What Are Terp Pearls: How to Use Terp Pearls

terp pearls 4 - What Are Terp Pearls: How to Use Terp Pearls

Dabbing cannabis has become increasingly popular as rigs and technology improve. Dabbers want ways to optimize their rigs for more potent, flavorful dabs that preserve the terpene profile of concentrates.

Seasoned dabbers quickly discovered that raging on red-hot nails creates a cloud of smoke, which does no justice to the flavor or terpene profile. Recognizing this need in the market, terp pearls were created in order to provide a low-temperature option that still packed a flavorful punch!

Terp pearls are by far the most popular add-on for dabs. Also known as dab beads, dab pearls, or terp balls, these tiny balls rotate in the banger while you take a dab. The idea behind terp pearls is that they help evenly distribute heat and concentrate so you get a more potent hit. As they spin around, the oil moves too and hits all the hot spots on the nail so there’s less waste and fewer puddles of residue left behind.

What Are Terp Pearls?

So what are terp pearls and do you really need them?

Terp pearls, otherwise called terp balls, dab pearls, dab balls, or quartz balls are minute glass gems that improve the transformation of concentrates at low temperatures. Low-temperature vaporization is not only more efficient but also maintains terpenes better.

Dabbing with balls as opposed to not using them gives you a better flavor profile. Terp pearls improve the overall taste and ensure you have a smooth and clean hit every time. It is always recommended to use quartz balls when dabbing.

What Are Terp Pearls: How to Use Terp Pearls

How to Use Terp Pearls Like a Pro

If you’re trying to conserve your product and get the most vaporization possible, then terp pearls are for you. By even heating your banger, dab balls significantly reduce waste.

Terp pearls help to evenly distribute the heat in your banger, so that you can vaporize your concentrates more efficiently.

How to Use Terp Pearls in Your Dab-Rig:

  1. Drop your quartz terp pearls inside your banger or nail.
  2. Torch your nail to desired temperature
  3. Dab your concentrates onto your nail with the dab wand and watch as the terp pearls spin and vaporize your yummy concentrates!

Terp pearls help to improve the flavor of terpenes which would otherwise be compromised under higher boiling points. Because they have a low boiling point, they help users achieve the desired results at lower temperatures.

Terp pearls help to negate the cold spots that can often occur when taking high-temperature dabs, which in turn provides a more even vaporization.

What is the Ideal Low Temperature for Dabbing?

The ideal temperature range for vaporizing cannabinoids is between 315-450°F. This temperature will allow the cannabinoid to be vaporized while retaining its terpenes and optimum flavor.

The ideal spot for a balance of intensity and flavor falls between 450-600°F. You’ll inhale both vapor and smoke at this temperature, which might not be the best for your lungs.

How Many Terp Pearls Should You Use?

One or two terp pearls will get the job done effectively. If you use too many, they might end up sliding around instead of spinning. Similarly, if you’re not using the right carb cap, you may have difficulty making your terp pearls rotate. The best match for directional airflow and terp pearl usage is a carb cab.

What Type of Terp Pearl?

Terp pearls come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Here is a breakdown of each type.

Borosilicate Glass — Though borosilicate glass is durable and a good material for terp pearls, it doesn’t hold heat well. If you expose it to too much heat, the shape may warp or they could melt. So, always avoid using a torch to clean them.

Ceramic — While ceramic dab pearls have excellent heat retention and produce great flavor, they are also much more delicate than borosilicate glass. They can easily crack from the ferocious heat if not handled correctly. So, to avoid any accidents, do not try to torch clean these.

Quartz — Many people choose Quartz because it is praised for excellent heat retention and flavor preservation. Additionally, they are easy to clean and thermal shock-resistant. Plus, they come at a reasonable price.

Ruby and Sapphire — Quartz is a great option for those looking for an alternative to traditional gemstones. It is important to note, however, that quartz is not as conductive as other options on the market. If you are looking for a more durable and heat-resistant stone, consider ruby or sapphire terp pearls. While these gems are synthetic and created in a lab, they hold up well under extreme temperatures and look great too! Just be sure to avoid shock cooling them by placing them in cleaning alcohol before they are totally cooled down, and don’t torch clean them either.

SiC — Silicon carbide terp pearls have a metallic look and are around 80 times more heat conductive than their quartz counterpart. Like metal, they have excellent thermal shock resistance. This makes them easy to clean with a torch flame or be placed in cleaning alcohol before cooling down.

Shinju — The Shinju ceramic terp pearls are made of a specially refined high-temperature ceramic material that offers tremendous heat retention ability and only takes seconds to clean with a torch. The same type of material is used to make durable chef’s knives, so you can be sure the Shinju terp pearls will last long and can be cleaned like SiC without fear of thermal shock damage.

Cleaning Terp Pearls

Always clean your terp pearls after each dab. Not only will they work better – giving you more flavorful and tasty hits – but shiny, well-maintained early will make you look like a pro. If your pearls cannot be torch cleaned, use these steps to make them look new again. First, finish dabbing and allow the pearls and the nail to cool completely. Second, swirl them gently in some cleaning alcohol and let the residue melt. Finally, wipe them clean and ensure they are dry before using them again.

