The Complete Guide to Dab Rigs

Dab Rig 32 - The Complete Guide to Dab Rigs

Dabbing is a style of smoking extracts or oils. It entails using a special water pipe known as a dab rig to heat the extract to high temperatures. People who use these pipes are known as “dabbers.” Glass dab rigs are generally constructed with the finest dab rig equipment and come in a variety of shapes and designs to suit different tastes.

Dabbing promotes optimum vaporization by allowing for greater control of each hit. It may be used in place of smoking plant material, which some people find harsh and unpleasant.

In this comprehensive handbook of dab rigs, you’ll discover what you’ll need to enjoy concentrates, how cutting-edge dab rig technology works, and the basic gear you’ll require to begin utilizing this portable, smoother, cooler, and more flavorful approach of ingesting plant life.

History of Dabbing

Extracting herbs has been done for ages, and infusions have been used for thousands of years. Traditional recipes that once graced the shelves of U.S. pharmacies throughout the 1800s evolved into powerful oral medications over time.

Although these methods established the groundwork for solvent-based extraction technologies, producing items intended to be vaped first became a reality during the Great Depression.

Oils have been used for massage since ancient times, but they became more popular in the United States during the 1970s, owing to The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, which imported them from Afghanistan.

These concentrates appear to be quite similar to how they looked years ago. That said, over time, they have evolved. Extract production in the United States has progressed from unsavory open-blasting techniques to safe, highly-controlled laboratory techniques such as the advanced closed-loop extraction system.

Benefits of Dabbing

Smoking flower has been a cultural exercise for thousands of years. For some, the act of rolling up and smoking plant material is enjoyable. However, others find smoking plant material harsh, unpleasant, and overwhelming.

Dabbing is a less harsh and more effective alternative to smoking flower, especially for those who don’t enjoy the harshness of inhaling smoke. Dab rigs offer greater potency and precision in terms of what users consume than other methods of consumption.

Dabbing is gentler on the lungs and more pleasurable than smoking flower. It has a strong terpene profile. Flower, on the other hand, offers its own distinct flavor profile. With anything else than plant material, you’ll never get close to the plant’s flavor profile.

However, today’s labs are equipped with cutting-edge extraction techniques that allow them to keep terpenes in their oils. This enhances the flavor of high-quality extracts considerably.

Dab at Home vs. on the Go

As the dabbing fad continues to spread, there are more options than ever before for people to enjoy contemporary extracts.

Some people like dabbing outside since it is more convenient and private. Others love dabbing at home because they have greater control over their surroundings and device.

Dab pens are the ideal on-the-go option. These battery-powered gadgets allow smokers to dab in any condition without having to worry about bringing a torch or heating an expensive rig.

Dab pens are tiny and light, making them ideal for slipping into pockets. These pens are small, inconspicuous, and handy – ideal for a quick vape after work or before heading to the golf course.

Dab pens, on the other hand, have certain limitations. They don’t produce a lot of power, and they don’t give much regulation. Furthermore, the batteries drain quickly. Even the best vape batteries on the market lose their charge after a few uses. This is inconvenient because a weak battery vapes your oils inefficiently, resulting in lots of sticky waste.

The Complete Guide to Dab Rigs

What Is a Dab Rig/Oil Rig, and What Does That Mean?

Dab rigs are water pipes that allow you to consume concentrates or oils without utilizing combustion. Because wax, shatter, and rosin are too greasy to be smoked like conventional plant matter, they’re specifically designed for vaporization.

A dab rig, in its most basic form, is a mechanism that allows you to load and vaporize concentrates through your pipe. The pipe itself is simply another kind of water pipe. You can use any water pipe with a slide piece for dabbing as a dab rig as long as it fits your water pipe.

Standard water pipes aren’t ideal for using as a primary dab rig, but they do have disadvantages. The purity and flavor of your vapor, for example, won’t be as high or as delicious as it could be. You’ll also end up wasting more product since you can’t control the temperature as precisely when vaping concentrates, which is far more crucial than smoking plant material.

This is why dabbing requires specific water pipes, and these are the ones you hear about when your pals talk about their spectacular new dab rigs.

