Black Cherry Gelato – AAA+

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Strain: Indica dominant Hybrid
THC Level: 26%
Parents: Acai x Black Cherry Funk
Aroma: Cherries | Berries | Skunk
Flavour: Cherries | Berries | Herb

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Black Cherry Gelato is an elusive and highly sought-after dessert strain that boasts a tantalizing blend of flavors and potent effects. This indica-dominant hybrid, created through a cross of Acai and Black Cherry Funk, offers a robust profile that leaves a lasting impression. Its scarcity only adds to the allure, making it a prized find for cannabis connoisseurs.

Aroma and Flavour
With an impressive 26% THC potency, Black Cherry Gelato’s dense dark green buds are adorned with amber trichomes and delicate orange pistils. The aroma is an enticing fusion of cherries, berries, herbs, and skunk, while the flavor profile delivers a bold symphony of fruity sweetness balanced by earthy undertones.

Black Cherry Gelato delivers a soothing yet uplifting experience ideal for unwinding in the evening. It begins with a wave of relaxation and euphoria that melts away stress and tension. As the high deepens, tingling sensations may spread throughout the body, culminating in a tranquil state that can lead to blissful rest or peaceful slumber.

Medical Use
This potent strain is favored by medical users seeking relief from physical pain as well as anxiety and depression. Its powerful therapeutic properties may offer respite from chronic discomfort while uplifting mood and promoting mental clarity. Additionally, Black Cherry Gelato’s sedative qualities make it potentially beneficial for managing insomnia.

From Staff
The enigmatic nature of Black Cherry Gelato only adds to its allure as one of the most coveted strains in the market today. As we eagerly anticipate wider availability across the United States, enthusiasts continue to be captivated by its exceptional flavors and reported effects.

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Black Cherry Gelato – AAA+

Out of stock

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