Each container includes 1 gram of premium Afghan golden sealed hash
Form: Very Soft
THC Level: high

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Afghani hash has a rich history deeply rooted in the traditions of Afghanistan, where it is meticulously hand-pressed from cannabis dry sift with a touch of water or tea. Kamikazi presents Afghan Golden Seal Hash, an esteemed form of this time-honored product that has gained popularity in North America. With its alluring aroma and visually striking dark brown exterior and light brown interior, this hash delivers an experience reminiscent of indulging in a delectable chocolate bar.

Crafted from small bushy indica plants, Afghani Hash offers potent effects that can leave users pleasantly relaxed. Its potency ranges between 60-75% THC, making it a formidable contender against regular cannabis flower. The production process involves careful hand-pressing until achieving remarkable elasticity, resulting in a rich flavor and strong aromatic scent.

For Canadian residents seeking to savor premium hash products from Kamikazi, there are various consumption methods to explore. Whether rolled into snakes and added to joints or blunts, mixed with flower in pipes, consumed alone on a screen in a pipe or water pipe, or vaped using designated vaporizers for concentrates like hashish – the possibilities are diverse.

When vaping hashish using degummed hemp fiber can prevent clogging while enhancing the overall vaping experience. Experimentation with temperature settings allows for personalization to find the perfect balance of taste and satisfaction. Ultimately, smoking hash is an individualized experience where personal preference reigns supreme.

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