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In light of present legalization trends, a wider range of cannabis goods is now accessible, with numerous ways to consume. Cannabis flower smoking remains the most popular way to use cannabis, but dabbing, smoking, and vaping high-potency concentrates are gaining in popularity among users seeking a new and unique experience.

Live resin and live rosin are two cannabis concentrates that are gaining more appeal in the legal cannabis sector. Learn about the fundamentals of live resin and live rosin, including how they’re produced and how they differ, as well as how to consume each type of cannabis product.

What Is Cannabis Rosin?

Live Rosin

Rosin is a bright amber-colored substance that differs from other extracts, such as shatter and budder. It is a solventless concentrate that has been extracted without the use of chemical solvents found in other types of cannabis concentrates. The lack of chemical solvents may be appealing to health-conscious cannabis consumers. “Live” rosin contains greater amounts of terpenes than other cannabis rosin products, which contributes to a more unique experience. Extracting live rosin differs from curing or flower rosin in the way it is done.

How is cannabis rosin made?

Cannabis rosin is pretty basic, and it can be produced by heating and pressurizing parts of the cannabis plant to remove resin from the rest of the plant.

Rosin may be produced at home using cannabis flower with just a flat iron and parchment paper. Live rosin, on the other hand, might be a better option for those searching for higher-quality cannabis goods.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a sticky and powerful concentrate that is gaining more and more popularity among cannabis users. Cannabinoids and terpenes are the compounds that give cannabis its unique flavor profile. Live resin, as opposed to other extracts, retains all of the trichomes and cannabinoids, resulting in a potent and delicious cannabis product.

How is live resin made?

Fresh Frozen or Fresh Frozen Whole Plant is the name given to resin that has been extracted directly from cultivars that have just been harvested and immediately frozen. Live resin is extracted using solvents such as ethanol or carbon dioxide (CO2).

Because it is made from fresh cannabis material, neither dried nor cured, it retains more chemicals and is often more powerful than other types of resin.

What Is the Difference Between Live Rosin and Live Resin?

The amount of THC in live resin is generally greater than that in dry bud. It contains more THC than dry bud because it is more difficult to isolate and purify. Because it is more time-consuming to extract, live resin is typically more expensive and labor-intensive than live rosin.

The process through which live resin and live rosin are produced is a major distinction between the two. Live resin is produced using chemical solvents such as ethanol and carbon dioxide, whereas live rosin is not.

How Do You Consume Rosin and Resin?

Live Rosin

Rosin and resin are sometimes ingested using handheld vaporizers or water pipes, much like live resins. Rosin and resin may be smoked, vaped, or dabbed.

Vaping live rosin and live resin

Handheld vaporizers that use disposable cartridges are convenient for cannabis consumers who want a simple, inconspicuous option to use their device. These devices are compatible with a variety of concentrates including live resin and live rosin. If you buy your own portable vaporizer, you may use a variety of cannabis goods in disposable cartridges. Not all of these items are generally available in cartridge form. Hash oil, for example, can be used with e-rigs and mobile vaporizers.

Using water pipes or dab rigs

Dab rigs are concentrate-holding water pipes that are sometimes referred to as dab setups. Some people, on the other hand, simply add concentrates to the top of their cannabis flower in a normal pipe. If you consume live resin or rosin in this manner, make sure you use precise amounts. Always take “low and slow” with unusual cannabis goods in order to prevent an unpleasant experience.

Dab rigs are available at your local head shop, smoke store, or marijuana dispensary. In this step-by-step tutorial on how to use dab rigs, learn about the various styles of dab rigs and how they operate.

What are some different types of live resin?

Resin is available in a number of forms. Here are some of the most frequent kinds you can get at your local dispensary.

Different types of live resin include:

  • Sauce: The color of no-sugar resin sauce is amber-brown, thick liquid that resembles transparent crystals in a transparent solution. The THCa Crystaline is a precursor to THC, which produces powerful cannabinoid experiences.
  • Batter/badder: Badder (spelling varies depending on manufacturer) is a cannabis concentrate with the texture of yellow-brown cake frosting or cookie dough that contains excessive levels of terpenes.
  • Diamonds: Live resin diamonds are tiny THC crystals that you may find in live resin. Diamonds have a high terpene and THC content.
  • Sugar: Live sugar is a type of live resin with tiny, white sugar granules in honey-like clusters. Sugar-based products are well recognized for their strong odor and taste, which has been compared to that of the plants from which they were derived.

How Do You Determine Dosage of Resin and Rosin Products?

Keep in mind that both live resin and live rosin are more effective than other cannabis use procedures. When it comes to experimenting with new cannabis products, as previously said, it’s usually best to start small and go slowly.

Adjust the temperature on your vaporizer to lowest heat (if you have one) and start inhaling softly. Allow up to thirty minutes for the effects of your first breath to manifest before inhalation again.

When it comes to dabbing, we recommend that you read through step-by-step instructions rather than relying on gut feelings. It is best to start with a tiny quantity of concentrate, as with vaping. It might take several minutes for the effects to become apparent; therefore, do not continue using cannabis if you don’t notice any changes.

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