Waterpipes are a kind of water pipe that some people enjoy using. The pieces of equipment have smaller chambers and narrower channels, which enhances the pressure and flavor of the vapor. Glass dab rigs are the most widely used, especially when compared to silicone dab rigs.

How Dab Rigs Work

Although dabbing does not utilize combustion, it still involves fire. To make a dab rig, you heat an element like titanium or quartz with a blowtorch and add your concentrate.

When the substance is heated to such a high temperature, it immediately vaporizes and releases its fragrance because of the extreme heat. It’s also what decarboxylates your concentrates, making them potent enough to be used as medicine.

When you breathe through the rig, water absorbs any particles in the vapor that may irritate your lungs.

Types of Dab Rigs

The shape and design of a dab rig are as unique as the person who uses it. They come in a variety of sizes, from just a few inches to a few feet tall (although the latter sizes are a bit excessive). Dab rigs may include different designs and internal components to improve your vaping sessions.

Airflow Styles

The airflow design of a dab rig distinguishes it from other dab equipment. The term “airflow” refers to the movement of air through your pipe and the degree of draw resistance you encounter while smoking.

Here are some of the different types of dab rigs that you may come across:

Recycler Rigs

A recycler dab rig has two separate connected chambers. When you exhale, water circulates in a loop through both chambers before returning to the reservoir when you inhale. This explains why the water that cleans your vapor is always flowing through separate regions to keep it as cool and clear as possible.

Dab rigs that utilize a Recycler aren’t any different from other dab rigs. The majority of them have a single or double uptake, which implies they can have one or two pathways transporting vapor from the water chamber to the mouthpiece. Single intake dab rigs are frequently smaller and less expensive, but double uptake dab setups offer superior airflow.


A recycler rig with the second chamber built inside of the first is known as an incycler. They both achieve the same goal, but an incycler design allows for a more compact form. Incylers, on the other hand, are more difficult to clean since it’s hard to get to the innermost chambers of the rig. Furthermore, in order for this feature to operate correctly, they must be built with some of the most sophisticated levels of skill.


Klein Incycler dab rigs were built with a “Klein weld” that makes them resemble external and internal recyclers. The cycle does not simply repeat from top to bottom, but it also passes through another duct before looping back inside via another side opening. Splashback is reduced by this extra path, especially in small dab rigs.

Fab Egg

The Argan Oil Company’s Egg dab rigs are attractive incyclers that aim to give a smoother and gentler feeling. They’re ideal for sensitive dabbers.

The restricted chambers in the Fab Egg rig keep water flow and increase internal pressure, making it ideal for dabbing. Only pure flavor is released, without any impurities, thanks to the smooth body shape.

Simple vs. Complex Designs

Dab rigs can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood and acrylic. A single-piece model may be simple or sophisticated, depending on the manufacturer.

Dab rigs with fewer pieces are generally less expensive and easier to use. The more sophisticated functions you look for while shopping for dab rigs, however, make a significant impact on your experience.

A sturdy silicone dab rig is one that includes a quartz or ceramic chamber, while a cheaper glass or titanium dab rig may have just an inner diffusion chamber. The majority of glass and titanium dab rigs currently on the market perform well and are durable, but they don’t come with any distinctive inner chambers. A quartz or ceramic chamber adds additional durability to a silicone dab rig, though it costs more and is more fragile. You won’t find any of these distinct inner rooms in a silicone dab rig.

Special Designs

Dab rigs are available with a number of different features, designs, and materials. These rigs are frequently hand-blown and might be more costly than other dab equipment found in headshops or online markets. They’re also one of the few ways to express yourself through vaping.

MJArsenal manufactures a variety of high-quality dab rigs, including the Apollo and Gemini. These dab rig designs are inspired by man’s quest to space and are characterized by their distinctive planetary forms. As anticipated, due to its superior glass dab rig construction, the action remains smooth and constant.

