BC KUSH – AAA – $110/Oz

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Strain: Indica
THC: 23%
Parents: BC Grapefruit x Kush
Aroma: Skunk | Wood | Earth | Grapefruit
Flavour: Vanilla creaminess | Sweet grapefruit

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BC Kush is a renowned indica strain developed by crossing the BC Grapefruit and Kush strains. This potent bud has won the Cannabis Cup twice for Best Indica, boasting a rich heritage from Afghani indica strains.

Aroma and Flavour
The olive green nugs of BC Kush are dense and covered in orange hairs, with a strong skunky aroma and a creamy, earthy taste.

Users can expect a powerful onset of euphoria and relaxation, leading to increased happiness, creativity, and social inspiration while experiencing full-body relaxation.

Medical Use
BC Kush is highly effective in treating pain, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders due to its calming effects.

From Staff
BC Kush is a legendary indica strain known for its potency and pain-relieving properties. Originating from British Columbia, it has gained widespread recognition across Canada.

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BC KUSH – AAA – $110/Oz

Out of stock

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