Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid. Named for its black cherry-like hues of deep, reddish purple along with its berry and soda pop flavours.

Bud Size Medium
Grade AAA+
Lineage Unknown
Effects Uplifted, Relaxed, Euphoric & Sleepy
CLASSIFICATION Sativa-dominant
Terpene Profile Earthy, Berries, Woody & Grapes
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Black Cherry Soda

Introducing the unique and exquisite Black Cherry Soda strain! This vibrant and beautiful sativa-dominant hybrid is named for its intense fruity smell and distinct purple tones. Its exact lineage is unknown, but its high THC content has made it a popular choice for breeding, with popular offshoots such as Black Dahlia and Ace of Spades. Perfect for a boost of energy and mood, this strain has a sweet flavour profile that will tantalize your senses. The high potency gives users a stimulating mental and physical experience, making it the perfect choice for recreational and medicinal users alike.


The most common effect of Black Cherry Soda is a deep relaxation that creeps from your head down to your ears and shoulders with a tingling sensation. You will still remain alert and focused, making it ideal for daytime use. Euphoria, enthusiasm, happiness, and creativity are common feelings associated with this strain, providing relief from anxiety, depression, and stress. While the body high is relatively mild, minor negative effects such as dry mouth and eyes may occur.

THC Content

Black Cherry Soda has a sativa/indica ratio of 80:20, making the sativa effects quite dominant. It also contains about 1% of CBD, which helps to alleviate stress and minor pains. Its THC content averages 18%-22%, but has been tested to reach as high as 30%!

Appearance & Aroma

The Black Cherry Soda strain has a sweet and fruity aroma, with hints of berry and pepper, as well as earthiness and a creamy, soda pop-like taste. Its appearance is quite unique, with its flowers densely packed and displaying shades of reddish-purple, like black cherries, ranging from light to dark, sometimes with very little green or with specks of orange. This beautiful colouration is thanks to the presence of anthocyanins in the cannabis buds during the plant’s growth period.

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