Medical Marijuana for Fast Back Pain Relief

medical marijuana for fast back pain relief - Medical Marijuana for Fast Back Pain Relief

Cannabis is increasingly being used as an alternative to traditional painkiller medicines, such as opioids. Cannabis may help with a variety of chronic pains, including nerve damage and inflammation-related pain. Chronic pain affects far more people than cancer, heart disease, or diabetes combined today. Chronic pain is the most prevalent reason of permanent disability in the United States.

Cannabis-based products do not have approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and more study is needed to verify their safety and efficacy. Cannabis or its components, on the other hand, may help relieve a variety of pain.

There are several kinds of cannabis, each with its own set of properties. Each type or strain of cannabis has its own set of effects on the user. In this article, we’ll discuss the finest cannabis strains for chronic pain management.

How Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Back Pain?

Medical cannabis might be an option for patients who are seeking a different approach to traditional therapy. Chronic back pain is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment option. Conventional medicines, for example, can produce a slew of adverse effects including nausea, stomach upset, ulcers, and gastric bleeding. Medical marijuana does not result in the same negative symptoms as other drugs. Back pain can be treated using the following methods with medical cannabis:

Medical Marijuana for Fast Back Pain Relief

  • It may be able to reduce your pain to the point that you can live a full life.
  • It may help you to cease taking potentially hazardous and addictive medicines while still living a full life.
  • Chronic backache can lead to sadness, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Many of these symptoms may be alleviated or prevented by using medical marijuana.
  • Hemp is a natural substance derived from the Cannabis plant, with no pesticides or other chemicals.

During a study done at the University of Colorado, 200 persons who suffered from back discomfort were examined. Degenerative changes were behind the problem in 89 percent of cases. Medical marijuana helped patients feel less pain by 81%. It worked better than narcotic drugs, according to 81% of patients. Patients ate medical marijuana once or twice a day during the trial.

What Type of Back Pain Symptoms Are Treated by Medical Marijuana?

Back pain is a common medical condition that affects more than 3 million people in the United States each year, according to statistics. Back pain has a variety of symptoms, so there are many ways cannabis oil can help. Here are some of the ailments medical marijuana oil may assist with:

1. Pain and Muscle Spasms

Marijuana has shown to be useful in the treatment of muscular spasms. Within 20 minutes of inhalation, some studies have discovered a 45% reduction in pain intensity. It’s also highly effective in treating back spasms. Medical marijuana is legal in many states for the treatment of muscular spasms. In Pennsylvania, medical marijuana is authorized for:

  • Severe chronic or intractable pain of neuropathic origin
  • Severe chronic or intractable pain

2. Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are among the advantages of marijuana. Opioids, as well as other drugs, are used to treat back pain and persistent illnesses. Nausea and vomiting are two of their side effects. Because marijuana combats both nausea and pain, many persons choose it over other medicines. Furthermore, chronic pain may lead to depression. Medical marijuana has been shown in studies to reduce depression and enhance sleep quality.

Many states have approved marijuana to alleviate nausea and vomiting. Marijuana has been utilized by cancer patients for many years to boost hunger and as an antiemetic, reducing chemotherapy side effects.

3. Inflammation

Marijuana has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. It is a natural treatment for arthritis-related inflammation as well as degenerative changes in the lumbar, cervical, or thoracic spine. The majority of back or neck discomfort is caused by progressive deterioration of the spine. Due to irritation, many patients choose marijuana to relieve their pain.

Ways to Use Medical Marijuana for Back Pain

Cannabis may be consumed via mouth or used topically. The following are some of the best methods for using marijuana:

  • Inhalation: The process of smoking marijuana or using a vaporizing device is known as “dabbing.” This has the quickest effect, which occurs within 1-2 minutes.
  • Raw juice: Through juicing, marijuana may be taken as a nutritional supplement. This delivers pain relief without producing any psychoactive side effects.
  • Tinctures: Tinctures are generally absorbed via the mucous membranes under the tongue and swallowed. This results in a faster effect because of absorption via the mucosal membrane walls.
  • Edibles: Because digestion requires time, edible cannabis will have a slower onset. However, because of the longer duration of relief and improved psychotropic effect, it may last for hours. It might take up to an hour before one feels the effects.
  • Topicals: The result of topical marijuana is quite different. The effect is confined to the site of the injury. According to one’s goals, one may increase or decrease usage.

