BC Kush

BC Kush is a legendary indica strain that is well known for its potency and pain alleviating effects. Originating out of beautiful British Columbia, the reputation of BC Kush has solidified itself all across Canada, and for good reason.

Bud Size Medium
Grade AAA+
Lineage Unknown
Effects Relaxed, Happy, Sedated, Sleepy & Hungry
Phenotype Indica
Terpene Profile Earthy, Woody, Gas & Pine
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BC Kush

BC Kush is an award-winning pure indica strain developed by professional breeders at BC Bud Depot. Known for its powerful effects and high THC potency, BC Kush has become a highly sought after strain for cannabis connoisseurs around the world. This strain is a result of crossing popular BC Grapefruit and Kush strains, and its buds are dense, olive-green with hints of orange pistils and a coating of frosty trichomes. With sweet notes of grapefruit and a skunky aroma, BC Kush is best known for its heavy-hitting, sedative high and its ability to provide blissful relaxation and pain relief. This strain is ideal for treating stress, chronic pains, muscle spasms, inflammation and tremors. With THC levels reaching up to 27%, BC Kush is an incredibly potent strain that will leave you feeling happy and content!


BC Kush is known for its heavy-hitting effects, providing users with an intense feeling of euphoria and happiness, as well as a deep sense of relaxation. It also stimulates creativity and sociability, making it a great choice for social occasions. The strain is incredibly sedating, so it is best used at night or on the weekends when you won’t have to worry about feeling too lethargic. This strain is perfect for relieving stress, chronic pains, muscle spasms, inflammation and tremors.

THC Content

BC Kush is a 100% pure indica strain with an incredibly high THC potency of up to 27%. BC Bud Depot created this strain by crossing BC Grapefruit and Kush strains

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