DIY Edibles: Easy Cannabis Recipes For Cooking At Home

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By combining marijuana with other ingredients, such as chocolate, you can explore new experiences and tastes. Our previous article discussed the main advantages of edible cannabis and how to decarboxylate weed, but in this article we want to share some easy recipes and tips for cooking with cannabis. IIn general, cooking with weed is quite simple. To get started, go to a cannabis club in Barcelona and choose the strain you want to use. Be sure to check with budtender for THC dosage information. Now you need to do some preparation:

  1. to decarboxylate it
  2. You can then, according to the recipe, make cannabis oil, butter or flour. After that, you can cook whatever you want.

Popularity-wise, sweets are at the top of the list for food items that can be cooked. But pasta, vegetables, salads–so many other dishes require oil too. In this article, we’ll give you some easy weed recipes. For some of them, all you need is 1 or 2 ingredients and a little bit of time to cook!

How to decarboxylate weed products?

The decarboxylation process is simple when you know how to do it. With our step-by-step instructions, you’ll be an expert in no time. All the minute details are covered so you can execute the process flawlessly.

When cooking with weed, always start with a small amount to gauge the potency. THC levels will be listed in every recipe, but it’s important to paced yourself so you don’t get too high.

According to our calculations, 0.5 g of cannabis with 10 portions of edibles should contain 50 mg of THC. However, this is only under the condition that we use medium quality marijuana and have an average reaction according to the index–be sure to test out a small piece first so you know how strong it will be for you. This way, you can stay relaxed and fully enjoy your new experience!

Let’s see the list of weed recipes, which you can easily do at home even today!

  • amazing cannabis chocolate
  • fun cannabis gummy jelly
  • super tasty weed chocolate cake
  • cannabis tincture
  • easy and delicious cannabis cookies

As you now know, cooking with weed is easy and doesn’t require any special skills or kitchen tools. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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DIY Edibles: Easy Cannabis Recipes For Cooking At Home

How to make cannabis chocolate?

Do you like chocolate? Who doesn’t! Let’s make something special today: edible Chocolate weed. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also super easy to make. You don’t need any special skills or experience, because this recipe is perfect for beginners.

Secondly, this is the best method to cook with weed easily and still produce great results.

Are you ready for the weed chocolate?


  • Dark chocolate or milk – 3 bars
  • Decarboxylated cannabis – 2 gr
  • Nuts, dried fruit or other additions for the chocolate (optional)


  1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave or by placing it in a heat-proof dish on top of boiling water.
  2. Mix your decarboxylated cannabis and chocolate together.
  3. When it all melted together, you can place it into a mold. Add vanilla or dried fruits if you want.
  4. Thoroughly check for any air bubbles, give the mixture a light tap on the table to be sure, then refrigerate.


We usually cook with cannabis oil or butter, but since chocolate contains cocoa butter, we could theoretically put weed in it directly. As for dosage, each gram of weed contains around 150mg of THC. So eating an entire bar would equate to consuming 100mg of THC. Please don’t do this all at once- take small pieces first and wait 1 hour before having more if necessary.

How to store cannabis chocolate?

It’s best to wrap edible weed chocolate in foil and store it in a cool, dark place. Chocolate is very porous and absorbs all kinds of smells, so if you don’t cover it up, it will start to taste like whatever else is nearby.

consuming chocolate is typically a healthier and tastier alternative to smoking weed because it doesn’t affect your lungs.

You can experiment with the taste to add nuts or aromas to make the chocolate with your desired flavor. Also, it is ridiculously easy to make– as you can see, no special equipment or long list of ingredients needed.

Chocolate can help reduce stress, and adding weed to it can further increase its benefits!

How to make cannabis butter?

The key to many weed-based recipes is cannabutter, which can be used in pies, cookies, and cakes. One advantage of cannabutter is that you don’t need to replace all the normal butter in a recipe–a little bit goes a long way. Here’s how it works: cannabinoids from the weed attach to fat molecules and after some time they become one component. With this cannabutter, you’ll be amazed at how many options you have! And the best part is that for making weed butter, you can use any type of marijuana – there’s no need to buy some special kind. In fact, it’s better to use saving weeds residue for butter.

How and where to keep it?

You can freeze weed butter to make it last for up to six months. Another way to store it is in the fridge where it will stay fresh for several weeks. Just be careful with other strong smells, as butter can easily absorb them.

So, how to make easy marijuana butter?


  • 1 cup of butter
  • 7-10 grams of cannabis (already decarboxylate)


  1. You need to mix 1 cup of the butter and 1 cup of the water (we use it to prevent the butter from the scorching).
  2. Then grind the cannabis with a grinder.
  3. When butter melted, add the cannabis into it.
  4. Put the temperature around 70°С and let butter and cannabis mixed during 2 or 3 hours.
  5. Strain the cannabutter through the cheesecloth and put it into the fridge.
  6. In 1 hour check if there is some water still and take it out.


