northern Lights.

Afghani Strain Effects

Afghani Strain Review

Afghanis a 100 percent indica strain, making it a strong smoke with an intense physical high. This plant is highly sedative, causing you to feel calm and ready to relax and unwind in peace when you can let go of stressful thoughts.

Smoking too much of this plant can make your eyelids feel heavy, especially if you smoke a lot of it. Afghani is a strong body high strain that is great for when you have nothing important to accomplish and no heavy machinery that needs to be operated.

The effects of Afghani are well-known, and popularized in the United States by Chemdawg (Cannabis indica) strains. It is nicknamed “the weed that munchies you into oblivion.” Afghanis will most certainly cause cravings for a variety of foods, with an appetite that will be difficult to resist. This Indica makes you feel joyful and euphoric, causing you to burst out in giggles, and it has you laughing until late at night.

Afghani Strain Fragrance

Afgani has an extremely fragrant and unique sweet scent that reminds me of a field of blooms in the mountains.

The fragrance of this flower will entice you with its floral notes and earthy yet pungent and aromatic character, and as you smoke, it will create an aromatic cloud around you.

Afghani Strain Flavors

Afghan is one of the earth’s great indica strains, and it has a rich aroma that is hard to ignore. The spicy and sweet qualities on your tongue from this landrace Indica will stay after you take a hit. In its presence, there are undertones of herbal, accompanied by an unmistakable pungent flavor.

Adverse Reaction

The traditional strain of cannabis grown on this farm is strong, and some adverse effects can occur, especially when taken in a higher dose. Afghanis leave you feeling parched due to dehydration, cottonmouth, dry and itchy eyes, and a case of cotton mouth.

The Afghan might cause dizziness and other problems, especially if you’re a first-time smoker. Smoking this pure strain may result in a mild headache with the potential for slight paranoia. If you’re a novice user, expect to feel drowsy after smoking this flower’s potent power.

Afghani Strain Medical Using

Afghani Strain Review

Many individuals appreciate Afghani for its capacity to help them manage many of their issues more effectively. This strain can improve the quality of life for those who suffer from chronic tension by allowing patients to feel less anxious and irritated.

The combination of indica and sativa qualities might encourage people to fall asleep quickly, making it perfect for those who have difficulty sleeping. It’s also great for chronic insomniacs because after smoking it, even the most stubborn insomniac will be drowsy. The use of Afghani may also benefit those who suffer from mental health issues, such as depression, by lifting their spirits and making them feel happier.

After suffering from harsh chemical therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy, Afghani can help cancer patients regain their appetite. Patients with chronic pain might benefit from this strain as well, since it can assist with chronic migraines, back discomfort, and muscular spasms.

Growing Afghani

Afghan is a wonderful choice to explore if you want to create your own strain, since it’s an excellent parent strain for crossing.

When growing this plant outdoors, provide it with lots of light and a Mediterranean climate.

Flowering Time


The yield of an Afghan cultivated indoors is about 16 ounces per square meter on average. This plant takes approximately 7 to 8 weeks to bloom and ready for harvesting.


When growing cannabis plants outside, you may expect them to be mature for harvesting around late September to early October, with an average yield of 21 ounces of fresh bud per plant.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated your own Afghani? Please leave a remark below with your thoughts on this cannabis variety. If you haven’t, you should certainly give it a go!

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