Cannabis Hydroponics: Growing Weed Without Soil

Cannabis Hydroponics - Cannabis Hydroponics: Growing Weed Without Soil

If you’re thinking about growing cannabis plants, you’re probably considering using pots with dirt in them. Cannabis, on the other hand, is cultivated in water rather than soil in hydroponics. The term “hydroponics” refers to this technique. This technique isn’t as difficult as people believe it is.

You don’t have to be a professional gardener to see success with hydroponics- in fact, this method is often easier than traditional growing because plants can absorb more nutrients. This type of planting works well with a variety vegetables and cannabis especially. Keep reading this blog to learn just how helpful hydroponics can be for you as a cannabis grower.

How Does Hydroponics Work For Cannabis Growers?

Ironically, even though hydroponics come from the Greek concepts of ‘hydros’ and ‘ponos’ (literally meaning ‘water-work’), it isn’t hard work once you get used to it. In fact, most growers agree that hydro grows are easy compared to other methods. Of course, it all comes down to preference in the end.

Hydroponics is becoming more popular for a number of reasons, one of which is that it allows farmers to have much greater control over their plant’s growth. Rather than growing weed plants in dirt, they are grown directly in water containing all the required components. This comes with a few unexpected benefits, making this approach attractive to both novice and seasoned growers.

Liquid Lunch: Nutrients Straight From The Water

With hydroponics, the roots of plants are placed into water instead of soil. In other words, water becomes the substrate or bottom layer (‘sub’ + ‘stratum’). This medium can be everything from sand and rockwool to coco fibre, gravel, or clay pellets. Furthermore, hydroponic systems use recycled water to keep costs at a minimum and reduce wastage as much as possible. The roots of plants cultivated in hydroponics are generally longer and paler than their soil-grown counterparts, with fewer side branches. This is due to the low amount of oxygen in water when compared to dirt.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. It has applications in regular agriculture, horticulture, and even biotechnology. Many plants can thrive when cultivated hydroponically. Cannabis is not the only one that thrives in this manner; lettuce and leeks do as well. Growing cannabis at home has become increasingly popular, which has aided the development of new hydroponics techniques for traditional farming!

Cannabis Hydroponics: Growing Weed Without Soil

Cannabis Hydroponics Basics

The following diagram illustrates the key parts of a basic hydroponics system designed for cannabis growers.

Hydroponics setupі:

  1. Water is a fantastic medium for propagating cannabis, owing to its basic chemistry. The water may have been used previously and filtered or distilled more times than they can count.
  2. A cover helps to prevent evaporation and contamination of the substrate. This is usually a floating lid with holes providing enough space for suspended plants;
  3. Aeration, or the process of oxygenating water, is usually done with an exhaust unit that blows air bubbles into the water.
  4. Many hydro setups feature an air pump and a separate water pump with a filter. The water pump circulates the water to keep it clean.

Different Cannabis Hydroponics Systems

Cannabis plants can be grown in a hydroponics system without the use of soil, as all hydroponics systems share one common feature: the lack of soil required to grow your cannabis plants. Nutrients, air, and water are all provided to your cannabis plants via hydroponics. This may be achieved in a number of ways. The following is a summary of some of the most popular hydroponic setups.

(R)DWC: (Recirculating) Deep Water Culture

RDWC is a fantastic system for beginner gardeners because it is so easy to manage. With RDWC, you put your germinated plants into individual containers and then place them into a water container. All you need to add are some hydro pellets to give the roots some added grip. An air pump ensures a constant supply of air into the water, and nutrients are added to the water which the plants can absorb through their roots exposing them constantly to moisture throughout the growth cycle thus ensuring richroot development.

NFT System

This is a more advanced technique. The term NFT stands for Nutrient Film Technique. Plants are cultivated in tubes, which are usually constructed of PVC and have their roots spread out over a wide surface area. The nutrient-rich water carrying nutrients is pumped from the reservoir to the tubes and back. To ensure that there is ample water flow back into the reservoir, tubes should be set at an angle. NFT refers to the ideal scenario when just a thin filmlike layer of water and nutrition flows over and along the roots.