Start with a small dosage: you don’t need to use everything for one cake. Just add ¼ or ½ teaspoon and see how you feel after eating one portion.

DIY Edibles: Easy Cannabis Recipes For Cooking At Home

How to make cannabis tincture?

Tinctures are marijuana extracts that use alcohol or glycerin as a base. They were one of the first ways people medicinally used cannabis before it was prohibited. Now, you can easily make weed cold brew tincture at home for a wide range of uses — especially if smoking isn’t your thing.

It is important to use food-grade liquids when cooking with cannabis. For example, in the USA, a popular alcohol to use is Everclear, which is grain alcohol. Another option is Bacardi 151, which contains 75.5% alcohol. If you’re looking for a nonalcoholic alternative, glycerin works well too.

Why it is sometimes better than other variants of using weed?

The effects of tinctures typically dissipate quicker than those from edibles since the THC in food is “trapped” by fats, like cannabutter or oil. Also, it can be tough to consume large amounts of tinctures due to their taste (unlike a chocolate cake, for example). With sweets and fried foods, it’s easier to overdo it than with tinctures.

What are weed tinctures used for?

Cannabis tinctures can be added to a variety of food and drinks, giving you the freedom to use them in any dish. For example, you can make gelatin bears with it, put some drops into your soup or salad dressing, juice or ice cream. Once you understand the best dose for you, simply choose your favorite way to consume cannabis tincture and add the required amount to any dish.

Let’s see how to make a tincture from weed!

Formula with weed and alcohol:

  • Light effect– 10 g of weed + 300 ml of alcohol
  • Medium effect – 10 g of weed + 200 ml of alco
  • Strong effect – 10 g of weed + 100 ml of alco


  • Decarboxylate cannabis
  • Everclear, vodka, brandy or glycerine


  1. Grind the decarboxylate cannabis.
  2. Add it to a glass container like a jar.
  3. Put alcohol to the jar and close it.
  4. Leave the jar in a dark place from 2 weeks to several months. Shake the mixture every couple of days.
  5. Strain when it will be ready and put into a bottle.


The typical method of consuming tinctures is to place it under your tongue and wait for absorption into the tissue beneath. As far as cannabis tincture dosage, start with 1-2 drops and after about an hour or two, you’ll know if the effects are sufficient.

How to store it?

Alcohol tinctures can last for several years if kept in an amber or cobalt glass bottle and stored in the fridge. Glycerin tincture, on the other hand, will only stay fresh for a few months when refrigerated.

How to make weed chocolate cake?

A classical dessert made with weed is the chocolate cake, also known as “space cake.” It is one of the most popular edibles and a very well-known way to make cannabis-infused butter. This space cake recipe is easy to follow and yields a delicious result. But be warned: it’s hard to stop at just one slice!

How long it is possible to store this Space cake?

In all honesty, it will be okay to store the cake in the fridge for a week or three months in the freezer. Just make sure to protect your loved ones from consuming the cake by hiding it away. They may have incredible luck if they eat some of this cake, but at least you’ll know what they’re eating!

How to make a weed cake?


  • 200 gr melting dark chocolate
  • 250 gr soft cannabutter
  • 200 gr sugar
  • 5 eggs
  • some drops of vanilla extract
  • 350 gr flour
  • 2 tbs of powdered cocoa
  • 1 tsp of baking soda
  • 1 cup of milk
  • Some drops of lemon juice


  1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC
  2. Slowly melt the chocolate in a microwave or in some saucepan
  3. Put the lemon juice into the milk
  4. Mix in a bowl flour, cocoa, baking powder
  5. Mix sugar and cannabutter very well with blender, add eggs one by one, don’t stop mixing
  6. Add vanilla extract, chocolate and mix with milk and flour. Stir very well
  7. Put some butter at the baking dish and add our mixture
  8. Bake around 50 minutes


Whether it’s vegan weed chocolate cake or the regular kind, it can be difficult to stop eating once you start. You need to be careful though, because the effect is very strong and takes a few hours to kick in. This means that by the time you feel it, it may already be too late. We advise taking only one small piece of this snack and seeing how you feel after an hour. We just want to have some fun and eat marijuana instead of smoking it, right?

This Space chocolate cake is an easy weed dessert to make in the comforts of your home. Its unique flavor comes from the chocolate, which intensifies the marijuana taste. We advise not to eat a lot prior to indulging in this special treat. Some have said they’ve had sound sleep after eating this cake, but it all depends on the type of weed strain used. Be mindful with dosage – take your time enjoying bit by bit!

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