What Are Terp Pearls: How to Use Terp Pearls

Terp Pearl Sizes

The various sizes of terp pearls correlate with the many types and sizes of quartz bangers, nails, and dabbing surfaces. The mostly frequently seen size for sphere-shaped terp pearls are 4mm, 6mm, and 9mm. Some however are shaped more like a pill.

4mm — All-in-one battery powered dabbing devices are best for portability. They are handheld and typically smaller, so they will require a smaller carb cap and smaller terp pearls.

6mm — The most common size for quartz bangers is the 6mm terp pearl. This size seems to work well with all types of joints, whether they are 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm. The joint is essentially the part of the arm that carries the vapor into the bowl.

9mm & Shaped — If you’re looking for a big hit, these oversized versions are perfect. They can accommodate 30mm bangers or the recently popularized terp slurper.

If using a terp slurper, you will need both a pill-shaped and 9mm pearl. The pill goes inside the taper while the pearl acts as a valve on top of the taper. When taking hits, the spinning pills start vaporizing chunks which makes for highly effective results!

What is a Terp Slurper?

A terp slurper is a type of quartz banger nail with a dish attached to the bottom. When your concentrate melts, holes at the base of the banger allow oil to seep out and collect in the dish. By doing this, you can make sure that nothing goes to waste and enjoy maximum flavor.

There are many things to consider when using terp pearls. How you take your dab will depend on your personal preferences, whether that concerns the ideal dabbing temperature or your set-up. Hopefully, this guide has left you feeling more confident about what solution is best for your individual dabbing tastes and style.

Four Awesome Benefits of Terp Pearls

So, why are dabbing with terp pearls fun? Some say it’s the spinning of the quartz balls. Others claim it’s the flavor that creates a more intense and smokers’ high-quality experience. Terp pearls are also used because they offer numerous benefits in the dabbing world:

  1. Terp pearls help you use all the wax in your banger at lower temperatures by circulating hot air evenly, so none of the concentrates are wasted. You’ll also have less residue left in your banger.
  2. Dabbing at lower temperatures allows for more flavorful and aromatic oil, and may be healthier for you. High-temperature dabbing often results in an unpleasant flavor, lessens the smell of the oil, and can cause throat and lung problems.
  3. Terp pearls help insulate your banger nail so that less heat escapes. This means that the terpenes in your dab will be heated more evenly, resulting in a better and smoother hit.
  4. Terp pearls enlarge the surface area in contact with oil. With this, the atmospheric pressure inside the banger decreases. This will now allow for efficient and easy consumption of concentrates.

 How To Clean Quartz Balls Effectively

Just like you have to clean any tool after using it, you also have to clean your terp pearls. It can be difficult trying to scrub off the residue on the banger, but that’s just the first step. If you want to keep enjoying regular use of your terp pearls with a fresh taste profile, then cleaning them regularly is key.

Use a cotton swab to clean the dab pearls and the bottom of banger as necessary. If you want to give it a deeper clean, soak the dab pearl in an iso solution for 30 minutes once it has cooled off.

Terp pearls are small national quartz balls (4-6 mm in diameter.) and can be difficult to handle. To make sure you appropriately and easily handle them, get some grabbers–especially when the terp pearls are hot.

What Are Terp Pearls: How to Use Terp Pearls

 Proper Care Tips for Your Banger Balls

Terp pearls give you a smooth and fantastic dabbing experience, but only when they’re well-maintained. Keep reading to find out the best ways to take care of your terp balls!

  •  It is Best to Heat Terp Pearls While Inside the Nail

Knowing when to add the terp pearls to your banger is essential. Should you do it before or after heating the banger? Most people would prefer adding them first, then heating the banger with the dabber pearls inside so they heat up simultaneously.

  •  Limit the Amount of Dab Pearls Used

First, determine the number of pearls you are supposed to add depending on the size. This will help in the even dispersion of heat inside the banger. Too many balls will clog the banger and they won’t spin around. Ensure you have the right number; two are recommended for the best result.

  •  Maintain Proper Temperatures When Heating Terp Pearls

Finally, check that the temperature is where it needs to be after heating up. You might have to wait for it to cool down a bit first. Then, when it’s at the right temperature, you’ll see the dab balls start spinning.

 Bottom Line

Terp pearls, also known as dab balls, are an important part of the marijuana smoking experience. They provide many advantages, including a more pleasurable high. However, it is important to use them appropriately and to clean them regularly. If you do not, you will have an unpleasant smoking experience.

For an optimal experience, choose the right carb cap for your quartz balls. Carb caps help regulate airflow and pressure in the banger, which is especially important when using terp pearls. Terp pearls are best when they can cover a large surface area so that heat is distributed evenly.

By adding a carb cap, you’re not only treating yourself to more flavor and potency, but also making your hits last longer. So go ahead and add a dab pearl or two to your next hit!

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