Why Size Matters When it Comes to Dab Rigs

Terpenes dissipate rapidly in the presence of oxygen. For individuals who want a smoother, more delicious experience, smaller dab rigs are the way to go. The restricted airflow caused by the small water chambers allows dabbers to enjoy their concentrates as they were intended to be tasted.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

There are some crucial things that will make your first time using dabs easier and more pleasurable if you’re new to it. Dab rig kits come with all of the equipment needed for a successful session, including a dabber tool, quartz or titanium nail, dome or carb cap, and a convenient carrying case for your rig and accessories.

If you’d like to buy each of these components separately, that’s fine. Just be sure the nail, banger, or bucket you choose is compatible with your dab rig.

What’s Included With a Dab Rig?

The most popular types of dab rigs come with at least one piece, which is the rig. Dab rigs usually have a quartz or titanium nail inserted into the female connection of your rig and heat up during usage. You can get an oil rig or a banger with your dab rig.

Some sets will include catchers for concentrates or flowers, as well as specialty or limited edition catcher sets. Maybe even nails that match the style and color of the dab rig glass. Don’t expect most silicone rigs to have a carb cap or a dab tool. On the other hand, certain dab rigs, such as the MJArsenal Mini Jig, feature unique functions such as storage chambers for your extracts. This characteristic is more commonly seen on a silicone rig, making the Mini Jig mini-rig an oddity among tiny glass dab rigs.

Essential Tools

There are a few of essential tools you won’t be able to dab without, in addition to the wax rig. Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial and optional components for your ideal dabbing session.

A Banger

A dab rig’s slide isn’t quite like a water pipe’s bowl. Rather than heating your concentrates by burning them, as on a traditional water pipe, a dab rig employs an element called a banger that instantly vaporizes them when they come into contact with it—this is known as super-hot heat retention.

A banger is a large bucket with a stem welded to it that connects to your dab rig. This arrangement helps to contain messy oils and makes big puffs easier.

Quartz is superior for bangers because it has a greater heat retention and shock resistance than glass.

There’s no way to consume concentrates with a typical bowl piece in a hurry. To properly and effectively consume oils, you’ll need a banger for your dab rig. Quartz bangers from MJA improve the taste of oils, making for a better experience. When compared to titanium or glass nails, they produce greater flavor.

Quartz bangers from Dr. Dabber’s premium DR series, as well as all of their other options, are made with high-quality quartz that is heat-resistant enough to endure long durations on the flame. You might be surprised by how well the quartz works in these dab rigs; it really adds a unique flavor profile! Dr. Dabber’s Quartz Banger Collection features a variety of weld styles to satisfy different tastes and preferences. A fully-fused banger is a reliable option for newcomers because it is durable and simple to use. Find out why quartz is such an excellent choice for your dab rig.

A Torch

It appears counterintuitive, but vaporizing concentrates needs a hotter and more intense flame than smoking marijuana. If the flame is too cold, you’ll decarboxylate your product but won’t release vapors from the oily concentrates. If you apply a fire that is too hot to the concentrates, they will be ruined.

This is why concentrates should be vaporized on a superheated surface. Disposable butane lighters and petroleum distillate (lighter fluid) don’t produce enough heat from their low-powered flames for this, though.

To heat your nail or banger to the optimum temperatures for dabbing, you’ll need a pressurized butane torch. Dab torches that are inexpensive and reliable are easy to come by, and butane refills cost as little as a few dollars per usage.

Dab Tools

Dabbers use metal rods with flattened ends to create dabbing. You put your concentrates directly on the hot surface of your nail or banger, vaporizing them instantly.

You can get a dabber tool for as little as $5 and find them in any vape shop. It’s simple to lose, and it’s considerably easier to cover it in dust and lint. That is why putting your dabber tools in a dab station is a fantastic idea.

Additional Dab Accessories

Carb caps or terp pearls, for example, may enhance your dabbing experience by making it more personal and pleasurable. A basic dab rig will cool your vapor, but these dab rig essentials can help you get better flavor, enjoy dabbing on the move, maintain a secure dabbing session, customize your temperature settings, and more.

Let’s have a look at the most popular must-have dab accessories from MJArsenal.

Carb Cap

A carb cap is put on top of your nail or banger. It aids in the conservation of vapor and the improvement of taste by restricting airflow during your hits.

