Jack Herer Weed Strain Review

jack herer marijuana strain review - Jack Herer Weed Strain Review

The Jack Herer strain is a moderately sativa-dominant hybrid with strong medical Properties. It’s also simple to grow, making it an ideal first plant for cannabis novices. Its flavor profile is dominated by citrus (with undertones of pine and skunk thanks to its Shiva Skunk parent). It’s high in energy, so it’s great for a morning wake and bake smoke. Try another sativa-dominant hybrid like Captain Chronic.

The Jack Herer strain, which won no less than nine Cannabis Cup awards for Best In-Class Flower, appears to be a fitting tribute to one of history’s most well-known cannabis advocates.

Jack Herer was an individual who fought tirelessly for cannabis and hemp legalization, which is quite remarkable considering that his efforts predated the legality of marijuana in the United States.

Like the man himself, the Jack Herer cannabis strain is a perfect fusion that blends many realms: it has a distinctive yet delicate flavor, an outstanding, mind-boggling high, and a medical efficacy.

Jack Herer Weed Strain Review

In terms of generating revenue, it’s not just a best-seller; Jack Herer is one of the most popular cannabis strains ever. It has quickly become a world classic and was never available in stores till recently, when it finally made its debut. Jack Herer (the strain) is characterized by strong resin production that may have various effects on consumers depending on their genes.

This popular marijuana strain, bred as a tribute to Jack Herer (author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes), has truly spread across the world.

Herer’s delightful personality and historic significance have been replicated by the Sensi Seed breeders, who converted his good attitude and everlasting energy into a reefer strain with the same worldwide appeal.

Flash ahead to the present, and you’ll see exactly how important the Jack Herer strain has become in the world of cannabis; it’s become a parent plant for many well-known cannabis strains, including as Jack Skellington, Jack the Ripper, and Critical Jack — all of which were created from the OG Jack Herer.

Jack Herer himself would undoubtedly be gratified by the achievements of the cannabis movement in recent years, and he would no doubt be ecstatic about becoming a namesake strain for one of its pioneers. Creating a strain named after him is certainly the most appropriate way to pay homage to such an iconic figure.

Keep reading our full Jack Herer marijuana strain description to learn more about this ultra-popular, hard-hitting sativa hybrid.

Who Is Jack Herer… And What Is Jack Herer Weed?

The Jack Herer is a cannabis species that has been classified as both a sativa and a hybrid by some people. Sensi Seeds in the Netherlands created the strain in the 1990s, with Dutch pharmacies and medical practitioners adopting it shortly after.

This is a 55/45 sativa/indica strain that has been classified as a well-crafted blend between Shiva Skunk (indica), Northern Lights #5 (indICA), and Haze (sativa). This flower, which is said to be a well-conceived mix of its parent strains Shiva Skunk (indica), Northern Lights #5 (indICA), and Haze (sativa), combines benefits on both ends of the spectrum.

Jack Herer cannabis is a sativa/indica hybrid that has a wide range of medical applications due to its rich combination of sativa and indica genes.

Although the origin of this strain is uncertain, it is generally accepted that Jack Herer marijuana has a THC concentration of around 18-24%, making it more likely to provide the effects you want.

Aside from the breathtaking experiences, Jack Herer marijuana is quite simple to grow and provides a medium-size yield that finishes in less than the average time for flowering. (Continue reading to learn more about growing Jack Herer).

Jack Herer Strain Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Jack Herer marijuana is characterized by a unique but delicious fragrance that is most comparable to ancient, old-growth woods. This strain has a noticeable link with nature, and after the initial scent assaults your senses, you can anticipate Jack Herer to provide piney, woodsy undertones that peak with the inevitable dank odor of Skunk genes.

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Jack the Ripper and White Widow, with THC levels ranging from 19 to 21 percent. The initial notes of Jack Herer weed are citrusy-spice with lemon and orange bursts emerging through the strain’s complex mix of aromas. You can anticipate tastes similar to the flower’s aroma, with an underlying sweetness that leaves your tastebuds satisfied and delighted.

You may also sense subtle moments on your tongue that taste herbal, sort of like one of your favorite leafy green teas. The Jack Herer strain is truly unique since while it has the typical ‘sativa reaction’ in both body and mind, the hybrid effects are more apparent after you take your first few tokes of the crop.

Furthermore, Jack Herer has a significant capacity to generate a lot of resin, making it a crystalline and sparkling cannabis strain that glistens like diamonds in the light – appealing to ‘cannasseurs’ who desire a piece of the frost.

Jack Herer’s sugar leaves are typically sage green with coiled orange hairs (pistils) emerging from between a garden of greenery, creating a strong color contrast. The water leaves of Jack Herer are bright forest green, possibly paying homage to the pine and earth scent that it conveys.