Strains of Marijuana Used for Back Pain

Marijuana has a variety of strains, and each strain worked differently for different individuals with various symptoms. THC-rich strains appear to be best at relieving pain, whereas CBD works best at reducing inflammation. High levels of THC, on the other hand, produce more psychoactive effects. During the day, patients may want to use a low THC/high CBD combination to remain more productive; however, they may wish to consume high THC/low CBD before bedtime for a better night’s sleep.

A New Choice for Managing Chronic Back Pain

Back pain can have a big influence on your life. The narcotic medications that doctors currently prescribe to treat it may be ineffective and lead to addiction. However, there is now an alternative for dealing with back pain in 33 states. Medical marijuana patients may now use cannabis to treat chronic back pain without using dangerous pharmaceuticals, which has been shown to be effective in many cases.

Cannabis affects everyone differently, increasing the difficulty of picking the best strain for your back problems. We may get some inspiration from scientific study and personal experience when it comes to determining which types of cannabis work best for back pain.

Radicular discomfort (often known as sciatica) is caused by compression and irritation of the spinal nerve roots. Backache radiating down your back during a flare-up might prevent you from going about your day and making it difficult to enjoy life.

Fortunately, a few medical marijuana strains have been shown to make chronic back pain easier to manage. Here are some that stand out for their strong pain-relieving qualities:

Northern Lights

Medical Marijuana for Fast Back Pain Relief

The Northern Lights is one of the most pure and well-known indica strains. The blend includes a Thai and Afghani strain.

The most common terpene profile is myrcene, ocimene, and pinene. Terpenes are aromatic fluids that contribute to the distinctive aroma of cannabis strains and may influence the experience. Certain terpenes, for example, may be relaxing while others might help you focus.

The Power of the Northern Lights marijuana strain is notable. Relaxing the body and boosting one’s mood are two benefits of using this product. The couch lock on this strain is quite apparent. (Evidence: I’ve spent many a relaxing night watching YouTube with my cats while medicating.)

Northern Lights has won a slew of Cannabis Cups in the 1980s and 1990s. As a result, it became well-known. Northern Lights strain patients keep returning to because of its overall-body relaxing effect, making it an ideal strain for treating chronic back pain.


You won’t get high from a CBD-dominant Cannatonic and an unknown Ruderalis strain. Many patients, however, state that “high CBD/low THC medicines provide rapid relaxation, well-being, and a subtle tingling sensation.”

Users indicate that ACDC is a sativa that leaves them feeling good and more social. It’s a calm yet revitalizing high. The ACDC strain has a reputation for alleviating chronic stress or anxiety, arthritis, depression, neuropathy, and headaches.


Hybrid strains are popular among patients for their pain-relieving qualities, and sativas are known for their head-high, but many patients find that hybrid strains are a pleasant compromise. One of the most popular hybrid plants used to treat back pain is BlackJack, which is a highly sativa-oriented cross between Black Domina and Jack Herer. Northern Lights #5 is a cross between Shiva Skunk and Haze with Jack Herer. Perhaps the mystery ingredient in BlackJack’s magic pain-fighting mix is the Northern Lights?

The Blackjack strain’s terpene profile is dominated by terpinolene. It has a somewhat piney scent and flavor. The flowers are medium-sized and well-packed with trichome-encrusted calyxes. The effects of the BlackJack strain are exceptionally strong and long-lasting. It makes it an ideal complement to busy days when meditating is the last thing on one’s mind.

Finding the Right Strain For You

Finding the right cannabis for you may be difficult, given the many strains and delivery methods. There’s also a supply and demand problem. If you discover a strain that works for you, it might not be available the next time you visit the dispensary. Users with severe back pain who can’t locate or choose a certain strain may get frustrated and return to pharmaceuticals. If you’re having trouble picking or finding a particular type, talk to your doctor or dispensary budtender about strains that would work well for you.

Are you interested in using medical marijuana to treat chronic back pain? If you don’t have your medical cannabis card yet, book an appointment with one of our renowned doctors right away.

What are Side Effects of Marijuana for Back Pain

Medical marijuana is useful in the treatment of back pain, however there is a chance for negative effects. They are generally minor and go away after your therapy is done. In any case, it’s good to be aware of them so you can talk to your doctor about them. The following are some of the most frequent side effects associated with cannabis use for back pain:

  • Redness of Eyes: Redness of the eyes is common. This is not hazardous and may be treated with eye drops like Visine.
  • Short-term memory loss: This is a minor side effect that will go away after the treatment is discontinued. It may be more prevalent among certain patients than others.
  • Heightened sensory perception: This adverse effect can have an impact on a patient’s site, hearing, sense of taste and smell.
  • Fatigue: This side effect is typical with high THC varieties. It may be counteracted by using low THC strains.

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