While this system is great for its natural nutrients, it could be more efficient. If set up properly, it would also save water and power– two essential resources. A common problem with this design are clogged tubes due to plants’ roots getting in the way of the water flow; This gives bacteria a chance to grow which will then impact your plants negatively . Be careful when setting up your own NFT garden!

Ebb And Flow System

An ebb and flow system does not keep the roots submerged at all times. Instead, a pump fills the container with oxygenated and nutrient-rich water on a regular basis. When the container is full, the pump turns off and allows the water to flow back into the reservoir until it’s time for another watering cycle. You can customize these intervals according to your plants’ needs.

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Drip System

No matter if you’re a professional grower or amateur homegrower, drip irrigation is a great option due to its convenience. With this method, every plant has their own individualized nozzle so that nutrients are more accurately and evenly distributed. Plus, any liquids not absorbedfeeding and watering your plants using a drip system. Every individual plant gets its own drip nozzle. That allows for very accurate distribution of nutrients by the plants grows back into the reservoir to be used again in the future!

Cannabis Hydroponics: Growing Weed Without Soil

The Benefits Of Cannabis Hydroponics

Compared to growing in soil, hydroponics can have many benefits.

  • You can be more specific with your nutrition choices when you don’t have to worry about what nutrients are in the soil. That way, you can create the perfect mixture of nutrients without losing any along the way.
  • With this system, you don’t need to waste your time removing unwanted plants; the system does it for you. All you have to do is make sure there’s enough water in the reservoir. I generally refill it twice a week and that seems to be sufficient. Perfect for growers who want to take it easy!
  • Plants will receive exactly the amounts of water and nutrients they require. There will be no more or less water or nutrients applied to your plants. The system simply recycles any extra water, making it an extremely efficient technology in addition to being environmentally friendly. Obviously, as a plant lover, you care about the environment: growing sustainable cannabis can help preserve the planet;
  • Pest control: because hydroponics environments are clean, there are less opportunities for pests and bugs- one worry eradicated.
  • Higher yields: plants grown in hydroponics typically produce better results than those grown in soil. When it comes to cannabis, that means superior yields compared to weed grown in soil, all other things being equal.
  • Hydroponics has proven to be an effective way to grow crops. Hydroponic production is more efficient because every step of the process takes place in a controlled environment. Because there are no pesticides, insects, or disease-causing organisms present, your plants do not need to be inspected as frequently as they would if grown in soil.
  • Are you ready for world domination? Hydroponics allows you to grow plants even if the weather isn’t ideal. No more worries about your lawn being browned by a harmless bug because with hydroponics, all plants will receive exactly what they require, whether it’s hot and dry in summer or freezing cold in winter. You don’t have to keep track of the seasons since growing indoors is the same regardless of the season.

Drawbacks Of Hydroponics

Although there are some cons to using hydroponics for cannabis, they’re quite minor. You’ll need to spend more on equipment upfront, but you’ll save money in the long run on water and electricity bills.

The second, and more pressing concern is the thin line for error that hydro grows provide. Soil has a large buffer capacity: an influx or lack of nutrients or oxygen can be countered in part by the soil and its micro-organisms . With hydroponics, this margin for error is significantly lower. Too many nutrients or – even worse – power outages will most likely damage your plants. That said, as long as you are aware of what you’re getting into, it should not present too great of an issue.

Outdoor Cannabis Grows Using Hydroponics

Many growers who use hydroponics for their cannabis choose to do so indoors because it allows them more control over the environment, equipment, and lighting. While it can be tricky to achieve such Control outdoors, hydroponics theoretically works just as well in sunlight. There are also numerous plans to utilize hydroponics as a way of solving global hunger issues. Of course, outdoor hydroponics necessitates certain extra care for factors such as the weather, disease, and fungus, but it is a choice. A small greenhouse might be beneficial; however, you don’t need one to begin with. Furthermore, technology continues to improve all the time, so who knows? You may have your own water theme park in your backyard next season thanks to weed growers like yourself!

Getting To Grips With Hydroponics

Cannabis hydroponics allows you to produce high-quality marijuana in a carefree manner and enjoy greater yields from your cannabis plants. So, are you interested in establishing your own hydro garden? With our world-famous cannabis seeds, you’ll have the best possible start!

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