Terp Pearls

Terp pearls, also known as terps or teardrops, are tiny heat-sensitive beads that may be used to decorate your bong.

Terp pearls are a cost-effective way to enhance the taste of your concentrates by increasing their intensity. These practical accouterments, which come in synthetic ruby patterns, might also make your banger seem more colorful if you go with that option.

You may also play with the size of your dab hits by putting a carb cap on it, either as a splash guard or leaving room for additional air when you inhale.

Dab Station

A dab station is a container for all of your dabbing equipment. It’s the easiest method to keep track of everything you’ll need. They’re built with flat silicone surfaces that are simple to maintain and include dishes for concentrates, racks or cups for dabber tools, and separate compartments for hot bangers and nails.


A small, flexible piece that extends the heating element further away from your body makes dabbing a little safer.

Carrying Case

A carrying case is a useful tool for storing and transporting your equipment. It also protects it from falls, bumps, and spills when you’re on the move.

Silicone or Glass Jars

Glass jars are the best material for storing concentrates since they are inert and non-reactive with your oils. Glass, on the other hand, is fragile and may break if dropped. Silicone containers help to protect against bumps and spills while being simple to clean when required.


The E-Nails and E-Rigs are the most advanced dabbing equipment available. They’re more expensive and a bit more difficult to operate, but they provide benefits that make them worthwhile in many situations.

E-nails are electronic dab rigs with a coil around the tip that heats to the temperature you choose. That eliminates the uncertainty of when your nail is ready for dabs and waiting on it to warm up enough, allowing you to even adjust the temperature to suit your concentrates.

You can adjust the temperature of your e-nail, so you won’t have to worry about overcooking or undercooking. They’re also a lot safer because you don’t have an open flame to deal with, and using one is simpler.

Iso Station

An iso station is a tiny container in which you’ll need to soak your terp pearls or other accessories after each usage. It’s designed to keep soaked cotton swabs on hand so you may clean the filthy surfaces of your dabbing equipment that are too big to submerge.

It’s an important component of good dabbing that keeps your equipment clean and ensures it stays in good working order for longer.

How to Setup Dab Rigs

Dab rigs might be a challenge to use, but the learning curve is definitely worth it. To not only have a pleasant time but also avoid potential harm, you’ll need to know how to properly set up your rig.

How Much Water to Use

Use enough water so that the bottom of your downstem is immersed. On each of our tiny dab rigs, MJ Arsenal prints recommended water levels on the box. You may use this as a guideline to ensure you’re getting just the right amount of water in your rig.

Depending on your rig, you may need to change the quantity of water used. If your percolator is effective, use enough water to generate bubbles and assist in the breakdown of concentrates.

If you don’t have an MJ Arsenal dab rig, verify that you’re using the proper water level. Alternatively, try one of our small dab rigs!

How to Choose the Right Nail

Which nail should you use as a beginner? There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but some basic direction may assist first-time users in determining what they want from their own experience with nails.

Male or female connections exist for different connection types and sizes (depending on connection size), with an 8 millimeter, 10 millimeters, or 14-millimeter fitting. Silicon bands are sometimes required to keep some connections in place. We utilize 10mm connections at MJ Arsenal.

The type of nail you pick is determined by your preference for dab oils, as well as the maximum heat your torch can produce and whether you want to use carb caps.

The Complete Guide to Dab Rigs

How to Vape With Your Dab Rig

Find a sturdy work place to ensure that your dab rig does not fall over. Keep in mind that you’ll be working with hot flames and sticky residues, so protect yourself and get ready for any spills.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Simply draw up a line of cannabis concentrate on your dabber tool and place it in a dish or tray. Most concentrates stick to your tool readily, with the exception of live sand and crumbles. Set aside the loaded dab tool for later use. The rest of your concentrates may be stored in a glass or silicone container.
  • To utilize your dab rig, simply attach a butane torch to the nail or banger and heat it until it is red. After you’ve removed the flame, wait 45 seconds (or more depending on quartz thickness) before touching the bucket again. The heat might not be as intense, but it will still be warm to the touch. Keep an eye on your hands.
  • When the timer runs out, use the end of the dabber to bring your concentrates into contact with your nail or banger on your dab rig. If these concentrates are adhered together like as budder or wax clumps, just give them a light tap against the side of your bucket to remove them.

