Difference Between Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms

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There are a lot of myths surrounding magic mushrooms and magic truffles. To those who aren’t aware, these are believed to be distinct items. This presumption is frequently based on the appearance differences between truffles and mushrooms, as well as different legalities.

In actuality, there are far more similarities between magic mushrooms and magic truffles than there are differences. In reality, both mushrooms and truffles develop from the same living thing (mushrooms grow upwards, while truffles grow downwards).

Difference Between Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms

Psychedelic experiences are common among magic mushrooms and truffles. Both have psychedelic effects, after all. However, the two experiences may be quite similar. Despite this fact, there are significant distinctions between the two. We’ve put up an in-depth comparison of magic truffles vs. magic mushrooms in this post.

What Are Magic Truffles?

Psilocybin mushrooms do not, in fact, grow inside of truffles; instead, they’re a type of “magic” fungus. The culinary term “truffle” refers to Tuber species, while magic mushrooms (and truffles) come from the Psilocybe genus. The distinction is that magic truffles are produced from the sclerotium (below-ground) part of the mushroom, whereas magic mushrooms develop on top of the ground.

The sclerotium (plural sclerotia) is a mass of mycelium that has been compacted together and packed with oils and food reserves for the fungus. Sclerotia help mushrooms to flourish in unfavorable environments where there is little or no organic material for the fungus to consume.

Sclerotia are formed by numerous psilocybin species, including several psilocybin strains. Psilocybin cubensis, which is one of the most frequent types of magic mushrooms, is not included among them.

Here are some of the best-known species of psilocybin mushrooms that produce magic truffles:

Difference Between Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms

  • Psilocybe mexicana
  • Psilocybe atlantis
  • Psilocybe tampanensis
  • Psilocybe galindoi

Difference Between Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms

In the great magic mushrooms vs. magic truffle debate, we must draw attention to a few distinctions. Because truffles are in a later stage of development than mushrooms, there are several visible differences between the two.

Truffles are subterranean creatures that must be dug from the ground. This means truffle harvesting is a bit different. It’s feasible to see fresh mushrooms aboveground, although they live underground. In comparison, digging for truffles entails digging through dirt because they are subterranean dwellers.

There’s also a big difference in moisture content. Truffles have a moisture level of 5-10%, which is well below that of mushrooms. As a result, truffle drying takes far less time. The hardness and roughness of truffles are caused by their high moisture levels. Even when dried, truffles have a rigid and hard feel due to their low moisture content.

After harvesting and drying truffles, you’ll notice a significant change in shape and size when compared to fruiting bodies. Truffles have a tiny and compact form. They shrink even more after they’re dried. Mushrooms, on the other hand, can grow to various sizes due to their ability to grow over time.

In terms of potency, each batch of mushrooms has different amounts of psilocybin. In general, magic truffles provide a more consistent dose than cubensis. However, this is not always the case.

It’s also worth noting that there are specific truffle grinders on the market, which make it simple to consume.

Safety and Legality

The legality of magic truffles has an influence on their safety. Several countries around the world allow the use of psilocybin and other psychedelic compounds. In general, however, shroom decriminalization rather than outright legalization is the best one can expect.

In a worldwide context, mushrooms and truffles are generally considered the same. This is due to the fact that they both include psychedelic chemicals. Only the Netherlands distinguishes at this time. It is one of the few nations that allows people to have small amounts of psilocybin in their possession.

In December 2008, the Netherlands became the first country to ban magic mushrooms. Now, even small amounts of dry and fresh mushrooms are prohibited, although there is no legal penalty for this.

that allows psychoactive mushrooms in sclerotium form. As a consequence, the demand and use of magical truffles skyrocketed. Rather of doubling down on prohibition, the Dutch government took an unexpected turn. Magic truffles have been legalized in the Netherlands since September 2019, and they are now fully taxed.

Safety Issues

Better regulation has resulted from the somewhat more manageable legality of truffles. As a result, psilocybin truffle boxes with printed labels are now available to consumers.

Psilocybin is quantified in this manner, allowing you to easily determine how much psilocybin is in each batch. This isn’t usually the case with whole magic mushrooms because psilocybin is not always measured accurately.

Psychedelics have received little study. There is, however, a lot of interest in psychedelic drugs at Johns Hopkins’ Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, which is currently researching the effects of psilocybin and other psychedelics. So far, it has been found to be very safe and non-addictive.

Is There a Difference in Trip Experience and Intensity?

Difference Between Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms

Psychedelic mushrooms, on the other hand, are said to be longer and more powerful than truffles. Others maintain that while this is true, truffles have a greater psilocybin content than the fruiting body. Despite this, there is little scientific evidence supporting either position.

It’s also true that, as long as the same milligram amount of psilocybin is consumed, the effects of magic truffles may be quite comparable to those of magic mushrooms. Regardless matter which portion of the mushroom is utilized, however, make careful use of setting and preparation to ensure a safe experience.

Magic Truffles or Magic Mushrooms, Which One to Choose?

There is no ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ response. It all depends on your expectations, desires, prior experiences, and tolerance for psilocybin. In terms of legality, truffles have an advantage over magic mushrooms in the Netherlands. Truffles are also easier to come by online and can be found dried or fresh.

Magic mushrooms, on the other hand, are not available over the internet. You may purchase ready-to-grow kits and spores as well as attempt to find them in the wild. However, both consumption and possession of mushrooms are prohibited in most locations.

Overall, magic truffles are probably a better option for novices. When purchasing them from a legitimate vendor in the Netherlands, there is some form of regulation, and consumers can have an idea of how much psilocybin is in a truffle. In contrast, wild mushrooms’ levels of the drug may vary considerably.

However, regardless of the method you choose to take your dog outside for a brief walk, please keep in mind that these are potent and illegal drugs, and the material presented here is provided only to educate – not to encourage or advocate their use or possession.

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