Animal Face

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Animal Face is a sativa-dominant strain that’s roaring for action. With 25% THC on average, this sweet, forest-scented strain delivers effects that’ll make you feel like you’re the King of the Jungle. Its sweet, pine flavour uplifts, refreshes, and relaxes to help you live your best!

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Animal Face Strain Information

Are you looking for a way to make your life in the jungle a bit easier? The answer may be Animal Face – a rare, sativa-dominant hybrid strain that can provide a thrilling, cerebral rush with just one hit. On average, this Craft Cannabis strain offers a THC content of 25%, enough to make you feel like the king of the wild!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Animal Face is the perfect strain for those looking for something bold and eye-catching. It’s a cross between the strains Face Off OG and Animal Mints, and is hard to grow and even harder to find. The buds of this strain are dark-green with bright orange trichomes, and they’re covered in a layer of white kief – a perfect representation of the jungle!

The smell of Animal Face is absolutely amazing. It’s a combination of fresh pine, gassy diesel, and sweet nuts, and it’s incredibly pungent. Taste-wise, this strain has a complex flavor profile – sweet nuttiness mixed with fresh mint and dank earth. The smoke is thick and will coat your mouth in a thick layer of forest pine.

Now let’s talk about the effects of this strain. Animal Face has a high THC content, and it can provide a powerful, fast-acting cerebral rush. This is followed by a wave of euphoria that washes away any stress, pain, or tension. The high ends with a relaxed, sedative effect, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and at ease.

Animal Face’s effects are not only great for recreational use, but also for medicinal purposes. Many users report that this strain is great for alleviating anxiety, depression, and stress, as well as chronic pain.

Animal Face Benefits

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Chronic Pain


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Animal Face

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