When your concentrates come into contact with the nail, they will vaporize. Begin breathing as soon as possible to prevent any vapors from going to waste. Many individuals prefer to inhale using their carb cap on top of their banger in order to regulate airflow. This is solely a matter of personal preference.

Dabbing should be done carefully, with caution. It’s an excellent method to learn about the plant and absorb its active components efficiently. After you’re finished, set the carb cap aside and let your rig cool down. Because the nail is designed for intensive usage at high temperatures, it retains heat but only for a short time and cools down quickly.

Caution: Do not run hot glass dab rigs or quartz bangers under cool water to try and cool them down more quickly. While this is enticing, the sudden temperature shift may permanently harm your equipment or even cause it to shatter.

Reclaiming Dabs

Reclaimed oil is the dried wax that clings to oil rigs after several dabbing sessions. This might occur as a result of not using enough water or breathing too hard while dabbing, or sucking some oil into your rig.

The first option is to drain your rig’s water and then remove the tiny goldish particles. Because the majority of reclaim will be trapped within your dab rig’s inside, there won’t be many of these pieces.

The second approach to reclaiming it is to melt it down and recycle it. All you need is a heat source (hair dryers work well) and some wax paper:

  • Remove all of the water from your dab rig.
  • Make sure it’s completely dry (you don’t want water in your dabs/reclaim).
  • Remove the nail and cover it with the connector/dropdown to keep it safe.
  • The substance will drop onto the wax paper as soon as it has enough heat to liquefy the reclaim.

Pros and Cons of Reclaiming Dabs

Without a doubt, recycling your concentrates without waste is appealing, but there are several benefits and drawbacks to each.


  • It’s a free way to dab additional concentrate material
  • You can do the reclaiming procedure at home, so it’s both private and discreet.
  • You don’t need additional tools to access the leftover pieces


  • Dabbing reused oil may not be as effective as sourcing a new concentrate.
  • A concern about contaminants or foreign materials in reclaimed oil arises from the butane utilized in some extraction techniques.
  • Unfortunately, thick reclaim might cause your concentrates to clog the dab rig.
  • Reclaimed oil gets thicker and thicker with each usage, so more cleaning is required after.

You can decide whether reclaiming dab is sensible based on this information. Keep in mind that most dabbers don’t bother with it, but if you can’t get to the store to pick fresh dabs, it’s definitely a viable option.

Cleaning Your Dab Rig

Dab rigs will get filthy, but this does not imply that they should be neglected. It is critical to clean out any remaining wax and then properly clean the glass in order to enjoy fresh dabs.

If your dab rig is left sitting out unclean for an extended period of time, moisture trapped inside may begin to mold.

After dabbing, the easiest method to clean an oil rig is to fill it with hot water, which helps loosen residue from oils on the glass surface. If you don’t maintain your glass in an ongoing method, residues will accumulate over time and be difficult to remove fully.

Cleaning With Alcohol vs. Without Alcohol

If you’re a frequent user who doesn’t want to worry about cleaning your dab rig, hot water is usually sufficient for light cleaning. If your dab rig is clogged with thick chunks of dried oil built up over time, however, hot water will not work. You can use 90% isopropyl alcohol to break down these lumps in these situations. Allow at least an hour for the alcohol to stay in the dab rig before washing it with water and using it again.

You can also use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab to remove residue from the interior of your dab rig by dragging it around. Consider putting one in alcohol to remove stubborn clogs.

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol on hand, warm water with a lot of salt can also be used. The oils are broken down by this method, and gently swirling your dab rig will help the abrasive salt knock chunks free from the inner glass.


If you read MJArsenal’s complete guide to dabbing, you’ll discover everything you need to know about it, including what you’ll need and how to do it safely.

Some people who are new to dabbing may want to choose from one of our special bundle options. Bundle packages, which are ideal for both beginners and enthusiasts, come with all the essentials in one place — such as torches, nails, and storage silicone containers. Today’s lesson will teach you more about dabbing accessories, suggestions, and methods.

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