Weed Terms: Cannabis Slang Guide

weed terms cannabis vocabulary 24 - Weed Terms: Cannabis Slang Guide

Cannabis enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new words and methods to communicate about cannabis. As a result, they require new and distinctive ways to interact about cannabis, its sorts, and usage. It includes everything from references to marijuana measurement, cultural as well as consumption slurs. You’ll also learn about the various terms and phrases that are unique to the world of marijuana lingo.

The marijuana world is broad, and the jargon associated with it is likewise diverse. Cannabis, like every other cultural sector, includes a wide range of short words. Marijuana is still technically illegal in many countries, which necessitates the use of alternative marijuana phrases.

The cannabis lingo can be a great tool for hiding words, allowing users to stay safe. As a result, you may claim that the cannabis community undoubtedly has the most compilations, which is certainly true. The compilations provide more information about the marijuana jargon.

You probably didn’t realize that there are nearly 1200 marijuana-related slang terms. If you don’t want to be confused while discussing cannabis, it’s a good idea to learn the marijuana lingo. Breaking down the cannabis lingo will provide you with a variety of volumes that can assist you stay on topic.

Importance of marijuana slang

Weed Terms: Cannabis Slang Guide

It’s critical to understand the reasons behind the creation of marijuana slang before getting into it in depth. Aside from that, learning a lot about the cannabis culture would be beneficial. The usage of marijuana jargon is due to the prohibition and current illegal status of marijuana in many nations. It is important to note that while many other cultures have their own words for various parts of a plant, marijuana has been dubbed with unique names exclusively for its leaves, buds, stems, and flowers.

Only a few nations gave permission for the legal usage of marijuana. As a consequence, many countries have begun to see an increase in marijuana users. However, the nations that did not legalize cannabis needed a method for interacting with one another. Because you may communicate your message to the appropriate person using the popular slang term “weed,” it’s an excellent choice.

As the need for secret terminology increased, cannabis users developed fresh ones to keep their activities private. As a result, you can see why a slew of new slang phrases emerged and why new lingo are invented every day. Apart from that, utilizing jargon is certainly entertaining, particularly while participating in a smoking session with your pals.

Since the start of cannabis usage, it has been necessary to come up with unique names. Although not everyone is familiar with slang phrases, the most fascinating aspect about this development is the culture that caused them to flourish. Furthermore, if you use marijuana jargon within your group, you’ll be able to develop a unique connection.

It’s possible that the cannabis community is largely defined by its small-knit culture due to this reason. To understand what certain words mean, it’s necessary to learn about the lingo. You may discover many different cannabis lingo from the list of below-listed marijuana slangs.

Cannabis slang terms

Here are some common marijuana jargon that you may utilize when interacting with the cannabis community. You may communicate sensitive information without getting noticed by using cannabis jargon.


It’s a word used to describe the most valuable parts of cannabis plants, often known as “nugs.” Nugs are the pinnacle of bud growth on marijuana stalks. Furthermore, it has high levels of cannabinoids. This is one of the most frequent slang employed by cannabis fans to refer to the plant.

Ditch Weed

Ditch weed, also known as “feral cannabis” or “schwag,” is another popular marijuana lingo. It’s one of the wild cannabis plants. Ditch weed is a type of hemp that grows in the wild. Since it developed in the Midwest, it has been referred to as ditch weed. As a result, it has a very low THC concentration and few benefits. Furthermore, they are not the best option for ingestion. Despite some efforts to remove ditch weeds, individuals do not give them enough attention.


The term 420 began in 1970 by a few California high school students who wanted to have a secret way to plan after-school activities. The youngsters utilized the word as a short form to prevent being caught. They eventually decided to truncate the phrase to 4:20 p.m., and it became popular among them. A few days later, they discovered that 420 was a code for marijuana usage, and they started using it as such. As a result, 420 has remained one of the most important marijuana lingo and has acquired an important role in the cannabis culture. You may use it when speaking with others informally.


Dank is another of the many cannabis slang that are frequently used. It’s typically used to refer to sweaty or filthy regions. Apart from that, it’s also occasionally employed to describe high-quality marijuana. It has a skunky odor and is distasteful to others, but it is appealing to cannabis fragrance.


Herbs are plants that have been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They may be utilized in a variety of ways. Herbs are natural plants with health-promoting, medicinal, and nutritional qualities. Colloquially, however, the term “herbs” is most often used to refer to cigarettes and other smoking products.


Weed Terms: Cannabis Slang Guide

However, cannabis plants with buds and petals are known as blooms. Flowers are used to make joints and vapes by most cannabis users.

Bake Sale

Bake sales are often referred to as “the smoke session.” Bake sale is a popular term for a cannabis-infused baked good. Many individuals claim that bake sales must include marijuana-laced baked products. However, the majority of people disagree. You will get high if you participate in the bake sale, regardless of what it’s called.


It’s when you selfishly keep a joint for yourself without sharing it with another person in the smoke circle. It originated from keeping a cigarette between your lips while conversing. The name came from Humphrey Bogart, who was known for his roles in classic films. When cannabis became more widespread, the term began to refer to joints as well as blunts that you pass around among your friends.

Blunt Wrap

Rolling blunts require these specific papers, which are typically made from hollowed-out cigars. The majority of the papers that are used in traditional blunts come from emptied-out cigars, which contains nicotine. However, today’s smokers have a wide range of tobacco-free rolling papers to pick from. Hemp wraps are the most popular choice among other possibilities. You may either choose between flavored or Terpenes-infused hemp wraps for an exceptional experience.


Grams is a metric measurement for marijuana. It’s another well-known term for cannabis weight, although it isn’t an official unit of measure. Although it isn’t an official unit of measure in the metric system rules the cannabis world. When purchasing cannabis, grams are used to determine the minimum quantity.

Steam Roller

It’s a glass-based smoking device. However, you may acquire them in acrylic, metal, or even wood. The name “Steam Roller” comes from the device’s circular shape, which resembles that of a steam roller’s front wheel. When it comes to cannabis, the bud is placed on the top of the cylindrical smoking device. The smoker will stick his finger on one end of the carb and ignite the marijuana with his other hand. Once everything is set up,


A chillum is a smoking device for cannabis. It’s a conical pipe that was originally made in India in the 18th century. You may smoke ground and dried tobacco with a chillum. Chillums are most often used to smoke marijuana, although they may also be used to smoke other types of drugs. In the United States during 1960, the term “chillum” became fashionable among smokers.

Jelly Hash

It’s a mix of cannabis water hash and cannabis hash oil, more or less. Because the oil didn’t combine with the water, it was named jelly. As a result, you get something that looks like jello. A strong strength is created by combining water hash and hash oil. Furthermore, a jelly hash is unquestionably simple.


Crossfaded is another name for it when you are high and drunk. Alcohol has a depressant effect, which is why when combined with THC, the psychedelic side effects give people a weird feeling in their heads. As a result, your brain attempts to combine distinct emotions together.


What is stoner slang?

Stoners are people who remain addicted to drugs like marijuana or alcohol. A stoner is a person who is addicted to alcohol or other substances.

How to find out if someone is stoned?

It’s not difficult to detect someone who is high. A whiff of alcohol or marijuana on a person’s clothing or hair can confirm whether he or she has used drugs. In addition, there are other indicators such as panic, nervousness, and aggression.

Can doctors tell if you are a stoner?

Medical practitioners, on the other hand, are specialists and can spot a smoker based on a complete blood examination. Furthermore, testing for carbon monoxide with a blood carbon monoxide detector may show if someone is a chain smoker or an occasional user.

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