3.5g Big Sticky Joint (Kush Kraft)

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3.5g Big Sticky Joints by Kush Kraft contain premium pre-rolled cannabis bud infused with hash oil.Each joint contains weighs 3.5g

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3.5g Big Sticky Joint (Kush Kraft)

Experience the ultimate smoking sensation with Kush Kraft’s Big Sticky Joints! Enjoy the best of both worlds with these premium pre-rolled cannabis buds infused with hash oil. Our selection of high-grade strains includes 24K Gold, Tuna Star, Electric Lemonade, Hawaiian (Sativa), Mike Tyson, Wedding Cake, Gelato (Hybrid), Mendo Breath, Tire Fire, Strawberry Lemonade, Pancake, Permafrost, Black Lime, Bubba Pink (Indica), and GG4 (Hybrid). Each joint weighs a hearty 3.5g, and is sure to delight your senses and provide a smooth, enjoyable experience.

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KushKraft Pre Rolled Cannabis Bud With Hash Oil Bundle 100x100 - 3.5g Big Sticky Joint (Kush Kraft)
3.5g Big Sticky Joint (Kush Kraft)

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