Jack Herer Grow Info

Jack Herer cannabis is regarded as a simple plant to grow, even by those with no prior experience. Regardless of the mode or location in which you are growing these seeds, ensure that adequate space is available since this strain may reach up to 2 m tall when mature.

The resistance of Jack Herer to disease, powdery mildew, molds, pests, bugs and more makes the strain low-maintenance overall – or at least as close to “low-maintenance” as cannabis can get.

It is feasible to cultivate Jack Herer both indoors and outside, although outdoor farming requires a suitable climate – in other words, constant exposure to dry, warm, sunny, and pleasant weather.

Both hydroponics and soil methods may be used to cultivate Jack Herer indoors, resulting in a yield of about 18 ounces per meter squared. Outdoor harvests usually produce around 18 ounces each plant, with harvesting generally occurring between late September and early October.

Jack Herer marijuana is known for its fast flowering period, which ranges from 7-10 weeks depending on the crops grown. Because so many variables work in the grower’s benefit, Jack Herer cannabis is sometimes referred to as a dream to grow, which is likely why it has become a mainstay for medical dispensaries, recreational shops, and professional growing farms all over the world.

Jack Herer Review: Mind + Body Effects

Jack Herer is a fantastic option for fans of cannabis who want an energy boost from their favorite strains. With the affects kicking in almost immediately (meaning you won’t have to waste much time with that all-important wake-n’), you’ll feel ready to go after smoking a little of this stuff.

The Jack Herer strain may also be great for deep, serious talks as well as fun, funny conversations. And don’t worry about losing touch with reality; these buds will keep you awake and on your toes (but not in the way that causes anxiety or nervousness).

You may experience a sensation of being airborne later on during your high, as when Jack Herer begins to wear down, it creates an overwhelming wave of euphoria that isn’t always relaxing but nevertheless provides extreme pleasure and regularly a fast flow of creative or artistic energy.

Jack Herer is a good strain to consume before going to bed, as it’s great for daytime or after-work use. If you don’t consume it beforehand, you may find yourself tossing and turning all night long, trying to fall asleep.

Medical Benefits of Jack Herer

Jack Herer Weed Strain ReviewJack Herer marijuana has a wide range of medical uses, with the majority focusing on the psychological illness category. The strain has a reputation for working well for people suffering from depression and anxiety as well as those dealing with chronic stress or traumatic event disorder (PTSD).

Jack Herer is a relaxing strain that can help you relax and unwind while bringing your attention back to where it belongs, on yourself. It helps to calm the stomach, increase hunger (but not make you munchie hard), and numb any underlying pain.

If you want to use Jack Herer marijuana to relieve chronic pain, nausea, loss of appetite, or headaches, however, it’s best to take a large dose of the strain right away. If you want to consume the most amount of cannabis possible with the least effort, edibles (edibles), concentrates (concentrates), live resin (live resin) and sweets are your best bet.

If you have other psychological issues (such as stress), it’s vital to remember that you should not take excessive amounts of any marijuana strain. THC overconsumption can lead to paranoia or anxiety problems.

Possible Side Effects of Jack Herer

The most typical negative effects of Jack Herer consumption are dry mouth and eyes. Both of these problems can be treated simply by drinking water before, during, and after your high, as well as having moisturizing eye drops on hand at all times.

Jack Herer is one of the most popular cannabis strains, with dry mouth and eyes being the most prevalent side effects.

Also, Jack Herer might induce anxiety in those who are predisposed to THC-induced paranoia. If you’re feeling yourself tumbling down a dark or irrational tunnel while high, it’s best to close your eyes for a second and breathe deeply. Keep telling yourself that the high will pass and that no one has ever died from consuming too much marijuana!

Hopefully, this will help you to reconnect with reality. (Alternatively, you might take a couple of CBD capsules to counteract the intoxicating effects of THC.)

Final Thoughts: Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review

Jack Herer is a powerful, but rewarding strain with an excellent reputation and a long history. It has all the characteristics of Old World marijuana varieties – it grows well indoors, outdoors in hot climates, and even under extreme conditions such as water stress or nutrient-poor soil. It’s resistant to mold, mildew, fungus, parasites, bacteria (including yeast), and other disease-causing organisms so you can rest easy knowing it’ll be safe for consumption even if your crop isn’t!

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant hybrid that generates all of the cerebral effects associated with a strong sativa, as well as enough indica genetics to provide a wide range of medicinal therapeutic advantages. Jack Herer is frequently used to treat pain, headaches, and lack of appetite, and it may just be the cultivar that can assist you and your condition.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this Jack Herer strain review, and that you not only found it to be interesting but also educational and informative. Thank you for staying with us, and have a wonderful day!

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